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emPower! from PixelOptics Named a 2012 R&D 100 Award Winner.

World's First Electronic Focusing Eyewear honored by the "Oscars of Innovation;" Awards Celebrate 50 Years of Honoring Revolutionary Technologies and Innovation

ROANOKE, Va. -- The R&D 100 Awards, celebrating 50 years of honoring the 100 most significant new technology products in innovation and excellence, announced today that emPower! eyewear from PixelOptics was named one of the top 100 technology products for 2012.

"We're truly honored to receive an award that celebrates original achievement in innovation and technology," said Brett Craig Brett Craig is a fictional character on the satirical comedy television series, Kath & Kim. He is father of Epponee Rae and the husband of Kim Craig. He works at the Fountaingate Shopping Centre as a salesman for Computa City. , President and Chief Executive Officer, PixelOptics. "emPower! represents a clear breakthrough in eyewear - leveraging advanced technology to give wearers precise control over their vision for the very first time."

Since 1963, the R&D 100 Awards have identified revolutionary technologies newly introduced to the market. The R&D 100 Awards have long been a benchmark of excellence for industry sectors as diverse as telecommunications, high-energy physics, software, manufacturing, and biotechnology. For industry leaders, government labs, and academic institutions, the awards can be vital for gauging their efforts at commercialization of emerging technologies. In winning an R&D 100 Award, developers often find the push their product needs to find success in the marketplace. The award has identified revolutionary technologies newly introduced to the market, many of which have become household names. From the flashcube flash·cube  
A small cube that contains four flashbulbs and that rotates automatically to the next unused bulb when a picture is taken with the camera to which it is attached.
 (1965), to the liquid crystal display liquid crystal display (LCD)

Optoelectronic device used in displays for watches, calculators, notebook computers, and other electronic devices. Current passed through specific portions of the liquid crystal solution causes the crystals to align, blocking the passage of light.
 (1980), to the HDTV (High Definition TV) A set of digital television (DTV) standards that offer the highest resolution and sharpest picture. Although some HDTV sets are available in standard (rather square) screen sizes, the overwhelming majority of sets are wide screen, which eliminates  (1998); these innovations have helped shape everyday life for many Americans.

"Despite a troubled economy, the pace for innovation has remained quickened and the demand for newer and better technology has become even more competitive," said Rita Peters, Editorial Director of R&D Magazine. In our industry, it is increasingly important to take a moment and recognize excellence in innovation and the promise it presents for our future. We are honored to present PixelOptics with the 2012 R&D 100 award as it has demonstrated a commitment to reinventing its industry."

The world's first electronic corrective eyewear, emPower! has a near-focus reading zone constructed of an LCD-like material that allows the user to turn the lens magnification on and off at will. Activated manually by touching the frame or automatically with a tilt of the head, emPower! represents a quantum leap quantum leap
An abrupt change or step, especially in method, information, or knowledge: "War was going to take a quantum leap; it would never be the same" Garry Wills.
 forward in vision technology. Targeted to the millions of consumers wearing progressive lenses Progressive lenses, also called progressive addition lenses (PAL), progressive power lenses, graduated lenses and varifocal lenses, are corrective lenses used in eyeglasses to correct presbyopia and other disorders of accommodation. , emPower! eliminates distortion common with no-line bifocals and gives the user unprecedented control over their vision experience.

This is the second major award bestowed on emPower! in 2012. emPower! was also recently named a 2012 Gold Edison Award The Edison Award is the oldest and most prestigious Dutch Music Prize, presented since 1960. It has a grand history in TV-shows through the years, including the legendary broadcasts called Grand Gala du Disque (later Disc).  winner in the Quality of Life category. Named after Thomas Edison, the Edison Awards represent the best in innovation and excellence in the development of new products and services.

Winners of the R&D 100 Awards are selected by an independent judging panel and the editors of R&D Magazine. The publication and its online portal serve research scientists, engineers, and other technical staff members at high tech industrial companies and public and private laboratories around the world.

Winners will be recognized at the R&D 100 Awards Banquet on Nov. 1, 2012, in Orlando, Fl. A list of winning innovations is on the R&D 100 Awards website,

About R&D Magazine

Since its founding in 1959 as Industrial Research, R&D Magazine has served research scientists, engineers and technical staff at laboratories around the world, providing timely, informative news and useful technical articles that broaden readers' knowledge of the research and development industry and improve the quality of their work. R&D Magazine is a publication of Advantage Business Media (

About emPower!

emPower! represents a significant technological advancement in prescription eyewear. The world's first electronic corrective eyewear, emPower! features the most advanced consumer electronics innovations available today, including composite lenses with a thin transparent LCD-like liquid crystal layer, microchips, micro-accelerometers and miniature rechargeable batteries. emPower! eyeglasses look like regular, high-fashion glasses. The microchip, micro-accelerometer, and miniature batteries are hidden inside the temples of the eyeglass eye·glass
1. eyeglasses Glasses for the eyes.

2. A single lens in a pair of glasses; a monocle.

3. See eyepiece.

4. See eyecup.
 frames. The transparent liquid crystal layer in each lens is able to electronically provide near focus lens when needed with no moving parts Moving parts are the components of a device that undergo continuous or frequent motion, most commonly rotation. "Parts" only include the mechanical components which does not include fuel, or any other gas or liquid.  and without making a sound. emPower! provides clear vision at all distances; far, near and in between. Wearers can operate the eyewear in three different modes: manual on, automatic and manual off. For additional information on emPower! electronic focusing eyeglasses please visit

About PixelOptics

Headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia Roanoke is an independent city located in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The city of Roanoke is adjacent to the city of Salem and the town of Vinton and is otherwise surrounded by, but politically separate from, Roanoke County. , PixelOptics is committed to "transformational innovation" in the spectacle lens industry. The company's focus is on improving and elevating the current standard of vision correction by inventing, developing and marketing a wide range of innovative new products based on dynamic focusing lenses, innovative lens design technologies, and composite optics. PixelOptics is dedicated to helping consumers see better and more comfortably, while at the same time helping the vision care industry to grow. For additional information on Pixel please visit, Follow Us on Twitter (, Like Us on Facebook ( or Subscribe to our YouTube Channel (

Major Investors

PixelOptics' major investors include: The Carlyle Group, Delphi Ventures, Longitude Capital, Panasonic Ventures, Safeguard Scientifics, and Stark Investments.
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