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"Beer Neutralizer" said to block carbs, and hangovers.

Beer Neutralizer is a patent-pending product that is said to block carbs and prevent hangovers from beer and other highcarbohydrate alcoholic beverages.

Beer consumers are instructed to ingest Beer Neutralizer capsules directly prior to consuming their first beer. The manufacturer says it will help block up to 38 grams of carbs, per serving (2 capsules), from being transformed into glucose and thereby absorbed by the body as calories.

According to the company, "The individual will also wake up the next morning feeling refreshed as if he or she were not out drinking heavily the night before, due to the hangover prevention complex that binds and absorbs the congeners from the alcohol that are directly responsible for the effect we call a hangover."

Beer Neutralizer is sold through its own web-site, as well as in GNC stores and through
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Title Annotation:medication
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:Sep 27, 2004
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