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Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island, Florida, No. 1 in Well-Being. Survey Feb 22, 2016 1167
U.S. Obesity Rate Climbs to Record High in 2015. Survey Feb 12, 2016 1038
Arkansas, Kentucky Set Pace in Reducing Uninsured Rate. Survey Feb 4, 2016 1150
Hawaii Reclaims Top Spot in U.S. Well-Being. Survey Jan 27, 2016 1126
Unwilling Part Time, Unemployed Alike in Financial Well-Being. Survey Nov 13, 2015 957
In U.S., Uninsured Rates Continue to Drop in Most States. Survey Aug 10, 2015 1195
North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton, Florida, Tops Large Communities in Well-Being. Apr 6, 2015 1350
Arkansas, Kentucky See Most Improvement in Uninsured Rates. Feb 24, 2015 1055
Alaska Leads U.S. States in Well-Being for First Time. Feb 18, 2015 1221
U.S. Adults With Children at Home Have Greater Joy, Stress. Survey Oct 20, 2014 765
One-Third of Americans Haven't Visited Dentist in Past Year; Men, blacks, those with lower incomes, and Southerners less likely to see dentist. Apr 28, 2014 1128
Uninsured Rate Drops More in States Embracing Health Law; Medicaid expansion, state exchanges linked to faster reduction in uninsured rate. Apr 16, 2014 939
Provo-Orem, Utah, Leads U.S. Communities in Well-Being; San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, Calif., tops large communities. Mar 25, 2014 1714
North Dakota No. 1 in Well-Being, West Virginia Still Last; Well-being has steadily increased in 11 states since 2010. Survey Feb 20, 2014 1121
Highest Uninsured States Less Likely to Embrace Health Law; Medicaid expansion, state exchanges uncommon among highest uninsured states. Feb 7, 2014 852
Heart Attack Rates Double in Low-Wellbeing Metro Areas; Average of 5.5% in metros with lowest wellbeing have had heart attack. Survey Jul 22, 2013 1240
Lincoln, Neb., Bests All Cities in Wellbeing in 2012; Washington, D.C., and San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, Calif., top large metro areas. Survey Mar 26, 2013 1661
Employed Americans in Better Health Than the Unemployed; The underemployed more likely to be obese, have diabetes, and have asthma. Survey Jun 29, 2012 1297
Unemployed Americans' Health Habits Worse Than Employed; The unemployed smoke more and eat less healthily. Survey Jun 12, 2012 1164
Gulf Coast Residents Remain Worse Off Emotionally Post-Spill; Depression diagnoses up 31% since weeks before BP oil spill. Survey May 7, 2012 1219
More Than 15% Obese in Nearly All U.S. Metro Areas; Obesity costs cities an estimated $80 billion a year in healthcare costs. Survey Mar 7, 2012 1126
U.S. University Towns Score High in Wellbeing; San Jose, Calif., and Washington, D.C., fare well among large metro areas. Survey Mar 5, 2012 1554
Northern Ireland Boasts Best Wellbeing in UK; Nation has better life ratings, workplaces, and access to necessities. Survey Jan 31, 2012 675
Key Chronic Diseases Decline in U.S. Young adults show most improvement since 2008. Survey Jan 20, 2012 931
U.S. Diabetes Rate Levels Off in 2011; Mirrors trend in nation's obesity level. Survey Dec 16, 2011 774
U.S. Cold and Flu Season Kicks Off in Typical Fashion; Daily cold and flu levels nearly identical to last year. Survey Nov 15, 2011 1020
Britons Eat More Produce Than Americans and Germans; High-income Britons have better access to and consume more fruits and vegetables. Survey Oct 31, 2011 769
Residents in Mass., Connecticut Lead Nation in Dentist Visits; Those living in Southern states are the least likely to visit the dentist. Survey Sep 15, 2011 891
Hawaii Continues to Lead in Wellbeing; North Dakota Second; Southern states still struggle with low wellbeing. Survey Aug 22, 2011 1023
Recession Persists in Terms of Americans' Access to Basic Needs; Fewer report health insurance, having a personal doctor, and dentist visits than in 2008. Survey Jul 15, 2011 780
In U.S., Government Jobs Pay in Wellbeing; Federal employees, however, lag behind all workers in workplace wellbeing. Jun 30, 2011 1196
