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Winter Carnival A Winter carnival is an outdoor celebration that occurs in wintertime.

Winter carnivals, or festivals, are popular in places where winter is particularly long or severe, such as Scandinavia, Canada and the northern United States.

Holiday games and activities include Carol Creator, where you write your own words to popular holiday songs ("Wreck WRECK, mar. law. A wreck (called in law Latin, wreccum maris, and in law French, wrec de mer,) signifies such goods, as after a shipwreck, are cast upon land by the sea, and left there within some county, so as not to belong to the jurisdiction of the admiralty, but to the common law.  the Malls with Cows of Bali," for example). You can also create and send animated e-postcards.

The Storm

Did you see the movie The Perfect Storm? If you want to know more about the true story behind the movie, monster storms, hyper A Greek work meaning "above" or "more than." It is used as a prefix to technical concepts and products to convey a more advanced or more automatic capability.  hurricanes and tornado tornado, dark, funnel-shaped cloud containing violently rotating air that develops below a heavy cumulonimbus cloud mass and extends toward the earth. The funnel twists about, rises and falls, and where it reaches the earth causes great destruction.  terror, this is the site for you.

Harry Potter Official Site

For original Harry Potter graphics, you have to visit an official site. We really like the screen saver A utility that was originally created to prevent a CRT from being etched by an unchanging image. After a specified duration of time without keyboard or mouse input, it blanks the screen or displays moving objects. Pressing a key or moving the mouse restores the screen.  you can download, sending "howlers" to friends, and the challenging quiz.

Bunsen Bob' s Science Hunt

An easy-to-follow system for creating this year's science project.

Sound Morpher

New this fall, watch for the Intel Play The Intel Play product line, made by Intel, is a product line of consumer "toy" electronic devices which can be used to gather scientific data.

 Computer Sound Morpher and Editing CD-ROM CD-ROM: see compact disc.
 in full compact disc read-only memory

Type of computer storage medium that is read optically (e.g., by a laser).
. Use it to record voices and sounds, then morph morph 1  
An allomorph.

[From morpheme.]

morph 2  
 and mix them on the computer to make your own wacky audio concoctions. Then, create cool animated creatures, apply your sounds and send as e-mail postcards. PC only. $89.99 at Radio Shack See RadioShack. , Sears and some CompuSmart stores.

the place to find more kidsworld stuff on the net

the kidsworld Poll

Hundreds of surfers to the kidsworld Web site gave us their opinion on these important topics:


Do you like reading about sports?
Yes   57%   No   43%

Have you ever designed a web site?
Yes   24%   No   76%

How much time do you spend
surfing the net each week?
Less than         5 hours
5 hours     58%   or more   42%

Have you started reading the fourth
Harry Potter book?
Yes   35%   No   65%

Have you visited a country outside
of Canada?

Yes 75% No 25%

Next up!

Who do you think is more cool -- your parents or your friends?

Who do you like better -- Britney Spears or Christine Aguilera?

Can you get on-line from a computer at home?

If you surf the Internet, do you do it alone or with adult supervision?

Do you agree that it is cool to be smart and get good grades?

We'd like to hear what you have to say on these new question at

Return of The Incredible Machine -- Contraptions

Become an inventor and create your own machines out of an assortment of crazy parts -- such as ropes, pulleys, bowling balls, and cheese driven mouse motors. There are also more than 250 wacky puzzles for you to solve. Windows and Mac.

Kidsworld gamers


Now you can vote for your favourite games on the kidsworld Web site. Here's what surfers told us in September:

The Sims           41%

Star Wars:
Episode 1 Racer    26%

Starcraft          13%

Age of Empire II
The Age of Kings   11%

Alpha Centurai 9%

To vote on new games go to
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Date:Sep 22, 2000
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