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Low-paid workers urged to get free legal aid if they are being mistreated. May 1, 2016 539
Australia : Queensland Government supports real wage increase for low-paid workers. Apr 8, 2016 230
Look out for the bottom line: author's critique of charity does not match reality of the working poor. Spengeman, Sarah E. Apr 8, 2016 1319
Help for low-paid workers in UAE to understand law. Apr 7, 2016 461
Beyond EAP: reducing turnover & poverty in a low-wage workforce. Zadrozny, Michelle Apr 1, 2016 1099
Low-wage workers' pay 'boost'. Mar 28, 2016 108
Tory infighting escalates after Duncan Smith quits; OSBORNE ACCUSED OF 'BALANCING BOOKS ON BACK OF WORKING POOR'. Mar 21, 2016 865
United Kingdom : PM urges low-paid workers to start saving to get government bonus. Mar 17, 2016 159
Saving scheme bonus for low-paid workers. Mar 14, 2016 391
Scandal of working poor forced to live on streets; REAL BRITAIN; Ros Wynne-Jones standing up for you and your family. Feb 12, 2016 833
Helping working poor. Jan 20, 2016 554
United States : HPV vaccination rates highest in Hispanic, poor communities. Jan 18, 2016 569
Bertie's blame shame; Former Taoiseach says low-paid workers sparked financial crisis. Dec 15, 2015 485
Hospital is first to pay living wage; HUNDREDS OF LOW-PAID WORKERS TO GET A WELCOME RISE IN SALARY. Nov 7, 2015 394
Call for action as in-work poverty on rise INWALES; Increase in the working poor. Nov 2, 2015 996
Celeb Tories, 0 Working poor, 1. Oct 31, 2015 547
We'll kill the tax credit Bill; PEER PRESSURE LAST-DITCH BID TO STOP ATTACK ON WORKING POOR Policies show the Tories have moved far from the centre ground of politics. Oct 20, 2015 780
Equitable and sustainable access to safe water improved sanitation and hygiene for poor communities in post-conflict areas of Uganda. Oct 19, 2015 126
One of the working poor. Power, Janine Letter to the editor Oct 1, 2015 464
A best way to help low-wage workers? Baker, Edith S. Oct 1, 2015 806
This welfare contempt of This welfare contempt of axe vote confirms Tory Britain's working poor; TAX CREDIT SCANDAL CHANCELLOR TAKES BILLIONS FROM 3MILLION FAMILIES MPs give Osborne the green light to hammer 'strivers' he claims to support. Sep 16, 2015 624
IT'S TIME .. TO ATTACK THE TORIES; FIGHTBACK CORBYN PLEDGES TO REVERSE BRUTAL AUSTERITY AGENDA Labour's new leader tells TUC he will stand up for working poor. Sep 16, 2015 1211
Empowerment of Women Microentrepreneurs in Poor Communities Project in Peru. Sep 11, 2015 137
Tories target working poor in assault on tax credits; TORIES TO LAUNCH PS12bn ASSAULT ON LOW PAID WORKING FAMILIES. Jun 23, 2015 450
Yes, expanded Medicaid is working: coverage is helping working poor with mental illness. Couture, Jay May 29, 2015 535
AFP: Bulgaria's Working Poor Struggle to Make Ends Meet. May 4, 2015 158
Of assistance: are low-wage businesses being subsidized in NH? Rajala, Liisa Brief article May 1, 2015 252
Angela's employer donates to a food bank but they pay her so little she has to go there herself, one of a new class ...the Working Poor; 7 DAYS TO SAVE BRITAIN VICTIMS OF PS10BN CUTS; REAL BRITAIN. Apr 30, 2015 1073
low-paid being hit by 'tax on justice'. Mar 29, 2015 677
Unmarked and unheard: "researching" working-class white men in an Appalachian borderland--a narrative. Grove, Jonathan K. Report Mar 22, 2015 6163
KO Obesity & Live Light Live Right Team Up for Year Long Health Initiative Fitness & Nutrition Classes to Fight Childhood Obesity in Poor Communities. Mar 1, 2015 499
600 000 People in Bulgaria are Working Poor a[euro]" Trade Union. Feb 27, 2015 335
