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Women and peace and security: the implementation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1325.

On October 31, 2000, the United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 1325, a resolution,
   [r]eaffirming the important role of women in the prevention and resolution
   of conflicts and in peace-building, and stressing the importance of their
   equal participation and full involvement in all efforts for the maintenance
   and promotion of peace and security, and the need to increase their role in
   decision-making with regard to conflict prevention and resolution. (1)

The operative language of the resolution urges Member States "to ensure increased representation of women at all decision-making levels in national, regional and international institutions and mechanisms for the prevention, management, and resolution of conflict," (2) and calls on the Secretary-General of the United Nations to increase participation of women, and particularly to appoint more women as special envoys and representatives on his behalf. (3)

Like most U.N. resolutions, Security Council Resolution 1325 has been honored more in the breach than in the observance. Non-governmental organizations have been working, however, to give the resolution meaning, and the unfolding international effort to restore and maintain peace and security in Afghanistan will be an important litmus test litmus test
A test for chemical acidity or basicity using litmus paper.
 of U.N. and member states' resolve to integrate the talent and resources of women into peace-building efforts.

The "war on terrorism Terrorist acts and the threat of Terrorism have occupied the various law enforcement agencies in the U.S. government for many years. The Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, as amended by the usa patriot act ," launched as a war against Afghanistan, cited the abusive treatment of women in its propaganda campaign to build support for military action. Among others, United States United States, officially United States of America, republic (2005 est. pop. 295,734,000), 3,539,227 sq mi (9,166,598 sq km), North America. The United States is the world's third largest country in population and the fourth largest country in area.  First Lady Laura Bush, joined by the wife of the U.K. Prime Minister, Cherie Blair, spoke publicly about the plight of women in Afghanistan. (4) For the women's movement women's movement: see feminism; woman suffrage.
women's movement

Diverse social movement, largely based in the U.S., seeking equal rights and opportunities for women in their economic activities, personal lives, and politics.
, which had been protesting the Taliban regime since it fought its way to power in 1996, this sudden and new attention created an opportunity, though not one without political challenges. The fact that the "war on terrorism" had little to do with women was underscored by the virtually simultaneous statement made by Secretary of State Colin Powell Noun 1. Colin Powell - United States general who was the first African American to serve as chief of staff; later served as Secretary of State under President George W. Bush (born 1937)
Colin luther Powell, Powell
 regarding the possible integration of "moderate elements" of the Taliban into a new Afghan government, despite the Taliban's avowed a·vow  
tr.v. a·vowed, a·vow·ing, a·vows
1. To acknowledge openly, boldly, and unashamedly; confess: avow guilt. See Synonyms at acknowledge.

2. To state positively.
 commitment to the institutionalized in·sti·tu·tion·al·ize  
tr.v. in·sti·tu·tion·al·ized, in·sti·tu·tion·al·iz·ing, in·sti·tu·tion·al·iz·es
a. To make into, treat as, or give the character of an institution to.

 subjugation Subjugation
Cushan-rishathaim Aram

king to whom God sold Israelites. [O.T.: Judges 3:8]


consigned to servitude in retribution for trickery. [O.T.: Joshua 9:22–27]

Ham Noah

curses him and progeny to servitude. [O.
 of women as a matter of principle. (5)

In the political opportunism Opportunism
Arabella, Lady

squire’s wife matchmakes with money in mind. [Br. Lit.: Doctor Thorne]

Ashkenazi, Simcha

shrewdly and unscrupulously becomes merchant prince. [Yiddish Lit.
 surrounding the situation of women in Afghanistan, Security Council Resolution 1325 proved to be instrumental in efforts to make the stated commitment to women's rights The effort to secure equal rights for women and to remove gender discrimination from laws, institutions, and behavioral patterns.

The women's rights movement began in the nineteenth century with the demand by some women reformers for the right to vote, known as suffrage, and
 more than a rhetorical device Noun 1. rhetorical device - a use of language that creates a literary effect (but often without regard for literal significance)
rhetoric - study of the technique and rules for using language effectively (especially in public speaking)
 to justify military action. The U.N. resolution recognizes the importance of a central role for women in the political process, and a growing demand for its implementation helped to shift the focus from Afghan women as victims, as they were initially portrayed, to Afghan women as active participants in a post-Taliban political process.

