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World Environment Center - WEC - honors Alcoa at twelfth annual WEC Gold Medal dinner.

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 31, 1996--Tonight, Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa) receives the WEC WEC World Energy Council
WEC World Extreme Cagefighting (mixed martial arts sport)
WEC World Enduro Championship (FIM Motorcycle Event)
WEC World Environment Center
WEC Washington Environmental Council
 Gold Medal gold medal

traditional first prize. [Western Cult: Misc.]

See : Prize
 for International Corporate Environmental Achievement from the World Environment Center (WEC). This award is presented annually in recognition of a multinational corporation's outstanding and well-implemented worldwide environmental policy. The ceremony takes place during a formal dinner at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C., which is attended by representatives of government, industry, the diplomatic corps, national and international environmental agencies and organizations, and the media.

Mr. Paul H. O'Neill, Chairman and CEO (1) (Chief Executive Officer) The highest individual in command of an organization. Typically the president of the company, the CEO reports to the Chairman of the Board.  of Alcoa, will accept the award on behalf of Alcoa's 76,000 employees worldwide. "This is an award that all Alcoa employees earned and they should be justifiably proud of their accomplishment," Mr. O'Neill said. "The award validates our uncompromising principle of putting environment, health and safety first -- not as an idealistic side issue -- but as a core operating discipline that is an integral part of our business process. Recognition from such a prestigious organization as the World Environment Center, with their depth of experience and understanding of today's complex environmental issues, is extremely gratifying grat·i·fy  
tr.v. grat·i·fied, grat·i·fy·ing, grat·i·fies
1. To please or satisfy: His achievement gratified his father. See Synonyms at please.

. But we know that this moment, however rewarding, is just one in a long continuum of improvement, with much remaining to be done. We are committed to continuing our journey toward environmental, health and safety excellence."

The WEC Gold Medal Jury, a body completely independent of WEC and its programs, made its decision to award Alcoa the 1996 WEC Gold Medal based on a comprehensive array of achievements which show superiority in the areas of policy, implementation and leadership. The Citation stated that, "In reviewing Alcoa's record, this excellence is consistent, employs a management system that addresses a broad variety of conditions and demonstrates commitment to continuous improvement through training, research and application that is world class. The Jury feels that Alcoa has set a standard that the extractive extractive /ex·trac·tive/ (-tiv) any substance present in an organized tissue, or in a mixture in a small quantity, and requiring extraction by a special method.

 and smelting industries in particular, as well as all industries in general, can emulate with pride."

The WEC Gold Medal for International Corporate Environmental Achievement was one of the first examples of public recognition for industry's global environmental accomplishments and leadership. It remains a respected measure of multinational manufacturing and processing companies' commitment and ability to maintain uniformly high standards throughout their worldwide operations. Since 1985, the WEC Gold Medal has been presented to a multinational manufacturing company. Previous recipients of the WEC Gold Medal include Ciba-Geigy Limited; S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.; Xerox Corporation (company) XEROX Corporation -

See also XEROX PARC, XEROX Network Services.
; the Procter and Gamble Company; Rohm and Haas Rohm and Haas Company (NYSE: ROH), a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based company, manufactures miscellaneous materials. A Fortune 500 Company, Rohm and Haas employs more than 17,000 people in 27 countries. The annual sales revenue of Rohm and Haas stands at about USD 8.2 billion.  Company; IBM (International Business Machines Corporation, Armonk, NY, The world's largest computer company. IBM's product lines include the S/390 mainframes (zSeries), AS/400 midrange business systems (iSeries), RS/6000 workstations and servers (pSeries), Intel-based servers (xSeries)  Corporation; The Dow Chemical Company The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW TYO: 4850 ) is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Midland, Michigan. Overview
The Dow Chemical Company is currently the second largest chemical manufacturer in the World (after BASF)[1].
; The British Petroleum Company, p.l.c.; E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Company; Exxon Corporation and 3M.

Founded in 1964, WEC, an independent, not-for-profit, non- advocacy organization, contributes to sustainable development worldwide by strengthening industrial and urban environment, health and safety policy and practices. Through three complementary programs -- the International Environment and Development Service, the International Environment Forum and the WEC Gold Medal for International Corporate Environmental Achievement -- WEC serves as a bridge for the exchange of information and expertise among industry, government and non-governmental organizations. WEC is headquartered in New York City New York City: see New York, city.
New York City

City (pop., 2000: 8,008,278), southeastern New York, at the mouth of the Hudson River. The largest city in the U.S.
 with offices in Bangkok, Jakarta, Mexico City, Prague and Washington, D.C.


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Date:May 31, 1996
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