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Windows 7 Firewire Attacks and defense trick.

Security Research Lab on Thursday said Microsoft's Windows 7 release is prone to Firewire-based physical security attack such as Cold Boot Starting the computer by turning power on. Turning power off and then back on again clears memory and many internal settings. Some program failures will lock up the computer and require a cold boot to use the computer again. In other cases, only a warm boot is required.  Attacks derived from Windows Vista The current version of Windows for the desktop. It was released in late 2006 for businesses and early 2007 for consumers.

Vista adds numerous features, including improved security and advanced multimedia capabilities.

Hackers could steal and gain access to the data via a firewire-based physical security attack, according to the paper.

"I was successfully able to bypass the Windows 7 RTM (1) (RealTime Model) Refers to a system or architecture that performs operations in real time. See real time.

(2) (Release/Released To M
 authentication code and logon with any password."<br>It can also bypass Windows Encrypted File System (EFS EFS Encrypted File System (Microsoft Windows 2000)
EFS Event Free Survival (survival rates in clinical trials)
EFS Evangeliska Fosterlandsstiftelsen (Sweden) 
), if a user is logged on and the system is running or in standby mode.

However, as a result, researchers had developed a software program against the Firewire-based physical security attack on Windows systems discuss here.

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Date:Aug 13, 2009
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