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Words to know.

We'll introduce you to 102 key social studies terms this year. these six are in this issue. fill in the letter next to the closest meaning.

1. Confederacy

[A] anarchy

[B] dictatorship

[C] states that left the Union

[D]territories joining the U.S.

2. migrant

[A] one who lives near home

[B] one who moves from place to place in search of work

[C] one who settles in a city

[D] one who works in a factory

3. profiling

[A] granting special privileges

[B] painting portraits

[C] protesting unfair practices

[D] unfairly suspecting a race or group

4. ratification

[A] formal approval

[B] formal protest

[C] rejection by legal process

[D] written constitution

5. Reconstruction

[A] compromise

[B] Confederate headquarters

[C] period after the Civil War

[D] period before the Civil War

6. secessionist

[A] abolitionist

[B] Southerner who favored withdrawal from the U.S.

[C] prohibitionist

[D] women's rights leader


1. C; 2. B; 3.D; 4.A; 5. C; 6. B

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