Ukip hopeful's pitch to 'working poor' Great-grandson of a Scottish Labour pioneer says he's following in those footsteps to serve people. Feb 21, 2015 514
WEST GETS FOOD BANK; Working poor not enough to eat. Jan 17, 2015 302
MINISTER SEEKS HELP TO RAISE MINIMUM WAGE; Low-paid workers to be part of new salary panel. Dec 16, 2014 327
Pay rise agreed for low-paid workers. Dec 6, 2014 426
Cooking & Preparing Fred Jordan Mission's 71st Annual Traditional Thanksgiving Banquet on Skid Row for Thousands of Working Poor and Homeless Children, Women & Men. Nov 25, 2014 570
Low-paid workers laughed at by 'dolies' LETTERS&. Nov 16, 2014 333
Etisalat launches SIM card targeted at low-income workers. Nov 4, 2014 438
'Knockout Obesity" Boxing Demo Aims to Curb Obesity in Poor Communities Live Light Live Right to "KO" Obesity at Brownsville Recreation Center. Oct 22, 2014 396
Justice Department taps LISC to help reduce crime and engage residents with police in poor communities. Oct 7, 2014 1036
Low-paid workers go private, too; FEEDBACK. Jul 16, 2014 228
Minimum wage: the ups & downs: raising the minimum wage is offered as a way to help minorities and the working poor, but doing so would end up hurting those groups the most. Tennant, Michael Cover story Jun 23, 2014 3514
A federal minimum wage and the states: how many jobs will the individual states lose if Congress raises the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour? Albright, Logan; Brannon, Ike Jun 22, 2014 2514
25 Million Low-Wage Workers In All Corners Of America To Benefit From A Higher Minimum Wage. Jun 11, 2014 1059
Low-paid workers turning to food banks. Apr 25, 2014 206
Satellite city projects expose low-income workers to natural hazards: Study. Apr 11, 2014 650
Labor Minister: Share of Working Poor in Bulgaria at 7-8%. Apr 4, 2014 307
Free English lessons for low-income workers. Apr 3, 2014 288
Where's support for low-paid workers? FEEDBACK. Mar 26, 2014 154
United States : AMERICAN AIRLINES to boost wages for low-paid workers. Feb 24, 2014 121
Philippines : ADB declares $3.6m grant to support ASIAN firms of low and poor communities. Feb 22, 2014 158
Economic Uplifting of Poor Communities through Fuel Efficient Metallic Stoves and Plantation in 7 Villages of Kot Mithan & Kacha Kot Mithan District Rajanpur. Feb 17, 2014 450
Report Sheds Light on Poor Working Mothers in Texas. Feb 13, 2014 556
Agency rip-off for low-paid workers; PROBE INTO ACCIDENT INSURANCE SCANDAL FOR TEMPS. Jan 30, 2014 496
Low-Wage Workers Elated After Governor Quinn Calls for Raising the Minimum Wage During State of the State Address. Jan 29, 2014 1047
Working poor becoming more common in Britain; And with this so does hunger. Bennhold, Katrin Jan 5, 2014 1226
Wages called a Catholic issue. Brief article Dec 20, 2013 130
Low-income workers able to save regularly. Dec 17, 2013 617
United Kingdom : Poor communities to benefit from Au3 million of new funding. Nov 6, 2013 267
Shame of working poor on breadline. Oct 18, 2013 283
Justice for low-paid workers brings hope to others; BETH FARHAT. Oct 14, 2013 487
Should Assisted Living Residences [ALRs] be available and affordable to middle income families and the working poor? Oct 9, 2013 627
Low-paid workers are facing crisis. Oct 1, 2013 320
Covering the demands of low-wage workers. Wittke, Sharon Sep 22, 2013 1571
Sudan-Provision of water harvesting techniques to enable access to clean water for poor communities in North Darfur Project. Aug 21, 2013 458
Microinsurance: old idea, new application. Toops, Laura Mazzuca Jul 1, 2013 1358
Tory Lord 'insults low-paid workers' Bedroom tax comments clueless and offensive - MPs. May 15, 2013 792
