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lonly hearts united; Soap stories.

Lonely hearts united CORONATION STREET MONDAY, STV, 7.30pm When Nick Tilsley returned to Weatherfield, the last person anybody would have put him with is Becky. It's hardly a match made in heaven - or is it? However, Nick realises they have much in common after giving her a waitressing job at the Bistro. She becomes upset when Kylie and David arrive, seemingly only to wind her sister up about the Platts' efforts to gain custody of Max.

Nick offers her a shoulder to cry on and decides they're two peas from the same pod - lost, heartbroken souls coping as best they can. Well, that's perhaps a rather romantic view of their situations but whatever the truth, they end up in bed together - giving Gail a surprise the next morning at breakfast!

Steve is shocked when he finds out too, although the discovery forces him to put the past behind him.

So he dusts off an old contacts book to find and arrange a date with a former girlfriend.

David lays down law to Leyla It's a week of big decisions and lots of heartache for a couple of the Emmerdale residents at least.

Leyla starts out in a good mood. She lies to her loved ones so she can spend some quality time with Jacob in Leeds.

But when they don't return home as planned and she seems to be ignoring his calls, David becomes concerned.

Eventually, Alicia works out where they must be, and sure enough, David finds them and wastes no time confronting his errant fiance.

Leyla has been trying to explain to Jacob that she's his real mother, not Alicia.

Unfortunately, the lad only ends up being confused.

David is so incensed by Leyla's actions, he gives her a drastic ultimatum - either she gives up Jacob, or the wedding is off.

leaving But Alicia has a far simpler way to get back at her sister - she gives her an almighty slap across the face. It seems Leyla's desperate attempt to connect with her secret son may have backfired and lost her the trust of the people she loves the most... Meanwhile, Eve seems captivated by Alicia's colourful tales of life in the Spanish sun.

However, rather than moving to the Costa del Sol, she decides that joining Scarlett in Mexico would be a fabulous idea, leaving poor Edna devastated.

Tragic secret Toadie puts himself in a very difficult position when he overhears a conversation at the police station concerning Brennan - he's been killed in a car accident.

Racked with guilt after being sworn to secrecy about what he has learned, the lawyer decides he can't cope with the pressure and confides in Sonya in a bid to work out what to do.

She insists that Kate has to know the truth but that they first have to check out whether the trainee teacher is really moving on with her life.

Following the Kennedys' marriage troubles last week, Karl decides that an adventure holiday in Peru is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Luckily Susan is just as enthusiastic - that is, until Jim finds out his cancer is terminal and once again she is unsure where her priorities lie.

Surely this can't be the end for Ramsey Street's longest surviving couple? Suitable prospects There's a new man in town, and no sooner than you can utter the word "stranger", he's turned Eileen's head.

His name is Sandy and he claims to be looking for a property to invest in.

Eileen charms his socks off, telling him that he should use her local knowledge to find the perfect place - although we have a feeling she has more in mind than merely staring at exposed beams... Zinnie, who's annoyed about being forced to do menial tasks at the bar, spies the perfect opportunity to get her own back on Eileen.

She fills Sandy in on all her failed relationships. Is he the sort of chap to run a mile at such news, or is this the start of something special? Meanwhile, Jimmy blots his copybook by being late to pick up Madonna.

And Scarlett announces that until he gets a lawyer to help sort out the divorce, he can forget about having further access to the child.

Chester outing? With Home and Away off our screens until September, we're turning our attention to a different soap to get our fill of teenage angst and overblown storylines.

Hollyoaks may start with the same letter, but the similarities end there - sunshine and sandy beaches are a rarity in Chester, that's for sure.

One resident who's in for a real surprise this week is Brendan, who's been living the life of a footloose, gay man-about-town since he turned up in the village - when he hasn't been getting up to something naughty.

But his style may be well and truly cramped when his ex-wife Eileen and son Declan (played by Corrie star and Boyzone singer Keith Duffy's son Jay) arrive on the scene.

The show's bosses are hoping Justin Bieber-lookalike Jay will be a big hit with female viewers.

Meanwhile, will Brendan admit his sexuality to his boy or stay firmly in the closet? Whatever happens, it'll be interesting to see Hollyoaks' resident pantomime villain squirming rather Gossip The new series of STV1's Arctic reality show 71 Degrees North looks like being an EastEnders reunion - Martin Kemp, Sean Maguire and Brooke Kinsella are all taking part. Corrie's John Thomson has also signed up.

Rumour has it that Coronation Street's cast are trying to make their under-fire co-star Michelle Collins (pictured) feel at home by speaking in cockney accents between takes.

Sorting out business Phil's plan to demoralise Roxy and take her share of the club backfires MONDAY, BBC1, 8pm EASTENDERS out to be a quite a powerful partnership. Roxy's been feeling like a spare part since Ronnie was sent to prison - and who can blame her? After all, they were one helluva double act. almost kills Jay - by kicking away the jack propping up the motor he's working underneath.

and he tells her not to give in, but to hit Phil where it hurts.

Meanwhile, another Mitchell faces a difficult future.

She takes his words on board, and later turns up at R&R to introduce Phil to his new business partner - Janine.

