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Terms of Service for Authors

By submitting your article(s) to THEFREELIBRARY.COM you agree with these terms:

You affirm that you are the author and sole owner of the article and own 100% of all copyrights pertaining to this article. THEFREELIBRARY.COM's policy prohibits the use of copyrighted material in any manner that violates the copyright owner's rights. In most cases, this means that authors should submit only their own original written work for which they own the copyright. In other words, any submission must be an original article, which you have written, or you must have an exclusive license to submit the work to this site.

THEFREELIBRARY.COM is a free content article directory and a repository of millions of copyrighted articles. Your submission to THEFREELIBRARY.COM grants us unconditional permission to publish this article on our and other website(s) and to distribute it via RSS feeds, print publications, and emails. Any webmaster, publisher, or editor may reprint your article(s) in accordance with the Terms of Service for Publishers and Webmasters outlined on THEFREELIBRARY.COM. We ask webmasters and publisher(s) to follow our reprint rules, but you acknowledge that the enforcement of our Terms of Service for publishers is at your own risk and cost, not ours. If someone violates your copyright, it will be up to you to pursue legal action against those who abuse your copyright. If you do not wish to agree to these terms, please do not submit your article(s).

Before submitting an article, please search the THEFREELIBRARY.COM by author name or article title to ensure your articles have not already been added by someone else. Do not submit articles that are not your own, unless you have permission from the author or copyright holder to do so.

Please submit your article in a single category only.

Submissions that are commercial or advertorial in content will be removed from the THEFREELIBRARY.COM.

You declare that you will not submit any articles with direct affiliate links in them. THEFREELIBRARY.COM rejects articles with direct affiliate links.

Submissions that are less than 300 words will be removed from the THEFREELIBRARY.COM.

Article submissions to THEFREELIBRARY.COM are free and new additions are indexed at least once a day. Any article you submit will be searchable by and available to everyone after it is approved.

The THEFREELIBRARY.COM Editorial Team reserves the right to reclassify your article to a topic category that may be more suitable than originally submitted.

It is the THEFREELIBRARY.COM Editorial Team's sole decision as to whether your article is published. There are no guarantees made that your article(s) will be published. THEFREELIBRARY.COM reserves the right to remove any article(s) for any reason, with or without notice or explanation.

You acknowledge that THEFREELIBRARY.COM does not pay for submissions to our directory and does not require publishers to pay you for their use of your article. The primary reason for submitting your article to our directory is for the chance to have users read your work on THEFREELIBRARY.COM and the possibility that your articles will be picked up by other websites and presented to their respective audiences. Article submissions that are plagiarized or in violation of another author's copyright will be removed.

THEFREELIBRARY.COM is advertiser supported and reserves the right to publish ads on the same pages as your articles.

If your article does not conform to the THEFREELIBRARY.COM editorial guidelines, our editors may edit your article so that it does conform to the posted editorial guidelines. Please read our editorial guidelines before submitting your articles to save time and speed the article approval process.

THEFREELIBRARY.COM reserves the right to modify these Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice.

Before submitting your article, please see Editorial Guidelines.

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