Business push to slash penalty rates. Brief article Feb 1, 2013 185
PRRAC's Philip Tegeler Posts Huff Post Blog On New HUD Transportation Policy That Disadvantages Poor Communities. Jan 16, 2013 511
Raising the floor. Jan 2, 2013 505
The Marikana tragedy: South Africa's social contract with its working poor breaks down. Cohen, Robert Jan 1, 2013 3036
It's time to fight for working poor. Dec 11, 2012 429
Budget healthcare now. Dec 5, 2012 482
Modest Needs Foundation to Ease the Financial Burden of Hurricane Sandy on Low-Income Workers by Providing Emergency Housing Grants. Nov 8, 2012 524
Aid, poverty, and the working poor. Oct 1, 2012 1435
24-hour malls - great for shoppers, pain for the poor workers. Sep 30, 2012 196
Middlemen 'target poor labourers'. Sep 29, 2012 304
New Book Bares Lack of Disaster Preparedness in Poor Communities. Sep 23, 2012 844
Pay rise at council; Lowest-paid workers to get extra PS1,100 a year - but questions asked. Sep 20, 2012 562
pounds 1 MINIMUM WAGE RISE TO FIGHT SLUMP; Union plan to help poor. Sep 7, 2012 377
Chicago--a group of clergy from around the country have come together in a new movement dedicated to serving the needs of low-wage workers, particularly those in immigrant communities. Sep 1, 2012 125
Nixon's new deal: welfare reform for the silent majority. Spitzer, Scott J. Report Aug 16, 2012 13771
Pooled registered pension plans: pension saviour--or a new tax on the poor? Pierlot, James; Laurin, Alexandre Report Aug 15, 2012 8104
Abu Dhabi store shut down for food safety violations. Aug 9, 2012 484
Nonprofit Report Gives a Voice to Low-income Californians. Report Jul 24, 2012 513
The working poor. Dillon, Thale Statistical data Jun 22, 2012 345
Ministers to Clip Benefits of Striking Low-Paid Workers. Jun 17, 2012 321
Working poor disadvantaged by CAP cut. Baltaz, Diane May 25, 2012 246
Sharjah cracks whip on bachelors. May 6, 2012 568
Sharjah cracks whip on low-income bachelors. May 6, 2012 161
Occupy our occupations: why "we are the 99%" resonates with working people and what we can do to fix the American workplace. Leberstein, Sarah; Christman, Anastasia May 1, 2012 14270
CDA losing millions while poor workers await assistance. Apr 25, 2012 592
Cash help for 26 families of poor workers. Apr 20, 2012 307
GOOD BAD FRIDAY; Families and low-paid workers will be hit by pounds 4.7billion grab at start of Easter hols. Apr 4, 2012 347
Bridging the divide from jobs to careers through education. Ek, Robert Apr 1, 2012 1778
Low-income workers attend course in English. Mar 26, 2012 102
Low-wage worker characteristics: implications for children in poverty. Christopher, Jan E. Report Mar 22, 2012 10571
Center for Economic Opportunity Wins Harvard Innovations in American Government Award. Feb 12, 2012 1501
Blow to embassy open house plan. Dec 10, 2011 367
Giving voice to the voiceless: collaborative inquiry in poor communities of Mexico City. Cruz-Ramos, Saul; Cruz-Valdivieso, Saul Essay Sep 22, 2011 7693
The 'working poor' grows. Editorial Sep 8, 2011 508
'Malayalam weekly a hit with low-paid workers'. Jul 9, 2011 425
Assessing the impact of employment regulation on the low-paid in Victoria. Cockfield, Sandra; Buttigieg, Donna; Jerrard, Marjorie; Rainnie, Al Jul 1, 2011 9488
'Raising pension age would hit poorest workers' THOSE FROM LOWEST SOCIAL CLASS LIVE FOUR YEARS LESS. Apr 27, 2011 457
Low-paid workers defy cuts. Apr 16, 2011 134
EARN Receives Rockefeller Foundation Funding to Help Inform Federal Saver's Tax Credit. Feb 9, 2011 691
Georgescu-Roegen prize in economics. Jan 1, 2011 454
Lost in the valley of excess: California's wealthiest growers, poorest workers, and the water between them ... Gibler, John Dec 21, 2010 4228
