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askSam v 5.0. (Database Products).

askSam 5 is freeform free¬∑form ¬†
1. Having or characterized by a usually flowing asymmetrical shape or outline: freeform sculpture.

 database software that turns different types of information into full text searchable databases Refers to databases on the Web that are searchable by typing in a query. The term is quite redundant because all databases are searchable. In fact, that is one of their major features.  providing users with a tool for organising, sorting and searching information. It incorporates new features, including:

* Email Import wizard--Archive email messages (with attachments) from Microsoft Outlook- Outlook Express-Eudora-Netscape and Pocomail. For example, asksam can import information from email discussion lists and email newsletters into searchable databases,and can also import information sent and received by multiple individuals. Importing Adobe Acrobat Files See PDF.  utilises all of askSam's searching capabilities across a number of Acrobat Document exchange software from Adobe that allows documents to be displayed and printed the same on every computer. The Acrobat system created the Portable Document Format (PDF), which is widely used in commercial printing and on the Web. See PDF.  documents. Files can be attached to the asksam database so users can keep an original copy of the Acrobat files as part of the database.

Other new features include:

* Sort Search results by relevance

* Link to original files when importing

--Automatically have a hypertext hypertext, technique for organizing computer databases or documents to facilitate the nonsequential retrieval of information. Related pieces of information are connected by preestablished or user-created links that allow a user to follow associative trails across the  link back to the original file

* Remembered lists--Search, browse, edit, print, export or delete the subset of documents in the remembered list

* Email merge--Email to selected recipients

* 128 Bit Encryption--asksam databases can be password protected and encrypted.
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Publication:Database and Network Journal
Date:Dec 1, 2002
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