Pressure for the inclusion of women in the process and an insistence on the recognition of women's rights came from many directions--women in Congress, women Ambassadors to the United Nations, women's rights organizations such as Equality Now Equality Now is a non-governmental organization that works to protect the human rights of women around the world. The group provides an international framework for spreading awareness of issues and providing support to local grassroots groups working to address issues of concern to , V-Day, the European Women's Lobby and The Feminist Majority all called on governments and the United Nations to seize the moment to ensure the emancipation of the women of Afghanistan. (6) Individual activists in the campaign, such as Gloria Steinem Noun 1. Gloria Steinem - United States feminist (born in 1934)
 and Robin Morgan, were joined by celebrities such as Jane Fonda Noun 1. Jane Fonda - United States film actress and daughter of Henry Fonda (born in 1937)
, Meryl Streep Noun 1. Meryl Streep - United States film actress (born in 1949)
 and Glenn Close, and the collective demand for serious attention to this issue was amplified. (7)

The campaign for women in Afghanistan had an impact. Secretary of State Colin Powell shifted his position and stated a strong commitment on the part of the Administration to the participation of women in the political process and to the recognition of women's rights as fundamental to the future of Afghanistan. (8) Ambassador Lakhdar Brahimi

For other people named Brahimi, see Brahimi (disambiguation).
Lakhdar Brahimi (Arabic: الأخضر الإبراهيمي) (born January 1, 1934 in Algeria) was a
, the U.N. Special Representative for Afghanistan appointed by the Secretary-General, unveiled a multi-stage political plan that noted the importance of including women in all but the first stage of negotiations. (9) And even then, pressure mounted and was sufficient to ensure the inclusion of women even in the first stage of negotiations in early December in Bonn--three women as delegates and three women as observers. (10) United Nations officials reportedly aided this effort by creating incentives for the Afghan delegations to include women. (11)

During the same period of time, as the war continued and preliminary discussions for a post-Taliban administration seemed somewhat remote from reality, a collective effort was initiated by a number of international non-governmental organizations to help bring the voices of Afghan women into the political process. The Afghan Women's Summit for Democracy was initially conceived of as an initiative designed to facilitate the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1325, by bringing Afghan women together and giving them an opportunity to discuss the future of their country as well as their role in bringing peace to Afghanistan. The Summit was jointly convened by the Equality Now, the European Women's Lobby, V-Day, the Center for Strategic Initiatives of Women and The Feminist Majority. (12)

On December 4-5th, approximately forty Afghan women came together in Brussels--from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan, Russia, Europe, the United States and Canada. Although a number of the women, primarily leaders of Afghan women's organizations This is a list of women's organisations. International
  • International Association of Charity - Worldwide Catholic charitable organization for women (founded 1617)
  • Relief Society - Worldwide charitable and educational organization of LDS women (founded 1842)
 working in their communities, knew each other by name or by telephone, many of them had never met before. The opening session of the Summit was an expression of global solidarity for the women of Afghanistan. Anna Diamantopoulou Anna Diamantopoulou (Greek: Άννα Διαμαντοπούλου  of the European Commission European Commission, branch of the governing body of the European Union (EU) invested with executive and some legislative powers. Located in Brussels, Belgium, it was founded in 1967 when the three treaty organizations comprising what was then the European Community , where the Summit took place, welcomed the delegates, who were also addressed by Queen Noor (through video), Maj Britt Theorin Karin Maj Britt Margareta Theorin (born Dec 22 1932, Göteborg), commonly known as Maj Britt Theorin, is a Swedish social democratic politician. She served as President of the International Peace Bureau from 1992 to 2000, following Bruce Kent,[1]  of the European Parliament European Parliament, a branch of the governing body of the European Union (EU). It convenes on a monthly basis in Strasbourg, France; most meetings of the separate parliamentary committees are held in Brussels, Belgium, and its Secretariat is located in Luxembourg. , Mary Robinson, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, and other high ranking See Google bomb.  United Nations officials including Angela King Angela Evelyn Vernon King (August 28, 1938 - February 5, 2007) was a Jamaican diplomat. She worked for the United Nations for 38 years, from 1966 to 2004, working mainly for equal rights for women. , the Gender Advisor to the Secretary-General who read a statement of support from the Secretary-General to the delegates. The Opening Session concluded with statements from Jordanian, Palestinian, Somali and American activists who urged the Afghan women to seize the moment of opportunity and make the most of it.