Tax Bill a Major Victory for Low-Income Working Families. Dec 17, 2010 362
3 poor workers killed at Ghaziabad shrine. Dec 14, 2010 233
Bread for the World Applauds Congress for Passing Legislation That Supports the Nation's Children and Low-Income Working Families. Dec 2, 2010 295
EARN Launches the EARN Research Institute (ERI) to Advance America's Capacity to Put Low-Income Workers on Paths to Prosperity. Nov 16, 2010 960
Labor law offers little to low-paid workers. Nov 14, 2010 633
'Cuts will hit poor workers'. Nov 8, 2010 180
Sorry doctor, I can't afford the root canal, I have a job: Canadian dental care policy and the working poor. Quinonez, Carlos; Figueiredo, Rafael Report Nov 1, 2010 3678
Workers demand 'Scrooge' council pays up; Authority is accused of preying on vulnerable low-paid workers. Oct 14, 2010 124
New Research from EBRI-DCIIA: Auto Features in 401(k) Plans Can Be Structured to Give Big Boost to Retirement Savings, Especially for Low-Income Workers. Oct 7, 2010 958
The Fair Work Act: as good as it gets? Barnes, Alison; Lafferty, George Report Oct 1, 2010 4987
Will the Fair Work Act bring improvements for migrant women workers? Zhang, Angela Report Oct 1, 2010 2460
USAID, The NY Academy of Sciences Showcase Innovative Technologies to Address Needs of Poor Communities. Sep 24, 2010 1016
Hootie and The Blowfish Donate Rights to Best-selling Song 'Hold My Hand' to Help the Working Poor. Aug 25, 2010 752
EARN Receives Levi Strauss Foundation Funding, Appoints Communications Fellow. Aug 19, 2010 870
EARN Receives Funding from Silicon Valley Community Foundation. Jul 29, 2010 678
EARN and the City of San Francisco's Kindergarten to College Program Receives Full Budgetary Funding. Jul 22, 2010 702
EARN Receives Ford Foundation Funding, Appoints New Director of Constituency Building. Jul 13, 2010 1022
Workers confused about health insurance rights. Jul 13, 2010 519
Pity the poor workers. Jul 4, 2010 133
WAGES OF FEAR; 2m low-paid workers exploited. Jun 21, 2010 215
Plight of the invisible working poor. Jun 20, 2010 385
Poor workers demonised by fear and prejudice. Jun 20, 2010 484
EARN Nationwide Survey Finds Low-Income Families Have No Financial Safety Net. Jun 8, 2010 884
EARN Partners with City of San Francisco on Kindergarten to College Program. Jun 1, 2010 564
Microinsurance, an untapped source of social and economic development in Africa. May 23, 2010 540
EARN Asset Builder of the Year Awards Celebrates Low-Income Families with Inspiring Stories. May 13, 2010 848
EARN Meets with Mayor Newsom & Key Obama Officials to Take Social Innovation Program Nationwide. Apr 27, 2010 764
Indian minister praises Kuwait''s support to poor communities. Mar 29, 2010 200
Implications of the activation paradigm on poverty and social exclusion in Germany: facts, hypotheses, uncertainties. Bohnke, Petra Essay Mar 22, 2010 7002
EARN Joins Forces with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and HelloWallet to Boost City's Financial Fitness. Mar 9, 2010 948
The health insurance reform debate. Harrington, Scott E. Mar 1, 2010 14403
Support for Low-Income Individuals and Families: A Review of Recent GAO Work. Mar 1, 2010 536
EARN Study Finds 83% Of Low-Income Workers Continue Saving Following Completion Of Matched Savings Program. Jan 27, 2010 997
Carney Shegerian Addresses "Wage Theft" of Low-Wage Workers - Violations of Minimum Wage, Overtime and Other Labor Laws. Jan 19, 2010 476
JUST NOT FARE; Low-paid workers hit as the taxman pledges to scrap bus savings plan. Jan 14, 2010 474
