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PRINCE Charles yesterday told Tom Parker Bowles to give up drugs for his mother's sake.

Camilla broke down in tears after learning her son had admitted snorting cocaine.

Charles phoned his godson Tom in Cannes where he is working at the film festival.

Four years ago Camilla pleaded with her son to give up drugs after he was caught with cannabis and ecstasy outside a nightclub.

Yesterday, in an emotional call, the Prince spelled out to Parker Bowles just how much Camilla had been hurt.

Royal insiders said the Prince was certain to stand by his godson - who is a good friend of Prince William - but would insist he get medical help if it was the only way to kick the drug.

One source told the Record: "Charles is extremely angry about all this and Camilla was in tears when she had to tell him."

Robert Houston, editor of Royalty magazine, added: "There are three people Charles cares about more than anyone else in the world - William, Harry and Camilla.

"He will not let anyone tar them through guilt by association.

"He had been upping the tempo of his relationship with Camilla and will see this as a setback in the public's acceptance of the relationship. But his main concern will be for the welfare of William. He cannot countenance William being seen as part of the same circle as Tom."

During an emotional call to his mother, 24-year-old Parker Bowles admitted taking drugs occasionally but insisted he did not have a habit.

A pal said: "Tom said he was really sorry, that it did not happen a lot and that it was not a habit."

"Tom feels stupid and blames himself. He is adamant that he is not an addict."

Yesterday, Prince Charles remained with Camilla at his Highgrove mansion in Gloucestershire to discuss how to help her son through the latest family scandal.

Senior royals are extremely concerned at the influence Tom has over 16-year-old Prince William.

Insiders said Charles telephoned William at Eton and told him about the admission his friend Tom had made.

The young royal was also at Highgrove last night as his father warned him not to get too involved in Tom's social scene.

Tom and William are close friends and are often seen out together in some of London's trendiest bars and restaurants.

Parker Bowles took cocaine at a party at a Cannes houseboat last week and at a recent function in London.

Yesterday the full extent of his shame was revealed when he was pictured in a Sunday newspaper looking unkempt.

Shortly after the picture was taken in London, he is reported to have promised to arrange a drug supply to a society girl and told her of a coke den he had visited.

He said: "The best place to go is a houseboat. That's what I did."

As he chatted to the girl in a pavement cafe in Cannes, he asked her: "Do you want gear or weed?"

In another incident, Tom is alleged to have taken cocaine to a party in Fulham. One of his friends is reported to have said: "He walked in and saw cocaine on the table. Someone said: 'Do you want some charlie (cocaine)?' Tom said: 'I've got my own.' He then racked up a couple of lines and sniffed those."

Yesterday, the former Eton and Oxford student kept a low profile, hidden in his company's hotel in Cannes.

Parker Bowles is in Cannes with top London PR firm Dennis Davidson Associates, promoting the stars at the world's top film festival.

He works as a party organiser, arranging press functions and launches.

Hidden behind a pair of designer sunglasses, a smiling Tom refused to comment on the drug-taking scandal when he emerged from the company's temporary offices at the luxury Majestic Hotel yesterday morning.

He gave a firm "no comment" before speeding off in a chauffeur-driven BMW.

Tracked down later on his mobile phone, he insisted it was "business as usual. I'm staying out here. It's work as usual."

He returned to the offices of DDA late last night for a behind-closed-doors meeting with senior staff.

As he arrived, he was asked if he wanted to apologise for his actions, but simply shrugged and gave a pained smile.

He arrived with three other staff from the PR company. After a half-hour meeting, Parker Bowles emerged at around 8pm last night smiling and looking relaxed.

DDA owner Dennis Davidson backed his employee and refused to apologise for the embarrassment.

He snapped: "I don't need to say sorry to anyone."

A spokesman for the Cannes Drugs Squad, Brigades des Stupifients, said: "If we have reason to believe someone is dealing cocaine or in possession of quantities of drugs, we would take action.

"We have had no official complaint against a man called Tom Parker Bowles."

No one at the film festival press office would comment.

Last October, it emerged Parker Bowles had formed a close friendship with Prince William.

Although Tom is eight years older than William, they share a lot in common.

Parker Bowles is a former pupil of Eton, where William is studying, and both have gone through their parents divorcing.

The pair became close when William was coming to terms with his mother's death and he felt Parker Bowles was one of the few people he could trust.

William is also fascinated by Tom's man-about-town image and regularly invites him to St James Palace for coffee.

Ironically, on Saturday when Camilla heard about her son's drug-taking, she was heading for a pre-arranged dinner party at Highgrove, where she and the prince planned to entertain close pals, Charles and Patti Palmer-Tomkinson.

They wanted to show their support for their friends, whose daughter, society girl Tara, has been admitted to a rehabilitation clinic.

Tom's father yesterday refused to comment on the affair.

Brigadier Andrew Parker Bowles, 58, who is divorced from Camilla, would not come to the door of his six-bedroom country cottage, at Brokenborough, near Malmesbury, Wiltshire.

His wife Rosemary Pitman, 57, said: "He has no comment to make and I am not going to talk to the Press.''

The drugs scandal is the latest Parker Bowles affair to embarrass Buckingham Palace.

In 1992 his mother's secret relationship with Charles was thrown into the public eye with the revelation of the Camillagate tapes, featuring explicit late-night phone calls between the two lovers.

The Queen was further outraged when Charles told millions of TV viewers he had committed adultery.

Charles has remained supportive of Tom and his sister Laura, 21. The prince even has a picture at his bedside of Tom holding one of Charles' pet Jack Russells.

Tom Parker Bowles earned the reputation as a hell-raising partygoer during his time at Oxford.

He was a member of two exclusive student clubs, the Piers Gaveston Society and the secretive Assassins.

Both groups had a reputation for heavy drinking and bizarre parties.

Two years ago, Parker Bowles was pictured in a PVC dress and make-up for a fetish party at a retreat in the Cotswolds.

His academic career was threatened on April Fool's Day 1995 when it was revealed he was found with cannabis and ecstasy as he left a south London disco, Stars, in the early hours.

He was released with a police caution and Oxford managers decided against disciplinary action.

Five months before his arrest for drugs possession, Tom openly smoked a joint in front of a journalist interviewing him about life at Oxford.

Writer Zoe Brennan claimed Tom sat slouched in an old armchair smoking cannabis and offering the drug to strangers approaching his room.

When he left university in 1993 he started work as a pounds 160-a-week sales trainee at Harrods before travelling around Australia.

His entrepreneurial streak also landed him in trouble. On one occasion he leaked a private family film of his mother speaking at a fund-raising event for the National Osteoporosis Society to a national TV show.

Camilla, who was filmed speaking emotionally about the death of her mother from the bone-wasting disease, was said to be "betrayed and devastated" by her son.

At his sister Laura's 21st infamous birthday party at a Soho nightclub, organised by Tom, last month one reveller "mooned" at photographers and another urinated in the street.

The Georgian flat that Tom shares with his younger sister in Kensington remained empty yesterday.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said last night: "It's nothing to do with us because Tom is not a member of the Royal Family."
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