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"Asians" Get Ready For More Insults From The Racist British Media.

London, June 2 -- After weeks of British Newspaper's insulting the Asian community Worldwide Calling all Asians as potential Sex offenders! After the recent Rochdale Muslim sex gangs preying on young British White Girls. These Young girls being abused have opened a whole Islamic underworld in which Muslims, from across Britain have been Raping British Christian White Girls and Sikhs and Hindu Girls and Buddhists.

The British media reported the Northern England cases as Asian Sex Gangs and quite rightly the Asian Tribune reported that in fact it was Muslim sex gangs not Asian !

The Asian community has learnt that at a Crown Court in London another Muslim sex beast has been preying on children. The Islamic leader of a mosque has been found guilty of abusing his own son and other minors inside a London Mosque! The Muslim leader who cannot be named yet due to reporting restriction has also been accused of abusing 20 other young boys. The Mosque is linked to a Jewish synagogue and a Church so many more Children may be involved. As soon as the case breaks in the Press ? Yes the British media are going to call it a Asian Sex beast case. As press and the PCC can't bring itself to use the words Pakistani sex pervert, monster !in their reporting of this and other cases or more to the point Muslim Islamic Teacher.

Tension is getting that bad with the media which is linked to the British Government, community leaders and Diplomatic mission have called for calm in a press statement to the Asian Tribune asking law abiding Asian not to take to the streets and Riot during the Olympics. The Asian Tribune calls on all Asians to respect British laws even if they feel insulted by the media insults. The PCC have said no rules have been broken in a statement calling sex gangs Asian and not Muslim .I have already replied calling them Racists sticking up for Racist reporting.

This is what the PCC had to say for them please, find website below to complain about their reporting and misuse of the word "Asian".

Commission's decision in the case of Jenvey v The Daily Telegraph / The Independent / Daily Mail

The complainant considered that the newspapers had printed misleading and racist headlines that included the word "Asian". He was concerned that the newspapers had used the blanket term "Asian" in the context of reports about nine men who had been convicted of having sexually exploited young women. He considered that the term branded all Asians as potential offenders and suggested that the word "Muslim" should have been used instead.

The Commission considered the complainant's concerns under Clause 12 (Discrimination), which states that "the press must avoid prejudicial or pejorative reference to an individual's race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or to any physical or mental illness or disability". It acknowledged that the complainant objected to the use of the word "Asian" in reports about the conviction of nine men for sexual exploitation. However, Clause 12 does not cover references to groups or categories of people. In this instance, the articles had not made a prejudicial or pejorative reference to the race of a particular individual. Rather they had described the nine men who had been convicted of sex crimes as "Asian", an "Asian sex gang", and an "Asian pedophile ring". While it understood the concerns raised by the complainant, it did not establish that Clause 12 (i) of the Code had been breached.

The Commission acknowledged that the complainant found the articles offensive. However, it made clear that the terms of the Editors' Code of Practice do not address issues of taste and offence. The Code is designed to address the potentially competing rights of freedom of expression and other rights of individuals, such as privacy. Newspapers and magazines have editorial freedom to publish what they consider to be appropriate provided that the rights of individuals - enshrined in the terms of the Code which specifically defines and protects these rights - are not compromised. To come to an inevitably subjective judgement as to whether such material is tasteless or offensive would amount to the Commission acting as a moral arbiter, which can lead to censorship. It could not, therefore, comment on this aspect of the complaint further. Although the Commission did not establish a breach of the Code, it would like to take the opportunity to draw the editor's attention to the complainant's concerns.

Reference no's. 122083 / 122084 / 122085

Chris Day

Complaints Officer

Press Complaints Commission

Halton House

20/23 Holborn

London EC1N 2JD

Tel: 020 7831 0022


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Publication:Asian Tribune (India)
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Date:Jun 2, 2012
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