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"Baldy" event raises $111,000.

Bald is especially beautiful when long locks are sacrificed to further the cause of cancer research. And thanks to Doc Leonard's Class of '08 volunteers--including Bowhunter Magazine TV Videographer Larry D. Jones--a total of $111,000 in pledges made the most recent public shearing at January's Archery Trade Association Show another resounding success.


A total of six celebrity archers and bowhunters participated, including outdoor television personalities Tom Nelson, Steve Gruber and Tim Herald, along with sport optics pro Ion LaCorte and Archery Hall of Fame target archery champion Ann Clark. Their $111,000 total eclipsed the old mark of $85,000 set three years ago by the Scent-Lok team of Aubrey Gale, Greg Sessdman, George Schrink, and Phil Philips.

It was my special pleasure to play "barber" and give Larry the close trim that qualified him for his 2008 "Baldy Award." Larry D. had been present to offer moral support and take photos back in 2002 when my own ATA "haircut" generated $20,000 in pledges.

Over the past nine years, "Baldy" volunteers have raised more than a half-million dollars at ATA Shows. But that amount pales in comparison to the $10 million-plus that caring sportsmen have donated to the Arnold S. Leonard Cancer Research Fund, now in its 16th year. Doc Leonard, himself an avid shotgunner and bowhunter, along with his University of Minnesota research team led by Dr. Dan Saltzman, Dr. Brad Feltis, and Dr. Lee Soto, have made significant laboratory advances that soon will be implemented in human trials with actual cancer patients.

Annual "Hunt for the Cure" outings are coordinated by Wisconsin bowhunter Rob Evans and his team of volunteers. For additional information about "Hunt for the Cure" and "Baldy" events, contact Rob at (612) 518-0411 or call Doc Leonard at (612) 341-9498. All donations--large or small--are welcome, and checks should be made payable to the Arnold S. Leonard Cancer Research Fund.
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Title Annotation:Bowhunter's Journal: A LOG OF BOWHUNTING NEWS, ISSUES, AND EVENTS
Author:James, M.R.
Date:May 1, 2008
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