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Wireless video link. (Marketplace).

New wireless technology from Silent Witness of Surrey, British Columbia Surrey is a Canadian city in the province of British Columbia that lies within the Metro Vancouver district, and geographically at the centre of the larger region known as the Lower Mainland of BC. It is the province's second-largest city by population after the city of Vancouver. , Canada, provides a long-range, point-to-point, digital wireless link for video, pan-tilt-zoom data, audio, and alarms. The S1000 Wireless Surveillance is the result of a partnership with SmartSight Networks Inc. The compact, lightweight solution makes it simple to link cameras with monitoring systems. A single link connects video transmissions, pan-tilt-zoom control, audio, and alarm information. It can provide a line-of-sight range of up to four miles with the built-in antenna and an even greater range with the optional high-gain antenna The high-gain antenna (HGA) is an antenna with a focused, narrow radiowave beam width. This narrow beam width allows more precise targeting of the radio signal - also known as a directional antenna. . Digital modulation The altering of a carrier by a digital signal. See modulation and carrier.  transmission in the 2.4 GHz band and the direct sequence spread spectrum ensure clear video. Privacy is protected with 128-bit video signal encryption The reversible transformation of data from the original (the plaintext) to a difficult-to-interpret format (the ciphertext) as a mechanism for protecting its confidentiality, integrity and sometimes its authenticity. Encryption uses an encryption algorithm and one or more encryption keys. .

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Title Annotation:by Silent Witness
Publication:Security Management
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Geographic Code:1CANA
Date:Mar 1, 2002
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