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"But wait! There's more.".

"In the end, tragedy was averted and Ms. [Diana] Ross was given a
dressing room. But wait, there's more. Britney Spears, hard at work
during her 'I need time off' phase, did not like her assigned dressing
room, either--so she got a new one, or rather, just took one."
(Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

"So much to do ... But wait! There's more. The Tamarack empire also
includes nearly 20 miles of cross-country ski trails, over six miles of
groomed snowshoe trails, hundreds of acres of back-country skiing, a
sledding hill ... you get the idea."
(Boise's Idaho Statesman)

"The Mavericks' 75 first-half points were four fewer than the total the
Knicks gave up to the Nets in an entire game on Dec. 14. But wait,
there's more: Kurt Thomas and Jamal Crawford also shot first-half air

"In the 11,500-square-foot Archie McPhee store in Ballard, Wash., [Mark]
Pahlow sells skulls, sushi erasers, giant ice-cream-cone lamps, glass
urinals, plastic pig catapults, bins of fake cockroaches, black-cat
cocktail glasses, Rosie-the-Riveter lunch boxes, and the best-selling
Nancy Pearl librarian doll complete with controversial Push-Button
'Shushing Action.' But wait, there's more!"
(Seattle Times)

"Bernard Kerik ... withdrew because he 'discovered' that he'd hired an
illegal alien as a nanny, and then failed to pay taxes on her. But wait.
There's more. The N.Y. Daily News and the N.Y. Times quickly uncovered
several other instances in which Mr. Kerik behaved recklessly, at best."
(Wilmington, North Carolina's Star-News)

"That's one of the ways the dollar's decline cuts up the credit card.
But wait, there's more! Complicating the picture further is the fact
that the dollar is not declining relative to all currencies."
(Baltimore Sun)

--from more than 200 references from October through December
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Title Annotation:Cliche Corner
Publication:American Journalism Review
Date:Feb 1, 2005
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