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"Another exception to the rule that cover bands suck...".

ON THE LIVE FRONT, THE NEW ORIGINAL SONIC SOUND is another exception to the rule that cover bands suck They play 100 percent Sonics covers faithfully, down to the sax playing The band is made up of Seattle area rockers from bands such as Gas Huffer, Bloodloss, Mudhoney, and The Young Fresh Fellows, and if you are a fan of the Sonics suggest you check 'em out--you'll be tappin' your toes and singin' along to "Strychnine," "The Witch" and my personal fave Sonics tune, "Boss Hoss." They've got a CD out as well, again, worth checking out if you dig the Sonics... The White Stripes have a new LP out on Sympathy, their third, and it sounds a bit folkier than their other stuff but still stripped down (they are, after all, a two-piece) and bluesy. I have heard them compared to everyone from Led Zeppelin to the Stages (C'mon, the Stooges were a wall of tucking sound!), but they do also have a feel all their own and are definitely worth checkin' out. Beware, however, as they have been "uncovered" or "discovered" or what ever, and if you live in a good size city chances are there will be tons of people at the show. And that right there bummed me out.
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Title Annotation:New Original Sonic Sound
Author:Lundry, Wez
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Date:Oct 1, 2001
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