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"Best copywriter in the world" launches e-letter called Bencivenga Bullets.

There's never a time for modesty on the part of marketing copywriters, and the legendary Gary Bencivenga is no exception. In the current online promotion of his new e-letter, he quotes about ten industry leaders whose testimonials run along the lines of "best copywriter in the world," "best copywriter on earth," and "best copywriter we've ever used."*

We signed up for Gary Bencivenga's Beat Your Control!, but received this notice in his welcome letter:

Actually, with merry (egotistical?) disregard for the length of my name, I have just renamed it BENCIVENGA BULLETS.

Why the change?

First, I want it clear there's a real person behind this e-letter. (You have to know I am real, for who in their right mind would invent the name Bencivenga Bullets?)

Second, unlike so many longwinded emails that clog your in-box, this will read fast.

Each issue will be like a bullet: short, lighting fast and explosively powerful in boosting your direct response results, both online and off.

Your first BULLET will reveal one of the least-known yet most powerful secrets for boosting response and simultaneously motivating prospects to bond with your product or service, often for life.

I have used this technique for years with superb results, but have never seen it described in print. Virtually all marketers, even the great ones, are unaware of it. As a result, they're leaving a lot of money on the table. You'll see.

This BULLET will zing your way tomorrow. Others will arrive about once a month.

Study that promo copy. It has everything--benefits, features, hype, verbal visuals, and suspense. And, promised bullets or not, his promotion goes on for nine pages.

Bencivenga told us, "I've just retired and am not accepting new copywriting assignments. And, since I'm no longer competing with other copywriters in split-run tests to earn my living, I finally feel free to reveal the many response-boosting secrets I've learned from thousands of tests over the years, allowing others to benefit from them.

"I just launched the e-letter a couple of weeks ago and have been startled at the response. Almost exclusively from word of mouth, in the past week more than 900 readers have signed up, many of them in the newsletter industry," he said.

"(Since I have such a high readership in this area, I'll be sure to include lots of tips that help newsletter publishers boost response and retention. Bullet #1 is a good example, as you'll see.

"If your readers sign up now, they'll have every Bullet starting with #1 and going forward." Sign up at the following website.

*To which we might add: "Gary Bencivenga is one of the smartest copywriters on earth," because he is among those DMers who subscribe to The Newsletter on Newsletters.
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Publication:The Newsletter on Newsletters
Date:Jan 31, 2004
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