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Your biggest hair and makeup mysteries--solved!


GL's on the case for outta-control curls, lumpy concealer and every other crime of beauty you can think of. We called in a few A-list detectives, er, experts and got a clue. Looks like your dilemmas have fled the scene. Case closed.

TRIP-UP How can I apply blush without looking like a doll?

QUICK FIX Smashbox takes the guesswork outta blush. Swipe on O-Glow ($26, and you're good to go. This smart liquid blush reacts with skin to find the shade that's best on you. Totally pretty, totally easy.


TRIP-UP What should I do with my bangs while I'm growing them out?

QUICK FIX Celeb colorist and stylist Nelson Chan suggests creating a cute side braid. Not the best at braidins? Dry hair, then twist small segments back, securing with a bobby pin, like Kirsten Dunst. No worries if a few strands fall out--it creates a fresh, piece-y look.


TRIP-UP I wear a pony every day. I need easy non-ponytail styles.

PRO'S TIP Go for a boho bun. "You can blow-dry the hair quickly, while just working your fingers through the ends to create a wavy, natural look. Let the hair fall naturally and sweep the sides back. Loosely pin the hair in a bun," sags celeb stylist Francky L'Official.


TRIP-UP How can I wear bronzer without looking fake?

QUICK FIX Audrina Patridge gets her glow on by dipping a make-up brush into peachy bronzer, tapping off the excess, then sweeping it along cheekbones. Blend! For day, use a pretty, coppery shadow on lids. And ... that's it! Orange you glad you won't look like Paris?


TRIP-UP My lips are dry from the winter. How can I wear lipstick?

PRO'S TIP Make your pout Rihanna-pretty by hydrating before bed. Put on balm after washing your face (buff lips gently with a washcloth) to lock in moisture. During the day, celeb make-up artist Elke Von Freudenberg suggests a creamy formula. "Use a thin balm under lipstick to keep lips moist."

TRIP-UP When should I replace my makeup?

QUICK FIX When makeup of polish changes consistency, chuck it. Eye products need to be tossed after three months or they'll breed bacteria. Ew. It's time to let go.


TRIP-UP Makeup makes my oily skin look oilier. Help!

PRO'S TIP Take a dip. Spritz the makeup brush with water before putting powder on it. "The dampness sets the powder and keeps your skin shine-free longer. You can do this with mineral shadows, as well," Elke advises.


TRIP-UP How can I make my eyes pop out from behind my glasses?

PRO'S TIP Think pilin' on the shadow's gonna make your eyes shine? Not so for girls with specs. Skip shadows, and opt for eyeliner. Black is classic, but Elke also likes a brown liner "smudged with a plum shadow." Who says four eyes aren't fab?


TRIP-UP It takes forever to straighten my hair every morning. How can I speed up my routine?

QUICK FIX Francky recommends an in-salon treatment that keeps curls away for a few months. Don't have $300 to shell out for straight strands? Try a product that reduces drying time, like Paul Mitchell's Express Style Quick Slip Styling Cream. Blow-dry while combing with a paddle brush. Finish with a flat iron, and you're sleek, smooth and out the door in no time.


TRIP-UP My hair is thin. Even volumizing shampoo won't help. Anything I can do?

QUICK FIX Add Rachel Bilson-like oomph to hair the old-fashioned way. Francky swears by steam rollers. Dry your hair, and wrap a few top layers around the rollers. After a few minutes, take 'em out. Seal curl with a spritz of hairspray, and--poof!--voluminous locks.

TRIP-UP How do I use eyeliner? Inside or outside my lash line?

PRO'S TIP Either! "Liner applied inside the lash line is more dramatic and cat-like, while a liner applied outside the lashes is a more smoky look," Elke explains. That said, girls with small peepers should line outside the lashes or eyes will shrink even more.


TRIP-UP I have no clue how to apply concealer. When I have a zit, it makes it look worse!

QUICK FIX OK, we're constantly tellin' ya not to touch zits, right? Here's the one exception. Use your finger to dab on concealer. "The warmth of your fingers will melt the concealer into the skin more," Elke clues us in. Lightly blot it with a tissue, and set with powder foundation. Hide the evidence!


TRIP-UP My curly hair is crazy! What's an easy way to tame it?

PRO'S TIP Stop struggling with that mane. Making wild waves behave is easier than you think. "Always start with a shampoo designed for curly hair," says hair guru Francky. "Blow-dry hair with a diffuser, then finish with a curl cream." Goodbye, frizz.


TRIP-UP My parents won't let me wear makeup. Are there any no-makeup solutions?

PRO'S TIP Elke says, "Try a mineral rice powder. There's no color, but it evens out skin and makes it look airbrushed." Another option that may get the OK? Tinted moisturizer. It hides imperfections, but hype up that it doubles as a sunscreen. Tinted lip balm gives you shine and a hint of color. Gorgeous, natural and so not grounded.

TRIP-UP My hair keeps getting darker. How can I keep the cute blond shade I used to have?

PRO'S TIP There is light at the end of the tunnel. Celeb colorist Joel Warren suggests going to a salon to have a pro add some soft highlights. However, as long as you don't overdo it, blondes can also use diluted lemon juice. Just spritz, then blow-dry.


TRIP-UP How can I get the great loose curls all the celebs have?

PRO'S TIP Your world is gonna be turned upside down. While most girls curl hair from the bottom up, Francky suggests just the opposite. "Start by letting hair dry naturally. Wrap layers around a large-barrel curling iron, starting at the scalp. Finish with a little hairspray and you'll be red-carpet ready."
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