In U.S., Caregivers' Emotional Health Often Suffers; Negative emotional effects of caregiving greatest for those younger than 45. May 27, 2011 795
In U.S., Caregivers Suffer From Poorer Physical Health; Negative effects of caregiving greatest for those aged 18 to 29. Survey Feb 4, 2011 978
Americans' Wellbeing Remains at 2010 Low; Drop in healthy behaviors are principle source of decline since May. Survey Dec 9, 2010 780
In U.S., Working Caregivers Face Wellbeing Challenges; Negative effects of caregiving greatest for those aged 18 to 29. Survey Dec 8, 2010 1005
Americans' Wellbeing Remains at 2010 Low; Wellbeing has declined the most in the East. Survey Nov 11, 2010 887
Cold and Flu Season Off to Typical Start; Daily cold and flu reporting nearly identical to September 2009. Survey Oct 21, 2010 931
Americans' Wellbeing Drops to 2010 Low; Wellbeing down for fourth straight month, but still matching pre-recession levels. Survey Oct 14, 2010 708
Gulf Coast Residents Worse Off Emotionally After BP Oil Spill; Depression diagnoses, daily stress and worry all increase for Gulf residents. Survey Sep 28, 2010 857
Business Owners Still Lead in Wellbeing Among Job Types; Wellbeing improves among all occupational groups in 2010 compared with 2009. Survey Sep 6, 2010 1437
One in Three Adults Obese in America's Most Obese States; Obesity rates are higher in most states so far in 2010 compared with 2008. Survey Aug 4, 2010 883
Military Wellbeing Remains High Among Previously Deployed; Wellbeing slips slightly, however, among deployed under the age of 30. Survey Jul 14, 2010 941
Active Duty Military Leads U.S. in Wellbeing; Veterans Lag; Active duty military personnel are more likely to be thriving than U.S. workers overall. Survey Jun 30, 2010 1077
Large Metro Areas Top Small Towns, Rural Areas in Wellbeing; Life evaluation, physical health much better in bigger metro areas. Survey May 17, 2010 879
The Flu Season That Wasn't; Self-reported flu cases have steadily declined since peaking in October. Survey May 6, 2010 722
In U.S., Portland Leads in Easy Access to Clean, Safe Water; Access to quality water relates closely to overall city satisfaction. Survey Apr 22, 2010 767
Cancer History Linked to 58% Increase in Depression; Cancer's physical and mental toll greatest among young adults. Survey Apr 21, 2010 617
Chronic Conditions Linked to Cancer; High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes all indicate elevated likelihood of cancer. Survey Apr 1, 2010 630
More Americans Report Cancer Diagnoses; Nationwide, rates highest in Maine, South Dakota, and Florida; seniors' rates increase. Survey Mar 19, 2010 599
Americans' Life Evaluation Reaches New High; At the same time, the Gallup-Healthways Work Environment Index falls to new low. Survey Mar 11, 2010 936
Among Large Cities, San Jose and D.C. Lead in Well-Being; Three of the bottom 10 metro areas located in Florida. Survey Feb 15, 2010 1376
U.S. Flu and Cold Cases Remain Lower Than One Year Ago; Self-reported flu/cold cases lower than October's peak for third month in a row. Survey Feb 5, 2010 1231
In U.S, Uptick in Healthy Eating, Access to Affordable Produce; But fewer report eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables four days per week. Survey Jan 22, 2010 1055
Americans Less Happy, More Stressed in 2009; Economy continues to heavily influence Americans' mood. Survey Jan 1, 2010 864
U.S. Diabetes Rate Climbs Above 11%; Could Hit 15% by 2015; Obesity and exercise are crucial factors; some states bucking national trend. Survey Oct 27, 2009 871
Cold and Flu Season Begins With No Abnormal Uptick; Reported cold/flu prevalence highest among Hispanics and those who are separated. Survey Oct 19, 2009 1185
Obesity and Diabetes: Across States, a Clear Relationship; More states trending up than down on both health outcomes compared to 2008. Survey Aug 20, 2009 919

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