Last week, she had a real barney with her cousin and business partner Phil over the running of R&R. Now, she feels it's time she grabbed the club by the scruff of the neck as she begins a new phase in her life. When the police are called in, protective Julie claims she did the deed. But Lola isn't in the least bit grateful. Instead, she returns to the children's home she was raised in and tells Billy she hates living with him and Julie.

Selling her half of the club proves to be a masterstroke. Janine manages to wind Phil up right from the start of their professional relationship. Billy's life has certainly been shaken up since he renewed his relationship with his teenage girlfriend Julie. It did seem as if they were set for domestic bliss, but this being Walford, nobody can be happy for long - least of all the perennially unlucky Billy.

But when Phil once again ridicules her efforts to become Albert Square's answer to Karren Brady, she's devastated.

His granddaughter Lola gets up to a whole load of mischief again this week.

To make matters worse, she's canny enough to see through his attempts to undermine her. Has the devious Mitchell finally met his match? You never know, this could actually turn Billy persuades her to return but he may come to regret his decision when Julie says she can't face living with Lola.

Roxy turns to Christian for comfort First she loses her job after being caught stealing from the caff, then she NEIGHBOURS: Toadie tries to persuade Lucas to follow through with his father's last wish.

EASTENDERS: Syed finally tells his family about his impending marriage to Christian, and Ian tells a childminder that Jane is dead.

EMMERDALE: A tormented Aaron spends the night at Jackson's grave Rachel begins building bridges with Sam.

CORRIE: A burst water main at Marc's house prompts Audrey to ask him to temporarily move in with her. Is the arrangement set to become permanent? HOLLYOAKS: Bart and Sinead struggle, while Darren tries to make peace between Nancy and Frankie.

NEIGHBOURS: Susan is left with a difficult decision to make when she learns that Jim's cancer is terminal. EASTENDERS: Cora senses something is wrong between Greg and Tanya, while Eddie and Carol are discovered in bed together.

RIVER CITY: Fraser makes the mistake of angering Lenny by getting in the way of him spending time with Amber.

EMMERDALE: Jared turns up at the B&B, demanding more money from Amy and threatening to tell Val and Pollard all about her criminal activities.

HOLLYOAKS: Dodger tries to muscle in on Amy's dream job and Darren's romantic plans are put on hold.

NEIGHBOURS: Toadie discovers something shocking about Brennan but can't make his mind up whether or not to tell Kate about it. Plus, Karl urges Susan to put Jim, her patient, first rather than their marriage. EMMERDALE: Charity stirs up trouble at the factory for Nikhil. Meanwhile, Zak tells Amy that no matter how bad things get, you should never stoop so low as to steal from family. Will his words inspire her to come clean about the burglary she committed? HOLLYOAKS: Ruby plans a particularly mean-spirited revenge on Nancy for stopping her making a move on Pete. Lee is horrified by the growing closeness between Amy and Dodger - and sets out to nip it in the bud.

NEIGHBOURS: Lou manages to make a nuisance of himself during Karl's efforts to prepare for his and Susan's Peruvian escapade. EASTENDERS: Max offers Tanya a shoulder to cry on after she spends a difficult day at her childhood home with Cora and Rainie.

EMMERDALE: A drunken Sandy blots his copybook with Ashley and Rhona worries about Leo's safety as Aaron's behaviour spirals out of control. CORRIE: Tommy and Tyrone can hardly believe their luck when Tina agrees to move in with them.

HOLLYOAKS: Lee's efforts to keep Dodger away from Amy look set to backfire in spectacular fashion. Silas catches Lynsey checking his hospital records.

NEIGHBOURS: Toadie and Sonya decide to withhold the truth about Brennan from Kate.

EASTENDERS: Tanya tells Greg she doesn't want any more children and Mo overhears Ian telling his new girlfriend a pack of lies in the Vic.

EMMERDALE: Hazel offers Aaron a place to stay, but he throws it back in her face. Sandy embarrasses himself - again.

CORRIE: Tommy lands himself in hot water with Tina and Amber, while Audrey offers David a chance to run the salon - but only if he'll go on a management course. HOLLYOAKS: Lee and Dodger's battle for Amy's affections moves up another notch and Darren gives Ruby a taste of her own medicine.

his to she's his only Also this week... In Coronation Street, Amber stuns by prison After double Last her over it's scruff phase But her answer Dev by staying out all night with -Tommy, before revealing the real reason she's returned home.

Elsewhere, Chris's behaviour becomes increasingly erratic, at her an leaving Owen angry and Maria worried. Is he just being Roxy awkward, or is something more serious wrong with him? his Also this week... In Coronation Street, Amber stuns Dev by staying out all night with Tommy, before revealing the real reason she's returned home.

Elsewhere, Chris's behaviour becomes increasingly erratic, leaving Owen angry and Maria an worried. Is he just being awkward, or is something more serious wrong with him?


moVinG on... Steve unlikely companions... Becky and Nick find solace FAMILY SQUABBLE... Leyla, David and Alicia TIME FOR THE TRUTH?... Kate SPECULATING... Sandy UNDECIDED... Brendan WORK IN PROGRESS... Phil derides Roxy's efforts, main, and meets new business partner Janine, top. Angry Lola, above, smashes Phil's car, unaware Jay is beneath it
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