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"Avocado room" ... it's their new bedroom.

A mature avocado tree with grandly spreading branches played a key role in the design of this second-story master bedroom addition. Santa Monica architect Michael W. Folonis oriented the new room to the leafy view on one side, canyon views on another.

Across from the entry stairs, a big window dips to floor level, framing the avocado's branches. The corner of the sloping ceiling above the window presents more of the tree and sky through a wire-reinforced double-glazed skylight.

At eye level in this corner, two interior panels of glass block let light into the adjacent bathroom without diminishing privacy. The density of the avocado's foliage screens the bedroom from the street.

To dictate bed location, Folonis designed a small center-of-the-room triangular island, just large enough to back up the headboard and hold telephone and reading lamps. This leaves generous wall space for closets, a fireplace flanked by display shelves, and French doors.

Folonis framed the open gabled ceiling with paired 2-by-6s, aligned to create channels that can accommodate track lighting.
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Date:Feb 1, 1985
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