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Wooden wreath out of kindling.

Wooden wreath out of kindling

Rescued from the kindling pile, odd-size wood scraps give this wooden wreath its texture and color. Cut into short lengths, the pieces of hardwood lumber and dowel (we used oak, birch, walnut, purple heart, and mahogany) are remnants from various woodworking projects.

Cut the scraps into assorted widths, shapes, and thicknesses. We used more than 100 pieces for our wreath: the smallest measured 1/4 by 3/4 by 1 inch; the largest was a 2-inch-long chunk of 2-by-3. To add different facets, cut some blocks on an angle and use odd-shaped bits, too. Sand with medium and fine sandpaper.

For the base, cut a 4-inch-wide, 17-inch-diameter doughnut from 1/8-inch tempered hardboard. Try different arrangements of the scraps before mounting them with waterproof wood glue; leave small gaps between so they appear to radiate outward from the center of the wreath.

To enhance the woods' natural colors, seal the wreath with a clear wood finish. Add a bow for a splash of color.

Photo: Hardwood scraps of different sizes, colors, and heights create a multifaceted wreath
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Date:Dec 1, 1987
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