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The SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund Finalizes 2014 Grant Recipients. Oct 17, 2014 844
Customs protecting our wildlife. Oct 12, 2014 107
Wildlife park rings changes; BIRMINGHAM MAIL SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2014 Graham Young visits the 'new' Wildlife Conservation Park. Oct 11, 2014 650
Rare birds given extra protection. Oct 8, 2014 118
Australia : Yellingbo's endangered species protected. Sep 26, 2014 315
Breathing life into a dormant statute: using the case of the pink dolphins to forge a path forward for environmental legal protections in Hong Kong. Leitner, Lara Sep 22, 2014 13054
Abu Dhabi works to protect dolphins. Sep 20, 2014 529
Malta suspends hunting season after protected birds shot. Sep 20, 2014 154
Constitution of the claim files relating to measures for the protection of species and habitats. Sep 19, 2014 115
Project coyote: ending America's war on wildlife. Fox, Camilla Sep 12, 2014 635
Top Animal Welfare Expert To Lead America's Largest And Fastest-Growing Farm Animal Protection Program. Sep 4, 2014 1267
Bird protection societies call for 'zero tolerance' on bird trapping. Sep 4, 2014 264
Saving the streets from flooding and protecting wildlife; It's not the most glamorous job but without the teams who maintain the sewers and drains beneath the streets our region would be a very different place. MARY GRIFFIN meets Severn Trent's watermen to find out what it takes to keep the water flowing. Sep 2, 2014 1243
No sex bias in Wood Thrushes (Hylocichla mustelina) captured by using audio playback during the non-breeding season. Chin, Sean; McKinnon, E.A.; Fraser, Kevin C.; Rotenberg, Jamie; Stutchbury, B.J.M. Report Sep 1, 2014 4061
Animal and environment. Sep 1, 2014 1364
Monitoring and assessment of the conservation status of bird species of Community interest in the area of ??responsibility of the Management Agency of Olympus National Park. Aug 30, 2014 229
Help enclose the parking area and protect wildlife habitat in the Lower Chain of Wetlands natural area along the Trinity River in southeastern Dallas. Aug 27, 2014 334
Proteger y recuperar, conservar aquellas especies marinas que nos ayudan y sirven para la comercializaciEn y subsistencia (Protect and restore, preserve those marine species and help us serve marketing and subsistence). Aug 21, 2014 239
United States : Arctic Grayling Does Not Warrant Protection Under Endangered Species Act Due to Collaborative Partnerships. Aug 20, 2014 405
Promotion of biodiversity former military site. Aug 16, 2014 320
Protection of migratory birds of prey along the Batumi migration route. Aug 14, 2014 236
Enhancing Wildlife Conservation in the Productive Southern Kenya Rangelands through a Landscape Approach. Aug 11, 2014 175
Strengthening Law Enforcement Capabilities to Combat Wildlife Crime for Conservation and Sustainable Use of Species in South Africa (target: Rhinoceros). Aug 11, 2014 202
Advancing Landscape Approaches in Ecuador%s National Protected Area System to Improve Conservation of Globally Endangered Wildlife. Aug 8, 2014 164
A Landscape Approach to Wildlife Conservation in Northeastern China. Aug 8, 2014 141
Bisbee's Fish & Wildlife Conservation Fund Formed. Aug 7, 2014 630
Strengthening Management of the PA System to Better Conserve Endangered Species and their Habitats. Aug 5, 2014 122
Climate change mitigation and species conservation in the Leuser ecosystem of Sumatra. Aug 4, 2014 227
Lesser- known wildlife species face govt apathy. Aug 3, 2014 526
Protecting Endangered Species With UAV's. Jul 30, 2014 845
Clean Air Leaders Hail EPA Public Hearings On Climate Action To Protect Health, Wildlife, And The Environment. Jul 28, 2014 697
New Zealanders Willing to Pay Tax for Maui Dolphin Protection. Jul 27, 2014 347
Mainstreaming the Conservation, Sustainable Use and Valuation of Critically Threatened Species and Endangered Ecosystems into Development-frontier Production Landscapes of the Arica y Parinacota, and Biobio Regions. Jul 25, 2014 156
Bird conservation action plans for implementation ii. Jul 24, 2014 123