The Afghan Women's Summit was scheduled for December 4-5th before the rout of the Taliban and the acceleration of the political planning process for a post-Taliban government. By chance, the Summit ended up coinciding exactly with the Bonn deliberations, which created an opportunity for some interaction between the meetings and substantially changed the nature of the agenda for the Brussels Summit. The primary Afghan organizer of the Brussels Summit, Sima Wali from the United States, was recruited just a week prior to the Summit for the Rome delegation to Bonn, as were two other delegates invited to the Summit--Seddighe Balkhi and Amina Afzali from Iran. These three delegates traveled from Bonn to Brussels during the meeting to brief the Afghan women at the Summit on those negotiations and then returned to Bonn.

Following the opening session, which was well attended by the media, the Afghan Women's Summit continued in a closed session, chaired by Judge Navanethem Pillay Navanethem Pillay is a South African judge who has served on the International Criminal Court since 2003. She was born in 1941 to South Africa's Tamil minority. [1]

She was the first woman to start a law practice in Natal Province in 1967.
, South African President of the U.N. International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
Further information: Rwandan Genocide

The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) (French: Tribunal pénal international pour le Rwanda, Kinyarwanda: Urukiko Nshinjabyaha Mpuzamahanga rwagenewe u Rwanda
, and facilitated by Hibaaq Osman, a Somali peace activist and founder of the Center for Strategic Initiatives of Women. With the exception of the rapporteur rap·por·teur  
One who is designated to give a report, as at a meeting.

[Middle English raportour, judge, from Old French raporteur, from raporter, to bring back
, Jacqui Hunt, Secretary of the Board of Equality Now, no other non-Afghan women were present for the Summit deliberations. The exclusion of non-Afghans was intended to give the Afghan women their own forum, with an element of confidentiality to promote frank discussion of differences as well as common ground. Judge Navanethem Pillay and Hibaaq Osman brought to this forum their experience in forging broad-based women's coalitions among diverse groups of women in South Africa and Somalia, respectively. Concurrently in Brussels, activists from Belgium, Croatia, France, India, Italy, Jordan, Morocco, Netherlands, Pakistan, Palestine, Somalia, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States met in solidarity to discuss strategies for support of the women of Afghanistan including advocacy for funding conditionality; raising public awareness; and providing technical support for women's rights lawyers in Afghanistan.

The final session of the Afghan Women's Summit was a combined meeting of the Afghan women and the non-Afghan activists to share the outcomes of their respective deliberations. The Brussels Proclamation, adopted by the Afghan women, represents a blueprint that outlines in detail their comprehensive vision for the future of Afghanistan and specifies immediate reconstruction immediate reconstruction Surgery Cosmetic reconstruction of the breast at the same time as a mastectomy  needs. (13) The Brussels Proclamation addresses four central components of Afghan society--Education, Media and Culture; Health; Human Rights and the Constitution; and Refugees and Internally Displaced Women. The Proclamation recognizes that education, information and culture empower women, stating:
   For the past 23 years, Afghan people have been living in the dark. We the
   Afghan women should join our efforts to establish a civil society in our
   country and bring back democratic values through education and culture.
   Education and culture transcend the reality of our lives. Their healing
   power and creative energy could act as a catalyst for peace and as an
   antidote to our national wounds by safeguarding our cultural heritage from
   disappearance. By reviving education and culture, we Afghans can all have
   something common to share and be united. (14)

The Brussels Proclamation sets forth a range of demands including political demands such as the central inclusion of women in the Loya Jirgah (Grand Assembly) and all peace processes and matters related to reconstruction, (15) and the inclusion of Afghan women lawyers in the development of a new constitution and legal framework that would include the principles of non-discrimination. (16) Health demands include the rebuilding of hospitals and provision of vital medicines, treatments and services, including psychological counseling and mother and child healthcare. (17) Demands for education and media include an emergency plan for reopening schools by March 2002 for both girls and boys, a new curriculum, and training of teachers, (18) and the reconstruction of TV satellites and radio stations. (19) Other human rights demands include the protection of women from forced underage marriages and sexual harassment sexual harassment, in law, verbal or physical behavior of a sexual nature, aimed at a particular person or group of people, especially in the workplace or in academic or other institutional settings, that is actionable, as in tort or under equal-opportunity statutes. , (20) and the right for women to vote and to be entitled to equal pay and equal access to health care, education and employment. (21) Demands on the international community include making all support, including monetary, from the international community conditional on the rights and treatment of women, (22) and a critical focus on disarmament and de-mining in all areas of Afghanistan. (23)

