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Your input needed.

TEACHERS, we need your help. In coming months, Science News for Kids plans to make some big changes--ones designed to help you and your students. But rather than implement changes based solely on what we think is best, we'd like to get some input from you--by Sept. 25, if at all possible. For instance,

* what features on the site have proven most beneficial--or vexing?

* what have you found invaluable?

* is there anything here that is NOT available elsewhere?

* do you send students to the site for assignments at home or in class, and if so, what do you ask your students to do?

* which elements have proven most useful: the short news stories, the longer features, the science experiments, the links to other websites?

* what would you like to see there that isn't (such as lesson plans, videos of scientists describing their work, videos of students doing experiments or explaining research projects, glossaries of science terms, descriptions of classroom experiments or student science fair projects, reviews of the latest science books for kids, or something else entirely)?

* what DON'T you want to see on the site?

* how important is the newsiness of the stories?

* are there topics you would like to see covered better or more often, or ones that you think have been overdone?

* how important are the pictures? Would you like to see more or fewer?

* would your students like more direct participation through surveys, interviews, or the ability to post letters or questions to the site that other students can see and comment upon?

* would integrating the site and its materials with its parent Science News website be useful--or detrimental--to the usefulness of Science News for Kids to you or to your students?

Don't hold back. We know you are busy this time of year, but here's your chance to weigh in on how the site should evolve. E-mail your comments to Include contact information so that we can follow-up an email or phone call if necessary. Thank you.
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Publication:Science News for Kids
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Date:Aug 27, 2008
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