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Worth quoting.

"Content isn't king. News is king. 'Content' is a horrible word, snagged snag  
1. A rough, sharp, or jagged protuberance, as:
a. A tree or a part of a tree that protrudes above the surface in a body of water. Also called sawyer. See Regional Note at preacher.

b. A snaggletooth.
 from the bowels bow·el  
a. The intestine. Often used in the plural.

b. A part or division of the intestine: the large bowel.

 of the dictionary by the same internet marketing See Internet advertising.  folks who gave you 'B2B,' 'hard stop' and 'digital solutions.' Its primary definition is something that is contained, such as the contents of a bag of dog food, or the contents of a bottle of valium Valium

Trademark for a preparation of diazepam. A tranquillizing drug used to treat anxiety and tension states and as an aid in sedation, first introduced in 1963, it belongs to the group of chemically related compounds called benzodiazepines, the first of which was
. News is the last thing that can be contained.

"[But] the word content, like 'wiki,' 'water-boarding' and 'Britney'--all forms of torture--is in the lexicon to stay."

--David Callaway, editor-in-chief,
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Title Annotation:Who, what, when & where
Author:Callaway, David
Publication:The Newsletter on Newsletters
Article Type:Quotation
Date:Dec 9, 2007
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