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"A true `Point of Light'" is what former President George Bush, Sr., called her. (Post People).

"A true `Point of Light'" is what former President George Bush, Sr., called her. The Denver Rocky Mountain News has referred to her as "the closest thing to perpetual motion that most of us will ever see." But Ambassador Holland H. Coors describes herself simply as a volunteer, one of those people "who always gets the job done."

The matriarch of the famous Colorado brewing company family is one of America's top hands-on volunteers who, on any given day, may be found at about any place in the Western Hemisphere working for the Women of Our Hemisphere Achieving Together (WOH) organization, which she founded to foster betterment of women by encouraging entrepreneurship.

Coors was appointed United States Ambassador to the National Year of the Americas by President Reagan.

In addition to her volunteering accomplishments and being a noted Washington, D.C., hostess, Coors also writes songs. One of her favorites is entitled "Everyday," which she composed following the 9/11 tragedy. It has the words "Every day I have Christmas in my heart, and every day I must give it away."

"It's a Christmas song," she says, "but you can sing it any time of the year." The song was among a selection of her compositions played and sung at the 50th Anniversary celebration of The Jefferson Symphony Orchestra in Denver last December.
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Publication:Saturday Evening Post
Date:May 1, 2003
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