In their Declaration of Solidarity, (24) the non-Afghan group of activists made a series of commitments, including an advocacy campaign, to ensure that the funds allocated by the international community for the reconstruction of Afghanistan are conditioned on the inclusion of women. (25) The group also undertook to create an international task force of women's rights lawyers to support Afghan women lawyers in their efforts to ensure the inclusion of women's rights in new legislation and the constitution. (26) Among other initiatives, the Declaration of Solidarity also proclaimed the dedication of International Women's Day International Women's Day (IWD) is marked on March 8 every year. It is a major day of global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women.  2002 to Afghan women and a campaign entitled "Afghanistan is Everywhere" in support of the Brussels Proclamation as well as global connections between the situation of Afghan women and women everywhere. (27)

Immediately following the Afghan Women's Summit, delegates began the process of disseminating the vision set forth in the Brussels Proclamation. On December 6th, 2001, these delegates briefed Members of the European Parliament, (28) which subsequently adopted a resolution on December 13 on women in Afghanistan, noting the Brussels Proclamation of the Summit and calling, inter alia [Latin, Among other things.] A phrase used in Pleading to designate that a particular statute set out therein is only a part of the statute that is relevant to the facts of the lawsuit and not the entire statute. , for the international aid for reconstruction "to be made conditional on the participation of women in decision-making and in the use of such aid," and for International Women's Day, 8 March 2002, to be declared "Afghan Women's Day." (29) Summit delegates also participated in a meeting on reconstruction convened by UNIFEM UNIFEM United Nations Development Fund for Women  in Brussels from 10-11 December, incorporating the demands of the Summit into the U.N. development planning process. (30)

From December 13-22, six delegates of the Summit came to the United States for meetings with the United States Government and the United Nations, to help raise public awareness and support in the United States for the agenda adopted in Brussels. (31) Hosted by Senator Barbara Boxer and Senator Sam Brownback, the delegates met with members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. (32) At the invitation of Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, the Afghan women also addressed a Senate Democratic lunch with more than twenty Senators including Senator Joseph Biden, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Senators Barbara Boxer, Barbara Mikulski, and Hillary Rodham Rodham is an English surname which may refer to a number of persons or places. People
Family of Hillary Rodham Clinton
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton, 2008 presidential candidate and current junior U.S.
 Clinton. (33) The Afghan women's delegation also met with Secretary of State Colin Powell and other senior State Department and USAID USAID United States Agency for International Development
USAID Agencia de los Estados Unidos para el Desarrollo Internacional (Spanish) 
 officials, as well as a number of Congressional Representatives including Representatives Carolyn B. Maloney Carolyn Bosher Maloney (born February 19, 1948) is a New York Democrat serving in the United States House of Representatives for New York's At-large congressional district (map) since 1993. , Connie Morella and Juanita Millender-McDonald, Co-Chair of the Congressional Women's Caucus. (34) Representatives Carolyn Maloney and Connie Morella introduced legislation, the Access for Afghan Women's Act, that would require any Afghan aid program supported by the U.S. to include women in decision-making and to distribute some funds directly to women's organizations and programs. (35) The bill would also require U.S. aid to fund the rebuilding of the nation's shattered health infrastructure and to supply comprehensive reproductive health and family planning family planning

Use of measures designed to regulate the number and spacing of children within a family, largely to curb population growth and ensure each family’s access to limited resources.
 services. (36)

In their meetings with government officials and Congressional representatives in Washington, the Afghan Women's Summit delegates stressed their need for continued support and the use of conditionality in funding to ensure that they will be able to participate fully in the political process as well as the reconstruction of Afghanistan. (37) They forcefully dismissed concerns that have been raised about so-called "cultural interference," insisting that Afghan women must be granted their fundamental human rights and that they are ready, willing and able to shoulder the responsibilities of rebuilding their country. (38)

In New York New York, state, United States
New York, Middle Atlantic state of the United States. It is bordered by Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and the Atlantic Ocean (E), New Jersey and Pennsylvania (S), Lakes Erie and Ontario and the Canadian province of
, the Afghan Women's Summit delegates addressed the United Nations Security Council, and urged them to ensure recognition of and respect for the human rights of women in Afghanistan. (39) They also pressed for women's full participation in the maintenance of peace as required by Security Council Resolution 1325. (40) The women called not only for the rapid deployment of U.N. peacekeeping forces, but also for disarmament by them of the warring factions. (41) The Security Council meeting was chaired by Ambassador Patricia Durrant, the Permanent Representative to the United Nations from Jamaica and the one woman then serving on the Security Council. (42) The delegates also met with Secretary-General Kofi Annan and expressed these hopes regarding the need for a central and active role of the United Nations in Afghanistan. (43)

