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"Bettr" living through technology.

Colorado Recycles has named Intel Corp.'s Colorado Springs facility as Recycler of the Year in the Outstanding Business or Commercial Program category. The award recognizes innovation and community involvement in promoting recycling.

Itel's BETTR program (Better Environment Through Technology Recycling) is a computer and mobile phone recycling collection program that collects thousands of pieces of electronic gear annually. Representatives from local non-profit organizations are invited to select equipment from the donations and all other equipment is donated to schools or turned in to recyclers. Operational cell phones are distributed through the national Donate-A-Phone program, while unusable phones are recycled to recover their metal content.

Intel's Colorado Springs facility reuses or recycles as much as 85 percent by weight of its ethylene glycol waste for reprocessing and as engine coolant or lubricant. Calcium fluoride from wastewater is collected and reused to make cement.

"Intel is clearly committed to recycling electronic products as well as recycling waste created by its operations," Colorado Recycles Executive Director Dick Brown says. "They set a good example and hopefully will inspire more Colorado businesses to look

at ways they can reduce their impacts on the environment and Colorado landfills."
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Title Annotation:Back Page; Intel Corp. selected for Recycler of the Year in the Outstanding Business or Commercial Program by Colorado Recycles
Comment:"Bettr" living through technology.(Back Page)(Intel Corp. selected for Recycler of the Year in the Outstanding Business or Commercial Program by Colorado Recycles)
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Date:Aug 1, 2004
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