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ZDNet Launches 'Tech Life' Consumer Channel "A guidepost at the crossroads of technology and your life".

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- ZDNet (NYSE: ZDZ) today announced the launch of Tech Life (, a dynamic, new consumer Web site that provides parents, gamers, gadget gurus, web surfers and digital music enthusiasts with instant online access to the world of technology and the Internet.

The six channels of ZDNet Tech Life span the entire spectrum of the consumer technology market. With Tech Life, parents can find the best educational CD-ROMs; college students research the latest techniques for recording and playing digital music; teenagers can get expert gaming tactics for Quake III; and users of all ages can find the best new technology products, from printers to PCs, from digital camcorders to cell phones, from home theater to HDTV and beyond.

"Technology touches all of our lives everyday," said Vince Broady, General Manager of ZDNet's Consumer group. "With the launch of ZDNet Tech Life, people of all ages, interests and experience levels can explore technology in ways never before possible, whether searching for the best products and services, getting expert advice and help, or finding new ways to use technology to simplify and enrich their lives."

Technology-oriented web sites have, to date, been designed with the advanced or corporate user in mind. By contrast, ZDNet's Tech Life takes a user-friendly, task-oriented, approach that makes technology information both accessible and entertaining. Drawing on the vast resources of ZDNet's award- winning editorial and Web publishing infrastructure, each of Tech Life's six interconnected sites targets a specific market segment, offering technology information that is highly contextual and wholly relevant to each user's particular needs and interests.

ZDNet Tech Life Site Detail

The ZDNet Tech Life Web site offers daily highlights from six consumer- oriented sites, which include:

ZDNet ( -- Created in partnership with FamilyPC magazine, ZDNet is the Web's most authoritative and useful source for family-related technology information featuring exclusive family-tested reviews, intuitive categories such as Learning, Fun & Games, and Safety, plus the ability to view, evaluate, and buy products for specific age groups.

ZDNet Music ( -- The Web's most comprehensive digital music technology resource providing up to the minute reviews of MP3 players and related hardware devices, and a complete library of software downloads covering every aspect of the digital music experience, from recorders to players to search utilities. ZDNet Music will also serve as the online home of Net Music Countdown (, a nationally syndicated, weekly radio show featuring a countdown of the Web's hottest songs and artists, as measured by online sales.

ZDNet Equip ( -- The ultimate destination for gadget gurus who believe that the path to happiness is paved with digital technology. delivers definitive, unbiased product overviews, reviews, and integrated online shopping for hundreds of consumer electronics products are augmented with authoritative "How to Buy" guides that de-mystify technology and empower users to find the best products and services on the market.

ZDNet Yahoo! Internet Life Online ( -- The online companion to Yahoo! Internet Life consumer magazine, providing Web site reviews, topical features, and columns from luminaries such as Roger Ebert, plus "Daily Specials" that include a list of useful Web sites, the latest online bargains, solutions to common technical problems, and Net Buzz (, a daily guide to the most important happenings online.

ZDNet GameSpot ( -- The Web's leading gaming site, offering a comprehensive suite of information services -- including reviews, previews, downloads, and strategy guides -- for all interactive entertainment platforms. Concurrent with the launch of Tech Life, GameSpot has added several new enhancements, including an online gaming events calendar and user discussion forums, as well as major new sections providing definitive coverage of the next-generation Sega Dreamcast and Sony PlayStation2 game consoles.

ZDNet Computer Stew ( -- A daily, Web-based comedy show created by ZDNet's John Hargrave and Jay Stevens offering an often hilarious and always irreverent look at life in our modern, technology- oriented society. In addition to the daily web show, Computer Stew features a high degree of interactivity, with regular contests and icon-based message boards where users can trade comments on each show.

In addition to an easy-to-use directory that provides seamless navigation to each of the six distinct channels, ZDNet's Tech Life page includes pointers and hyperlinks to major event packages which incorporate content from the entire Tech Life group, such as ZDNet's Halloween Fright Fest and ZDNet's Holiday Gift Guide.

The ZDNet Tech Life launch is concurrent with the exciting site enhancement to ZDNet's overall network of sites. As a top-20 Web property and the leading source for technology content, community, and commerce, ZDNet ( has a new site-wide look and feel to further enhance the user experience for its more than 8.6 million monthly visitors. ZDNet Tech Life invites the mass population of technology enthusiasts to enjoy the depth and breadth of ZDNet's content and services (see separate release).

About ZDNet

Based in San Francisco, ZDNet operates the leading Web destination ( for people who want to buy, use and learn about technology. ZDNet offers an enormous depth and breadth of original, fresh content that it serves to a growing audience ranging from IT professionals, to families, to gamers. Winner of the Computer Press Awards' Best Overall Online Site, ZDNet Sites consistently ranks among the Top 20 Web properties according to Media Metrix's at home/at work study and has been ranked as the number-one news, information and entertainment site for ten out of the last 14 months. ZDNet's content is available worldwide through its four wholly owned and 16 licensed international sites.
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Date:Oct 25, 1999
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