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"Adopt" a Nevada wilderness.

If you'd like to pitch in to help secure wilderness designation for some of Nevada's most splendid and pristine public lands, yor can join an "Adopt a Wilderness" program, organized in Nevada by two coordinators. (For details on the program and activities in other states, see page 109 of the May 1984 Sunset.) Adopters do anything from attending hearings on behalf of specific areas to photographing the areas and sharing information about them. Coordinator for the program for Bureau of Land MAnagement lands is Charles Watson, Jr., chairman of the Nevada Outdoor Recreation Association, Box 1245, Carson City 89702; (702) 883-1169. For Forest Service areas, write Roger Scholl, Sierra Club, Box 9096, Reno 89507; (702) 3238860 evenings). Still time to join wilderness outings this summer Sunset's 12-page brochure detailing trips and outings into the West's wildlands is still available. Compiled as part of our May 1984 special report on wilderness in the West, the brochure lists 240 outings--many of them planned July through September. For a free copy, send a stamped, self-addressed business-size envelope with 37 cents postage to Wilderness Trips, Sunset Magazine, Menlo Park, Calif 94025.
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Date:Jul 1, 1984
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