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World hunger.


More people die from hunger every year than are killed in wars. As the map above shows, hunger is a worldwide problem. The United Nations estimates that nearly 925 million people across the globe know what it is like to go to bed hungry. Most of these people are women and children.

The map shows the percentage of people in each country who suffer from undernourishment. The result is not only chronic hunger, as terrible as that is. Hunger often leads to malnutrition and diseases that can claim the lives of both children and adults. After studying the map and key, answer the questions below.


Write your answers on a separate sheet of paper.

1. Which color is used to show countries where more than 3S percent of the population is undernourished?

2. What percent of the United States population is undernourished?

3. What percent of the people in the African country of Zimbabwe are undernourished?

4. Which continent has the largest number of countries with very high levels of undernourishment?

5. Which continent has the second-largest number of countries with very high levels of undernourishment?

6. Which island country south of the United States has the highest percent of undernourished people?

7. What percent of Mexico's population is undernourished?

8. Of the countries in South America, which one has the highest percentage of undernourished people?

9. What percent of India's population is undernourished?

10. What percent of China's population is undernourished?

BONUS QUESTION: Sub-Saharan Africa faces its worst hunger crisis in 10 years, due to drought, poverty, and political violence. Explain why hunger would result.

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