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 NEWPORT NEWS, Va., Oct. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- nVIEW Corporation (NASDAQ-NMS: NVUE) announced today that one of the company's top-of-the- line LCD projection panels will be blown to bits over and over again this month in front of millions of people. When "Demolition Man" opens in theaters across the country Friday, Oct. 8, moviegoers will get to see a number of nVIEW's projection panels on the big screen, including the MediaPro(TM) panel that gets shot by one of the movie's stars, Sylvester Stallone. nVIEW President William M. Donaldson is not too disappointed about the MediaPro's demise.
 "I think this is the first time this technology has been used in such a major production, and we're very proud our products were chosen," said Donaldson. LCD panels project computer and video data onto a wall or large screen for group viewing. Warner Bros. selected nVIEW's panels for the futuristic action adventure because of the company's reputation for innovative LCD projection technology, according to Les Weingard, director of production resources for Warner Bros.
 The movie, also starring Wesley Snipes, takes place in the year 2032, when criminals are sentenced to sub-zero "rehabilitation" as frozen inmates of the California CryoPenitentiary. In this high-tech, automated complex, only a few humans are present to oversee the inert inmates. That's where nVIEW came in. In their most striking role, the panels serve as proxy people: "talking heads" meeting around a conference room table.
 "High-tech, flat-screen displays are the way of the future," said Eric Allard, owner and president of All Effects Co., the Sun Valley, Calif., company that designed and built the video robots. Allard's staff constructed chrome housings for the MediaPro panels, then designed a computerized motion control system to precisely position the units. The images that appear on the panels, much like video telephones, turn toward each other as if in actual conversation. Upset with one image's comments, Stallone silences the offending unit with a gun blast.
 "I thought the panels were pretty neat. The image quality is remarkable," said Allard, who also worked on the robot in the movie "Short Circuit" and the persistent pink Energizer Bunny.
 The panels also appear on the movie set as part of a medical "crash cart" that monitors thawing prisoners and as wall-mounted security panels used for identification in the cryoprison's control room.
 "We were thrilled with the equipment nVIEW provided and with their expertise," said Weingard, who first called nVIEW in January about the project. Donaldson agreed to send some units to the studio for a closer look. "The production people thought they looked great, so we went with them." nVIEW Corporation will be recognized with a credit at the end of the picture.
 nVIEW products have consistently been recognized as the best in the industry. The product line has earned more awards than any other competitors, combined, for overall performance and value. Some of those honors include MacUser magazine's prestigious Editor's Choice Award, a 4 1/2-Mice Rating from MacUser for "Favorite LCD Product," Editor's Choice Award from MacWorld Magazine and Reader's Choice Award from Presentation Products magazine.
 nVIEW's line of LCD projection devices is distributed through a worldwide network of authorized resellers and distributors. For more information about the movie or LCD projection technology, contact nVIEW Corporation at 800-736-8439 or 804-873-1354.
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 /NOTE TO EDITORS: nVIEW products are manufactured under U.S. Patent No. 4,763,993; No. 4,976,536; No. 5,153,621; and No. 5,150,238. MediaPro is a trademark, and nVIEW is a registered trademark of nVIEW Corporation. Other trademarks are those of their holders. Product photography is available upon request./
 /CONTACT: Cassie Hagan, press relations manager, nVIEW, 804-873-1354/

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