The Afghan Women's Summit follow-up tour concluded with a press conference moderated by Meryl Streep that resulted in a swell of newspaper and television coverage. (44) Just days later, the interim government was installed in Afghanistan. (45) The test of Security Council Resolution 1325 has just begun and in the meantime Adv. 1. in the meantime - during the intervening time; "meanwhile I will not think about the problem"; "meantime he was attentive to his other interests"; "in the meantime the police were notified"
meantime, meanwhile
, Afghanistan has greatly disappeared from the daily news. The Afghan Women's Summit brought Afghan women together and carried their voices around the world. In a short time, these women came up with a clear and comprehensive vision of the future of Afghanistan. Their subsequent discussions with high-level government officials in the United States and Europe, and at the United Nations, illustrated the premise of Security Council Resolution 1325, that women have a central role to play in the cessation of armed conflict and the maintenance of peace.

The establishment of the new Afghan government and its institutional framework, in close coordination with the United Nations, represents a unique opportunity for the implementation of Resolution 1325. Already as of the time of this writing, reports of violence are emerging from Afghanistan. The need for security is clear, and the call of Afghan women for a substantial force of U.N. peacekeepers has now been echoed by Hamid Karzai, Chairman of the Afghan interim government, who has himself urged the Security Council to expand the peacekeeping force and broaden the scope of its work. (46) The international NGO NGO
nongovernmental organization

Noun 1. NGO - an organization that is not part of the local or state or federal government
nongovernmental organization
 women's movement has gone to extraordinary lengths to facilitate the presentation of the views of Afghan women to the United Nations Security Council. In the spirit of its Resolution 1325, the Security Council and its member states should heed their advice: disarmament is critical to the maintenance of peace and security and the restoration of democracy and human rights. There is some hope that the reconstruction of Afghanistan and the role of women in the process could serve as a model for the rest of the world, but only time will tell whether there is sufficient political will and commitment to turn this hope into a reality.

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SCOR Supply Chain Operations Reference model
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SCOR Specialized Center of Research (White Plains, NY)
SCOR Second Cousin Once Removed
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RAWA Rail-Water
 representative were observers.

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In currencies, this is the abbreviation for the Euro.

The currency market, also known as the Foreign Exchange market, is the largest financial market in the world, with a daily average volume of over US $1 trillion.
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PARL Performance Assessment Report Lead
PARL Performance and Acountability Reporting Lead
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1. ^ Harsh Lessons at Balkh University
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External links
  • Pakistan grants $10m for Balkh University
 (based in Pakistan/Afghanistan); Sahar Saba, representative of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) (Persian: جمعیت انقلابی زنان افغانستان  (RAWA) (based in Pakistan); and Sima Wali, Founder/Director of Refugee Women in Development and a Member of the Rome delegation to the Bonn negotiations (based in Washington, D.C.).

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John F. Burns (John Fisher Burns) (born October 4, 1944) is an American journalist, winner of two Pulitzer Prizes.
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  • The plural of Warlord, a name for a figure who has military authority but not legal authority over a subnational region.
  • Warlords (arcade game) is also an arcade video game.
 Compete for Power, N.Y. TIMES, Jan 31, 2002, at A1.

Copyright [c] 2002 by Jessica Neuwirth

* Jessica Neuwirth is one of the founders and current President of Equality Now, an international human rights organization. Equality Now was established in 1992 to work for an end to all forms of violence and discrimination against women. She has worked for the United Nations, serving for several years in the Office of Legal Affairs and more recently as an expert consultant to the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda on issues of sexual violence in several cases including Akayesu, a landmark decision recognizing rape as a form of genocide. She holds a Juris Doctor The degree awarded to an individual upon the successful completion of law school.

Juris doctor, or doctor of Jurisprudence, commonly abbreviated J.D., is the degree commonly conferred by law schools.
 from Harvard Law School Harvard Law School (colloquially, Harvard Law or HLS) is one of the professional graduate schools of Harvard University. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard Law is considered one of the most prestigious law schools in the United States.  and a Bachelor of Arts in History from Yale University.
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