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Woman shot in home.

A 60-YEAR-OLD woman was shot in the leg when hooded hood·ed  
1. Covered with or having a hood.

2. Shaped like a hood, cowl, or similar covering.

3. Zoology
a. Having coloration or a crest suggesting a hood.

 thugs opened fire on her south Liverpool home.

The woman was in her Wavertree home at around 10.40pm yesterday when it was targeted.

She heard a knock at the door and looked out of the front, downstairs window to see two hooded white youths stood on the pavement outside the terrace in Rossett Avenue, off Smithdown Road. The victim shouted at the pair to clear off and they shouted something back before one opened fire. The bullet pierced the window and slammed into the woman's leg. She was today in hospital recovering. Her injuries are not life-threatening. It is thought the attackers fled towards a car which was waiting nearby. The road was sealed off this morning as crime scene investigators scoured scour 1  
v. scoured, scour·ing, scours
a. To clean, polish, or wash by scrubbing vigorously: scour a dirty oven.

 the scene.. Neighbour Alkash Thabet, 43, said: "I have lived in this area for 15 years with my young family and we never usually have any problems.

"I'm quite surprised this happened because this is a lovely residential area and is usually very quiet." A 31-year-old man, who lives nearby and asked not to be named, said: "I was sitting in the downstairs front room doing some work at around 10.30pm and I heard what sounded like a firework. "Then I heard someone run past my door so I opened the curtains and looked out. I saw him jump into a car and drive away. "At first I thought the bang was kids playing with fireworks fireworks: see pyrotechnics.

Explosives or combustibles used for display. Of ancient Chinese origin, fireworks evidently developed out of military rockets and explosive missiles and accompanied the spread of military explosives westward to
, so I kind of ignored it.

"But when I heard someone run past my house and then later when I heard an ambulance and police cars I realised something more serious must have happened." A Merseyside police Merseyside Police is the Home Office police force responsible for policing Merseyside in North West England.

The force area is 647 square kilometres with a population of around 1.5 million. At present the force has 4,466 police officers plus over 2,000 police staff.
 spokesman said: "We are looking for two hooded males who fired shots at the house. "High visibility house-to-house inquiries will be taking place throughout the day." Anyone with information should contact the Crimestoppers hotline on 0800 555111.
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 12, 2009
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