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* ATOMIC Kitten turned restaurateur Natasha Hamilton has revealed the secret ingredient at her own dinner parties - chickpea chickpea, annual plant (Cicer arietinum) of the family Leguminosae (pulse family), cultivated since antiquity for the somewhat pealike seeds, which are often used as food and forage, principally in India and the Spanish-speaking countries.  salad. To dine like a popstar, mix two cans of chickpeas with half a diced cucumber, a finely sliced red onion, two handfuls of halved cherry tomatoes with the freshly squeezed juice of two lemons, four tbsp of extra virgin olive oil. Season with salt and pepper
For the American R&B and hip hop group, see Salt-N-Pepa.
For the seasonings, see Edible salt and Black pepper.
For the type of noise, see Salt and pepper noise.
 and chopped parsley. GINGER is a natural hangover cure. It settles the stomach, assists liver efficiency and fends off nausea and diarrhoea. Star salad food facts fresh

WINE connoisseurs really do speak a different language to the rest of us. Responding to surveys which claims 64% of shoppers are intimidated by the language on the back of bottles, Spar is trialling new labels in Liverpudlian. "Juicy and complex like, this bevy is top wi most scran, specially me ma's Scouse scouse  
1. A lobscouse.

a. often Scous·er A native or resident of Liverpool, England.

b. often Scouse The dialect of English spoken in Liverpool.
," reads the label on the back of a Merlot. "Tellin Tellin is a municipality located in the Belgian province of Luxembourg. On January 1 2006 Tellin had a total population of 2,346. The total area is 56.64 km² which gives a population density of 41 inhabitants per km².  ye, this is deffo a bevy that will leave youz and youz mates made up over yez Sayers pastie pastie - /pay'stee/ An adhesive label designed to be attached to a key on a keyboard to indicate some non-standard character which can be accessed through that key. Pasties are likely to be used in APL environments, where almost every key is associated with a special character. ." tr y it... HOPE Street restaurant HoST has launched a new takeaway service in New York style fast food boxes. Pan-Asian dishes to pick up and take home include duck gyoza gyo·za  
A pocket of dough that is stuffed, as with minced pork or shrimp, and fried.

 dumplings and Sichuan pepper and salt squid with chilli mayo along with desserts. The restaurant is inspired by the Big Apple's South of Houston Street and North of Houston Street.

Squid is the most popular pizza topping in Japan. food facts A LIVERPOOL barman has proved he can mix it with the best after he was crowned the North's best cocktail maker. Conor Foley of Alma De Cuba on Seel seel  
tr.v. seeled, seel·ing, seels
To stitch closed the eyes of (a falcon).

[Middle English silen, from Old French cillier, from Medieval Latin
 Street, was crowned the winner at the regional final of the World Class bartending competition in Liverpool. Conor won the third round of the regional competition with his innovative Shango Mojito. He wins a place in the UK final, a trip to Venezuela to the home of Pampero pam·pe·ro  
n. pl. pam·pe·ros
A strong cold southwest wind that blows across the Pampas.

[American Spanish, from pampa, pampa; see pampa.]
 rum, and he will appear on billboards in Liverpool.

YOU just don't get more free range than game. But when it comes to seasonal meat produce like venison, partridge and grouse are often just a step too far for everyday cooks. Chef Tom Norrington-Davies and colleague Trish Hilbert want to change that. Game: A Cookbook is an encyclopaedic guide to the world of game - from snipe to squirrel, rabbit to rook - that proves there's more to game than just roast grouse and jugged hare. "Next time you find yourself slathering a chicken breast with a marinade to save it from mediocrity, try swapping it for something that has literally walked on the wild side, and tastes like it," Norrington-Davies says. * Game: A Cookbook costs pounds 25 from Absolute Press Game for anything
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