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"Ask U.S. Hispanics" Media Preference 2004 study.

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$540 Billion Dollars in Purchasing Power, Over 40 million Hispanics/Latinos; The fastest growing segment in the U.S.; Highest average annual income over any Latin American Country

Meneses Research and Associates, a transcultural marketing research firm, has announced the results of its "Ask U.S. Hispanics" Media Preference 2004 study. The study conducted from March 11 to April 4, 2004 involved 1,001 telephone interviews across 19 markets among U.S Hispanic consumers over the age of 18. This report was aimed at determining media preferences in radio, television and print. Additional information is available, such as: critical up-to-date demographics; purchase intent of a house, brand new car and computer; and the preferred language by Hispanics at home, at work and with friends. Media consumption in Spanish and/or English was one of the factors used to determine the Level of Acculturation (LOA[R]) of the over 40 million U.S. Hispanics. All data will be presented by total and four Market Areas (West, Southwest, Central and East) and some by the Level of Acculturation (LOA[R]) and the Level of Financial Stability (LOFS[R]). Additionally, this report will include top line findings from previous reports: "Ask Hispanic Teens" Report 2002 (Ages 12-17) and "Ask Tijuana" Report 2002 (Tijuana residents that cross the border and spent $2.5 billion in San Diego 2003).

The Level of Financial Stability (LOFS[R]) among Hispanics is an index used to determine the level of financial stability among Hispanic consumers. Meneses Research & Associates has developed a proprietary battery of questions in reference to financial stability in order to determine this index.

The questions cover:

* Homeownership/renters

* Have a checking account/don't have a checking account

* Years living in the U.S. including Hispanics born in the U.S.

* Annual Income

The profile of most of the Hispanics who are recent immigrants are not financially stable because of lower income, lack of a checking account and the fact that the majority are renters. As Hispanics live longer in the U.S. and they are exposed to financial services, such as checking accounts, building credit and ultimately purchasing homes, their level of financial stability improves drastically.

Homeownership: According to our study, only 37% of Hispanics across the United States own a home. There is a tremendous opportunity to convert renters (63%) into homeowners NOW and in years to come.

Politics: Almost half of registered Hispanic voters are Democrats; however, only 28% would vote for Kerry. Although only 18% are Republicans, 27% would vote for Bush. (April 2004).

Additional information included: registered voters, political affiliation, and attitude and perception of advertising in Spanish.

Since 2001, Meneses Research & Associates has been publishing studies about Hispanic consumers in the San Diego Region such as: "Ask San Diego" Report 2001, "Ask Tijuana" Report 2002, "Ask Hispanic Teens" 2002, "Ask Hispanics" San Diego Report 2003. Now, we just released (May 2004) a nationwide study "Ask U.S. Hispanics" Media Preference 2004.

Copies of the study are available for $595. To order the study or for additional information on how to obtain your copy of any of the aforementioned reports, please contact Walter E. Meneses at 619.276.5335, or E-mail or visit
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