Minimum wages and poverty: will a $9.50 federal minimum wage really help the working poor? Sabia, Joseph J.; Burkhauser, Richard V. Jan 1, 2010 16758
Working poor 'must get fuel aid'. Nov 24, 2009 194
Chance to help the low-paid workers. Nov 11, 2009 255
Landing a green job: low-income workers could get a smaller slice of proposed environmentally responsible jobs. Lowenstein, Jeff Kelly Cover story Nov 1, 2009 2164
Land Registry jobs face axe; SERVICES: Lowest-paid workers most in danger. Oct 23, 2009 381
It's the poorer workers who need to clock on after 65. Sep 28, 2009 471
LOW PAID SHOULD JUMP THE COUNCIL HOME LIST; Aid for 'working poor'. Sep 25, 2009 283
'Green Economy' can aid environment, reduce poverty. Aug 23, 2009 391
'He'll not talk to anyone': researching men on low incomes. Mackereth, Catherine; Milner, Susan J. Report Apr 1, 2009 3667
"Baby bonus" or paid parental leave--which one is better? Callister, Paul; Galtry, Judith Report Apr 1, 2009 6332
Dubai's low-paid laborers feel financial crisis pinch. Feb 28, 2009 952
A profile of the working poor. Brief article Sep 1, 2008 254
Sorting through sadness: the high cost of recycling at a Cambodian landfill. Brown, John Jun 30, 2008 972
Food Prices a Hardship for 64% of Low-Income Americans; One in five of those making less than $30,000 a year call the situation "severe". Jacobe, Dennis Survey Apr 24, 2008 732
Among Americans, Smoking Decreases as Income Increases; Gradual pattern is consistent across eight earnings brackets. Goszkowski, Rob Survey Mar 21, 2008 564
Stop living paycheck to paycheck! Put an end to the cycle and enjoy financial freedom. Leftwich, Siobhan Mar 1, 2008 2046
Peru's poor speak up: tourism is good, law school is better. Tapia, Andres Oct 19, 2007 929
Low-income families can't afford to follow USDA dietary guidelines. Brief article Sep 1, 2007 204
Medicaid and the State Children's Health Insurance Program, food stamps, child care subsidies and the earned income tax credit form the core work-support system for America's low-income working families. Brief article Sep 1, 2007 122
Creeping impoverization: material conditions, income inequality, and ERISA pedagogy early in the 21st century. Hylton, Maria O'Brien May 1, 2007 3064
A job is not enough. Kumove, Leon Viewpoint essay Sep 25, 2006 776
Job satisfaction among TANF leavers. Scott, Jeff Sep 1, 2006 7785
Working poor. Brief article Jul 1, 2006 302
Earnings mobility and low-wage workers in the United States. Theodos, Brett; Bednarzik, Robert Jul 1, 2006 8495
Poverty in America: the struggles of working poor and what teens are doing to help. Manning, Steven Jan 23, 2006 1300
The soul of New Orleans: asserting rights of low- and moderate-income families in hurricane reconstructrion. Harris, Tanya Interview Sep 1, 2005 2074
Working poor in 2003. Brief Article May 1, 2005 141
EITC: money for the working poor. Apr 1, 2005 449
Religiosity, tobacco use, and poverty. Moon, Chantelle Survey Jan 1, 2005 4486
Helping the poor save. Oct 1, 2004 411
No bank, no rank: people without a checking or savings account find it hard to get ahead in life. States and the federal government are stepping in to help. Morton, Heather Oct 1, 2004 2416
City creates housing for downtown workers. Kiefer, Simon May 17, 2004 884
The Quebec difference. Apr 19, 2004 663
27,000 single parent family heads work for minimum wage. Brief Article Apr 19, 2004 245
Research: millions of workers can't support their families. Furdell, Phyllis Jan 19, 2004 667
A loan at last: through "Oikocredit" some of the world's poorest people get the capital and dignity to thrive. Paarlberg, Katherine Jan 1, 2004 1217

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