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tv & soaps: emmerdale.

Byline: by Roz Laws

A FAMILIAR soap face arrives in Emmerdale this week. Anne Charleston Anne Charleston (born in Melbourne, Australia) is an Australian actress who is currently based in Galway, Ireland[1] and the UK. She is probably most famous for her role as Madge Bishop in the internationally popular Australian soap opera Neighbours. , who starred in Crossroads but will always be known as Madge from Neighbours, guests as Edna's long-lost sister Lily. She turns up at Eves wedding blessing, then mysteriously says to Edna that she doesn't know how she has lived with such a terrible secret for so long. What's Edna hiding under her omnipresent om·ni·pres·ent  
Present everywhere simultaneously.

[Medieval Latin omnipres

There's sauciness sauc·y  
adj. sauc·i·er, sauc·i·est
a. Impertinent or disrespectful.

b. Impertinent in an entertaining way; impossible to repress or control.

 at Home Farm when Chas and Eli play strip poker, leading to Eli taking all his clothes off. An unimpressed Rosemary tries her best to split up Chas and Carl, but the couple set a date and location for their wedding - Las Vegas.

Jimmy returns to the village a changed man, wanting to confess all about his part in the explosion.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Oct 29, 2006
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