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"Andrea Buttner: 2".

MUSEUM LUDWIG * September 5, 2014--March 15. 2015 * Curated by Julia Friedrich * When Andrea Buttner takes on the soulfully self-conscious themes of shame, asceticism, and faith and realizes them in clay, glass, and woodcuts, an educated pathos results. The central piece for this solo exhibition is as straightforward as it is nigh unimaginable: Based on the images that Kant mentions as examples and metaphors, she has illus-trated his Critique of Judgment, thus allowing venerable philosophical concepts to turn sensual and contemporary. In the show's other production, expanding on her performance-based work Piano Destructions, 2014, Buttner continues to explore classical instruments as engaged by Fluxus artists, who were nearly infatuated with detourning the device while freeing the player of evaluation. Rather than a catalogue, there will be Buttner's illustrated edition of Kant's Kritik, published by none other than Felix Meiner Verlag--the German-speaking world's quintessential philosophy press. The exhibition's numerical title, meanwhile, refers not only to the count of works presented but also to "judgment" shorthanded as the creation of two distinct fields.

--Lars Bang Larsen

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Title Annotation:COLOGNE, Germany
Author:Larsen, Lars Bang
Publication:Artforum International
Article Type:Brief article
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Date:Sep 1, 2014
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