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Young jobless adults to be employed through internship and training: lastyear, 180 people were employed through this program, in almost all sectors, including banking and services.

Young people will be employed through internship and training. The Employment Agency is going to announce a job advertisement to which unemployed people aged not more than 27 who have at least attended secondary school will be eligible to respond.

The two training courses are going to take three months. Those that apply for internship will be paid by the Agency 5,000 a month and those that apply for training will be paid 4,400 denars. Health and pension contributions will also be covered.

Once the training is over, companies are obliged to take on at least 50 percent of the interns and trainees in the following 12 months.

"The companies themselves expressed interest in this project. Based on their previous experience, they say that 50 percent of the trainees have potential that meets the criteria of the company. They further add that the period of three months is quite enough to get a picture if the intern or trainee meets the standards and needs of the company or not," Labor and Social Policy Minister, Spiro Ristovski said.

The companies will be proposed by the Economic Chamber. The demand in workers is currently the highest in the sector of production.

Last year, 180 people were employed through this program, in almost all sectors, including banking and services.

According to the conducted poll of the State Statistical Office, there are a total of 6 858 working posts in the country and the rate of available working posts in the first trimester of 2012 totals 1.74 percent.

The processing industry requires most working force where there is a need of 1560 new workers. There are a total of 1091 working posts in the sector for wholesale and retail trade and there are least working posts in the sector for supply of electric power, gas, steam and air conditioning.

Half of the available jobs are in Skopje's region, where 3239 new employees are needed. According to the poll, there are 865 - available posts in the eastern region of Macedonia. There are least available jobs in the North-East region where only 205 employees are required.

The State Statistical Office conducted for the first time in 2012 the Survey on Job Vacancy as part of the labor market surveys. The Survey is a sample survey and its objective is to obtain information on job vacancies in enterprises in the Republic of Macedonia which is important for following of the macroeconomic movements and labor market policies.

The poll was conducted on the basis of a sampler which includes all medium and large enterprises and other randomly chosen enterprises.

Size of the Number of Number of job Job vacancy
business occupied vacancie rate (%)
entity posts

TOTAL 386,909 6,858 1.74

3-9 70,015 1,576 2.20

10-49 84,719 1,955 2.26

50-249 110,222 2,078 1.85

250 and 121,953 1,249 1.01
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Title Annotation:EMPLOYMENT
Publication:Macedonian Business Monthly
Date:Jun 1, 2012
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