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nFocus Software Celebrates Career of Its Vice President.

PHOENIX -- nFocus Software recently celebrated 13 years of service from its Vice President, Mr. Donald Donald (Domnall, Domhnall, Dumhnuil, Dónall) is an anglicized version of a Scottish or Irish Gaelic personal name, containing the elements dumno "world" and val "rule", viz. "ruler of the world". Compare Dumnorix.  E. Pruitt, Jr. With over two decades of experience in software development, enterprise architecture and management, Mr. Pruitt is responsible for overseeing product development of the company's extensive suite of software applications.

Prior to joining nFocus Software, Mr. Pruitt served in various company and battalion battalion

Tactical military organization composed of a headquarters and two or more companies, batteries, or similar units and usually commanded by a field-grade officer such as a lieutenant colonel.
 level positions within the United States Army United States Army

Major branch of the U.S. military forces, charged with preserving peace and security and defending the nation. The first regular U.S. fighting force, the Continental Army, was organized by the Continental Congress on June 14, 1775, to supplement local
. In his positions, Mr. Pruitt was responsible for planning and executing training for over 800 soldiers.

After leaving the Army, Mr. Pruitt continued his distinguished career by bringing his expertise to nFocus Software, where he designed and led the development team that produced the first suite of web-based data collection and management software for the public sector. One of his most significant accomplishments was the development of a suite of training management systems, which was utilized in the Army's Digital Training Management System, or DTMS DTMS Dell Toner Management System
DTMS Deutsche Telefon- und Marketing Services AG (German telephone operating company)
DTMS Digital Training Management System (US Army)
DTMS Defense Traffic Management Service
. DTMS is the system used by the United States Army to manage unit training and mission readiness. As the Army's Subject Matter Expert on DTMS, Mr. Pruitt has been intimately involved with the delivery of training management and curriculum to the entire Army.

At present, Mr. Pruitt says he will continue to develop innovative software solutions for both the military and the public sectors. "It has been an honor As a verb, to accept a bill of exchange, or to pay a note, check, or accepted bill, at maturity. To pay or to accept and pay, or, where a credit so engages, to purchase or discount a draft complying with the terms of the draft.  to work with nFocus Software for 13 years. The company has allowed me to continue to serve my country by developing effective technology solutions for the Army and for communities across America. I look forward to many more years of service with nFocus Software."

Ananda Ananda

(flourished 6th century BC, India) First cousin and disciple of the Buddha. A monk who served as the Buddha's personal attendant, he became known as the “beloved disciple.” It was Ananda who persuaded the Buddha to allow women to become nuns.
 Roberts, President of nFocus Software, noted, "I am thrilled thrill  
v. thrilled, thrill·ing, thrills
1. To cause to feel a sudden intense sensation; excite greatly.

2. To give great pleasure to; delight. See Synonyms at enrapture.
 to be able to celebrate this milestone with Mr. Pruitt. He has truly been a pivotal force for social change, and I am confident that with his leadership, nFocus Software will continue to grow and reach new heights."

About nFocus Software

For over 15 years, nFocus Software has enabled clients to increase effectiveness and validate To prove something to be sound or logical. Also to certify conformance to a standard. Contrast with "verify," which means to prove something to be correct.

For example, data entry validity checking determines whether the data make sense (numbers fall within a range, numeric data
 program impact. With an international clientele of more than 3,500 community-based organizations and governmental agencies, nFocus Software's solutions track, trend, and measure outcomes for millions of children worldwide. nFocus Software also provides military solutions to track the training and mission readiness of all 1.2 million soldiers in the United States Army.
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