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YoNaturals Continues to Install Healthy Vending Machines Throughout San Diego Schools.

Aviara Oaks Middle School Introduction
Aviara Oaks Middle School is a Carlsbad based public middle school. It is located at 6880 Ambrosia Ln.
Carlsbad, CA 92009. Its usual hours are 7:45am to 2:10pm, except for early-out days (every Thursday) when the hours are 7:45am to 1:10pm.
, Grace Lutheran Schools and Calavera Middle School Receive Healthy Vending Healthy Vending is a pioneer in distributing healthy foods for vending machines. By researching and developing foods through a team of medical doctors and nutritionist, Healhy Vending is working toward their goal of getting healthier foods into vending machines, especially those in  Machines from Local Provider YoNaturals Inc.

SAN DIEGO -- Leading healthy vending snack supplier YoNaturals, Inc. of San Diego recently announced the addition of new vending machine locations at schools in the Greater San Diego area.

Aviara Oaks and Calavera Middle Schools in Carlsbad, and Grace Lutheran Schools in Escondido have all entered into agreements with the rapidly expanding food and beverage F&B is a common abbreviation in the United States and Commonwealth countries, including Hong Kong. F&B is typically the widely accepted abbreviation for "Food and Beverage," which is the sector/industry that specializes in the conceptualization, the making of, and delivery of foods.  marketer, providing students with state-of-the-art vending machines offering a selection of healthier snack foods and beverages.

"We're of course very pleased at our rapid expansion across school systems," says YoNaturals CEO (1) (Chief Executive Officer) The highest individual in command of an organization. Typically the president of the company, the CEO reports to the Chairman of the Board.  and healthy vending advocate Mark Trotter. "Word-of-mouth continues to broaden our schools market and also provides us with an entree into other market segments."

David Kalk, Assistant Principal at Aviara Oaks Middle School, also finds much to like about the new agreement. "We prefer to be proactive when it comes to child nutrition, and the healthier YoNaturals snack menu dovetails nicely with both district standards and our own preferences. And the profit sharing profit sharing, arrangement by which employees receive, in addition to their wages, a share of the net profits of a business. The purpose is to give them an incentive to increase their output through enhanced morale, less wasteful use of materials, better care of  plan helps us meet budgetary needs."

Vended items are chosen from top-selling snack products that meet California State standards for reduced content of fats, sodium and sugar.

Operator Janet Davis sees continued growth for YoNaturals as more school districts respond to media attention given to the worsening problem of childhood obesity childhood obesity Public health Overweight in a child, an average BMI of ≥ 85% for age and sex; ≥ 95% for age and sex is very obese. See Body-mass index, Obesity. Cf Adult obesity. . "It gives an extra buoyancy to our marketing efforts," says Davis. Adds Trotter, "And as reduced budgets force administrators to look harder for revenue opportunities -- we should prove to be an increasingly attractive option."

Will burgeoning demand for their healthy vending machines outstrip out·strip  
tr.v. out·stripped, out·strip·ping, out·strips
1. To leave behind; outrun.

2. To exceed or surpass: "Material development outstripped human development" 
 resources and perhaps force adjustments to the YoNaturals business plan? "No," says Trotter. "The growth we've experienced, particularly among schools, has at times challenged the pace of deliveries from our vending machine manufacturers. But we've actually benefited from the general economic slowdown in that manufacturers have often been able to accelerate their delivery schedules to us -- thus providing us with extra capacity to meet demand."
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Date:Jan 19, 2009
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