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Willow hosts seminar.

Willow hosts seminar

Willow Distributors, Inc. of Texas, hosted its first annual Import Seminar on November 4. Representatives from each company, whose imported brands are distributed by Willow, were invited to participate in the meeting which was held at the Dallas-based distributorship.

Each supplier was given the opportunity to educate and better inform the employees of current trends and marketing strategies of each imported brand they represent.

Opening remarks were made by Raymond Willie, Jr., president, Willow Distributors. After welcoming all of the participants and emphasizing the importance of selling multi-brand imports, Willie announced the formation of a new award, "Import Salesman of the Year," that will recognize the leading import salesman for Willow Distributors. The first award will be presented at the next year's meeting.

Participating in the first annual seminar were Cibco Importing Co, Inc., represented by division manager Johnny Moore and area sales manager Jim Jennings; All Brands Importers, represented by Sunbelt division director of sales John McLaughllin, regional sales manager Al Sorenson, and sales representative Dan Fitzgerald; Martlet Importing Co., Inc. represented by regional manager Gary Emerson, district manager Casey Huggins, and regional manager of Kirin USA, Inc. "Moh" Takeshi Yamaguchi. Dribeck Importers, Inc. was represented by regional sales manager Gary Bogan.
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Title Annotation:Willow Distributors Inc., import beer marketing seminar
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Nov 20, 1989
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