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Working with Your Woodland: A Landowner's Guide.

When this book was first published in 1983, American Forests said it "will sharpen the sensibilities and understanding of woodland owners from the absolute preservationist to the adamant capitalist." The revised edition is all that and more.

The authors have completely updated the practical information that has made this book so valuable for forest owners, in addition to broadening the context in which they offer sound advice. Their 10 years of experience since the first edition is reflected in a deeper understanding of the stewardship responsibilities of landowners, and our growing understanding of the complex ecosystems of the Northeast.

I must admit some bias as a friend of the authors and as the person who wrote the foreword to both editions. But time has written the real "review," with thousands of landowners and professional foresters recommending it to others for a decade.

So I'll just stand by the dosing portion of my 1993 Foreword: "Despite the seasoning of a decade, these authors still have a lively, young outlook about the future of our forests and the practice of forestry. It is still a book about starting, about planning for the future and taking those first decisive steps to becoming a responsible forest steward. And for those who began their forest management after an earlier reading, it remains the essential forestry handbook for the future."

As a footnote, co-author Mollie Beattie now serves as the director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in the Department of the Interior.
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Author:Reidel, Carl
Publication:American Forests
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Date:May 1, 1994
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