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World-Renowned Ceramic Sculptor Demonstrates Ancient Porcelain-Making Traditions.

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BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 17, 2001

Boston Artist, Katherine Houston, Exhibits Work at Boston Private Bank

& Trust Company

Boston Private Bank & Trust Company today announced that the main office will be displaying the porcelain artwork of Katherine Houston, a local artist with an international following, from April 18-June 15.

Ms. Houston is one of the few artists in the world carrying on the tradition of hard-paste porcelain mixtures, paint palates and firing techniques that have been used since the art form was first developed. Katherine is a living artist working in an 18th century technique and a 21st century approach to design.

"We are thrilled to have Katherine's porcelains on display. Her porcelain sculptures are an excellent example of the exceptional artistic talent found in the Greater Boston area. We're delighted to be able to share her work with our clients, employees, and the general public," said Timothy L. Vaill, CEO (1) (Chief Executive Officer) The highest individual in command of an organization. Typically the president of the company, the CEO reports to the Chairman of the Board.  of the bank.

Katherine's pieces are hand-sculpted compositions of botanical motifs presented as tangible still lifes. Each piece is bisque bisque 1  
a. A rich, creamy soup made from meat, fish, or shellfish.

b. A thick cream soup made of puréed vegetables.

2. Ice cream mixed with crushed macaroons or nuts.
 fired, high-glaze fired for translucency and vitrification vit·ri·fi·ca·tion
The process of using heat and fusion to convert dental porcelain to a glassy substance.

, and then low fired, layer after layer with on-glaze enamels. The process is long and slow but the finished compositions defy reality with their whimsicality whim·si·cal·i·ty  
n. pl. whim·si·cal·i·ties
1. The quality or state of being whimsical.

2. A whimsical idea or its expression; a caprice.

Noun 1.
 and remarkable depth of brilliance and luminosity luminosity, in astronomy, the rate at which energy of all types is radiated by an object in all directions. A star's luminosity depends on its size and its temperature, varying as the square of the radius and the fourth power of the absolute surface temperature. . Ms. Houston's works are created to fit into a domestic setting while honoring the tradition and history of the decorative arts.

"I'm thrilled that Boston Private volunteered their beautiful surroundings to show my porcelains," said Katherine Houston. "The elegant surroundings will provide a dramatic back-drop for my work."

The opening reception for the exhibition will be held at the bank's headquarters in Boston on Tuesday, April 17, from 5-7. The exhibit will be open to the general public from April 18 through June 15. For more information, call Sam Guiffre, curator of the exhibition, at (617) 912-1900.

About Katherine Houston:

Katherine Houston is an artist whose specific raison d'etre is ceramic sculpture. She is a living artist working in an 18th century technique, adapting the techniques of the past with a 21st century approach to design. She is one of the few artists in the world carrying on the ancient traditions of porcelain. Houston's work sits comfortably astride a·stride  
1. With a leg on each side: riding astride.

2. With the legs wide apart.

1. On or over and with a leg on each side of.

 artistic genres - superbly skilled, informed by the past yet innovative, decorative and extravagantly compelling. And it is the uniqueness of each of her pieces that has garnered her such a following among collectors of the fine porcelain. She attended the University of Michigan (body, education) University of Michigan - A large cosmopolitan university in the Midwest USA. Over 50000 students are enrolled at the University of Michigan's three campuses. The students come from 50 states and over 100 foreign countries.  in 1962. She later studied painting under the tutelage TUTELAGE. State of guardianship; the condition of one who is subject to the control of a guardian.  of the acclaimed Parisian artist, Yves Brayer bray·er 1  
One that brays, especially a donkey.
. Only later, when she saw the work of English porcelain artist Anne Gordon did Houston transfer her creative talent from canvas to three-dimensional sculpting sculpting Cosmetic surgery The surgical reshaping of a tissue. See Deep tissue sculpting, Facial sculpting. .

About Boston Private Bank & Trust Company:

Boston Private Bank & Trust Company specializes in providing private banking and investment services to individuals, their families and businesses. It has an investment management emphasis on mid to large cap equity and actively managed fixed income portfolios. Boston Private Bank & Trust Company also offers First Time Homebuyer Programs and affordable "soft second" mortgage financing. Under its Accessible Banking Program, the Bank is an active provider of real estate financing for affordable housing, economic development and small business. For more information please visit
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Apr 17, 2001
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