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This Fall 2007 edition of Rubber World's Product News features a study on page 4 describing how the use of recycled rubber can reduce greenhouse gases. A greenhouse gas inventory and life cycle analysis of the PolyDyne line of engineered rubber powders was recently completed by Malcolm Pirnie. The investigation highlighted several environmental benefits that today's industrial manufacturers can reap through the use of recycled ultra-fine rubber powder.

New runflat tire technology from Bridgestone is highlighted on page 5. The Cooling Fin technology expands the vehicle application potential of runflat tires. In other news, carbon black manufacturers in Europe are said to be gearing up to meet one of their biggest challenges, as key end-user industries of this material increasingly shift their production facilities from western Europe to the comparatively low-cost central and eastern Europe region.

Recent introductions to the rubber industry, highlighted on page 6, include NST rotors from Farrel. Benefits of the unique dispersive and distributive mixing characteristics of the NST rotor are now available for Banbury mixer applications. Commercial production of butyl rubber has begun at ExxonMobil Chemical's plant in France using proprietary breakthrough process technology. The technology enables the company to significantly increase its butyl rubber production capacity from its existing plants.

In every issue of the Rubber World Product News, readers will find the latest information on a wide variety of products and services for the rubber industry, including machinery and equipment, chemicals and materials, instrumentation, hardware and software, and custom services. The final pages of the Product News are dedicated to brochures, available from companies by contacting them through their web sites which are listed at the bottom of each product release.

As always, we welcome information from your company to be published in upcoming issues of the Product News. Press releases, artwork and brochures may be sent to Rubber World's offices or emailed to Thank you for your loyal readership, and we hope you enjoy this latest edition.
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Date:Sep 22, 2007
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