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Outbound - U.S. Domestic

1. DialAmerica (Mahwah, N.J.)

www.dialamerica. com

2. GC Services Limited Partnership (Houston, Texas)

3. Alorica Inc. (Chino, Calif.)

www.alorica. com

4. PCCW Teleservices (Dublin, Ohio)

www.pccwteleservices. com

5. Agero (Medford, Mass.)

www.agero. com

6. USA800 inc. (Kansas City, Mo.)

www.usaSOO. com

7. Thomas L. Cardella & Associates (Cedar Rapids, lowa)

www.tlcassociates. com

8. TeleServices Direct (Indianapolis, ind.)

www.teleservicesdirect. com

9. ACCENT Marketing services (Jeffersonville, Ind.)

www.accentonline. com

10. VXI Global Solutions inc. (Los Angeles, calif.)

www.vxi. com

11. Telvista inc. (Dallas, Texas)

www.telvista. com

12. The Results Companies (Dania Beach, Fla.)

www.theresultscompanies. com

13.24-7 intouch (Regina, SK)

www.24-7intouch. com

14. AnswerNet (Willow Grove, Pa.)

www.answernetnetwork. com

15. Dialogue Marketing (Troy, Mich.)

www.dialogue-marketing, com

16. Ameridial inc. (North Canton, Ohio)

www.ameridial. com

17. American Customer care inc. (Bristol, conn.

www.americancustomercare. com

18. Affinitas Corp. (Omaha, Neb.)

www.affinitas. net

19. Telerx (Horsham, Pa.)

20. NOV01 (Forth Worth, Texas)

21. The Connection (Burnsville, Minn.)

www.the-connection. com

Outbound - International

1. Teleperformance (Paris, France)

2. PCCW Teleservices (Hong Kong)

www.pccwteleservices. com

3. Telvista inc. (Dallas, Texas)

www.telvista. com

4. VXI Global Solutions Inc. (Los Angeles. Calif J

5.24-7 intouch (Regina, SK)

www.24-7intouch. com

6. TeieServices Direct (Indianapolis, ind.)

www. teleservicesdirect. com

7. Agero (Medford, Mass.)

8. AnswerNet (Willow Grove, Pa.)

www.answernetnetwork. com

9. VOXDATA solutions inc. (Montreal, OC)

www.voxdata. com

10. ACCENT Marketing services Ueffersonville, ind.)

www.accentonline. com

11. GC Services Limited Partnership (Houston, Texas)

www.gcserv. com

12. The Results companies (Dania Beach, Fla.)

www.theresultscompanies. com
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Publication:Customer Interaction Solutions
Date:Apr 1, 2012
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