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"Building a tradition of service in Texas." (Texas Cold Storage Inc.)

Texas Cold Storage takes great pride in its reputation of meeting customers needs. Since opening in 1977, Texas Cold has realized the strategic advantage of being located in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. This advantage has vastly benefitted our customers. As the frozen and refrigerated food industry has seen many changes over the last fifteen years, the services provided by TCS have evolved and broadened to strengthen our customers' competitiveness within the Southwest market. Past experience and present commitment combine to prove Texas Cold Storage stands ready to build profitable partnerships on the foundation of individual attention and superior customer service.

TCS Distribution Services -- As Fort Worth is in the heart of the Southwest and the D/FW area is a major transportation hub, it is logical for a public warehouse in this area to develop a freight consolidation program. In fact, our first year customers required this service. Texas Cold saw the need, realized the benefit to customers and seized the opportunity. A frozen distribution program with weekly scheduled service to New Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and all points in Texas was established and continues today.

But frozen consolidation wasn't enough. The food industry began to introduce more refrigerated items with short shelf lives. TCS saw the unfulfilled need to provide freight-saving services for refrigerated food as well. Although few warehouses offer this service, TCS has established a strong freight consolidation program solely for refrigerated products.

These two programs have saved our customers several million dollars in transportation costs. When our customers profit, our partnership solidifies.

TCS Inventory Services -- The faster an inventory turns, the more important accurate records become. With the onset of JIT and shorter shelf lives, inventory control systems must be flexible, yet increasingly precise. In order to keep pace with the food industry, TCS has designed in-house programs to enhance inventory reports and improve efficiency. Some of these services include:

* Ordering products by production codes rather than LIFO or FIFO.

* Cross dock programs with delivery through our consolidation programs.

* Inventory reports based on customers inbound and outbound order numbers.

* WINS capabilities or EDI alternatives.

TCS Customized Services -- When approached by a local production facility to help with a short term, pilot project, the employees of TCS jumped into action. The problem -- the production company's equipment could not produce a variety pack. Texas Cold quickly established an assembly line, dedicated manpower, bought supplies and repacked several thousand one item/case products into three items/case. This pilot program went so well that for the last two years, Texas Cold has set up this repack operation twice a week.

TCS Blast Freezing -- Since TCS's first year, blast freezing has been a part of our total service package. Presently, the blast freezing capacity is 500,000 pounds. Many customers require this service occasionally, but a few customers require it daily. Whether to meet USDA regulations or merely to extend the shelf-life of these products, blast freezing is an integral part of the modern refrigerated warehouse.

In an effort to help control costs for customers who require daily freezing, TCS initiated a spreadrack exchange program. This program allows the customer to pickup spreadracks at Texas Cold. The racks are then made available on their production line and placed in between the layers of product as it is being palletized. Then the pallets are shipped to Texas Cold and can go directly into the blast freezers without additional handling. This program streamlines the receiving process and saves our customers unnecessary handling charges.

TCS Exporting -- Much of the products frozen at Texas Cold are shipped outside the country. USDA has approved TCS for exporting and maintains an office on our premises. For the last sixteen years, TCS has offered exporting services including stamping, labeling, document preparation, inspection and floorloading containers or railcars. We have shipped products to many parts of the world, such as Mexico, Brazil, the Orient, Romania and Russia.

Three years ago, a local processor wanted to ship products to Europe. TCS believed this would be a great opportunity to expand our services and wished to meet the needs of our local customers. We applied for inspection by the European Community's representative and learned of the requirements. After installing some new equipment and establishing a couple of new procedures, we were awarded EC approval for exporting products. There are relatively few warehouses in the United States that can provide this service.

TCS Transloading -- For those companies wanting their products to stay in the warehouse as little time as possible, Texas Cold has a program. Our transloading service allows product to arrive on railcars, move cross our docks and load directly into trucks for final delivery. This program takes advantage of the long haul efficiencies of railcars and the timely deliveries of trucks.

Texas Cold has successfully handled many commodities from the Northwest and the Southeast through this program. We have even been selected by the Burlington Northern Railroad as their Southwest transload facility.

Whatever your needs, Texas Cold Storage stands ready to help find solutions for your problems. Over the years, TCS has taken on many challenges for our customers -- flexible hours and days of operation, labor intensive projects and exporting to many parts of the world. These challenges have kept Texas Cold a modern service company. If flexibility, attention to detail and customized services are what you are looking for in a warehouse, give us a call. We are determined to meet the present and future needs of the refrigerated-frozen food industry.
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Publication:Frozen Food Digest
Date:Apr 1, 1993
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