United States : JCP&L Environmental Conservation Partnership Helps Boost American Kestrel Population. Jul 23, 2014 450
WWF awards Tanzania for conservation of wildlife resources. Jul 21, 2014 148
Call to protect wildlife. Jul 18, 2014 202
Migratory Soaring Birds Project - Regional Component. Jul 18, 2014 356
Volunteers ensure protection of wadi wildlife in Fujairah. Jul 17, 2014 382
Animal "Protection" Groups Doing Little to Protect African Elephants. Jul 17, 2014 741
Italy cruise ship toxins threaten wildlife: activists. Jul 15, 2014 655
Protection of farm animal biodiversity through emergency intervention on the rapidly disappearing bread of goat Capore e Mokres. Jul 12, 2014 475
Management and protection of the communal forest Mavita-Rusrus as a mechanism for the conservation of endangered species and the sale of Tourist Services. Jul 10, 2014 435
Hiulo Community River Fish Species Conservation Project. Jul 7, 2014 325
"Curiosity" Kills The Cat, Saves Threatened Species. Jul 2, 2014 542
Australia : Newman Government crackdown on illegal wildlife. Jun 30, 2014 399
KP Wildlife Department distributes RS 50.5 millions in 25 village conservation Committees. Jun 28, 2014 174
World's protected areas not protecting biodiversity: Study. Jun 25, 2014 308
North scientists' help for threatened species. Jun 25, 2014 209
Provision of External Monitoring for Wildlife Conservation Activities. Jun 23, 2014 160
Birds threatened by windows. Jun 22, 2014 205
Divine intervention. Jun 22, 2014 421
Other UK wildlife at threat from badger culling - claim. Jun 20, 2014 389
Kuwait partakes in Mideast bird migration meeting. Jun 14, 2014 215
+/- Shoot to save? Jun 13, 2014 1969
Landscape Approach to Wildlife Conservation in Northeast China. Jun 13, 2014 384
Wetland, preserves,and protected species related services. Jun 11, 2014 102
14 National Parks Receive Impact Grants Thanks to Disneynature's "Bears". Jun 10, 2014 1283
Bi-National Leading Conservation Organizations Formalize Partnership To Support Project Beluga. Jun 10, 2014 1101
Supply of liquid fuels, lubricating oils-and species protection engine, vehicles and machinery of the Regional Association of Solid Waste Management Agencies (FODSA) Central Macedonia[beaucoup plus grand que]. Jun 6, 2014 222
A&E Services for the PROJECT: Virginia Aquarium Marine Animal Conservation Center. Jun 5, 2014 190
Balloon releases threaten wildlife; Letters. Letter to the editor Jun 5, 2014 160
Mountain Sky Guest Ranch Fund Commits to Early Childhood, Youth Development and Land and Wildlife Conservation in Park and Gallatin Counties with More Than $125,000 in Grants for 2014. Jun 2, 2014 1186
$1.6 million financial support for Mother Earth. Jun 2, 2014 884
Bird Conservation Leaders and International Migratory Bird Day Sponsors Recognized. Jun 1, 2014 687
The importance of micronutrients in agricultural production. Tavakoli, Mohammad Taghi; Chenari, Abbas Isvand; Rezaie, Mehrdad; Tavakoli, Ardeshir; Shahsavari, Ma Report Jun 1, 2014 3590
Inovio Pharmaceuticals Breakthrough DNA-Based Monoclonal Antibody Therapy Completely Protects Animals From Lethal Viral Challenge. May 27, 2014 1404
Jordan joins Houbara conservation, frees 500 birds. May 26, 2014 302
Protect wildlife is fresh call to gardeners. May 24, 2014 139
Belgium : New EU initiative to protect biodiversity and fight wildlife crime. May 23, 2014 418
Pennsylvania DCNR Announces Grants Available for Protecting Non-Game Species. May 20, 2014 377
Protection of wild animals through improved education material for the Paramaribo Zoo. May 20, 2014 269
LIFE Birds on Electrogrid - Installation of the bird protection measures on the high voltage electricity transmission grid in Lithuania. May 17, 2014 428
LIFE grassland Luxembourg - Conservation and management of species-rich grasslands by local authorities. May 17, 2014 421
LIFEZONE - Conservation of nest zone protected birds in the selected Natura 2000 sites in Lubelszczyzna region. May 17, 2014 437
LIFE Berlengas - Conserving threatened habitats and species in Berlengas SPA through sustainable management. May 17, 2014 440
Biodiversity conservation tops environment agenda. Ajibola, Comfort Company overview May 16, 2014 552
Clark County Animal Protection & Control Emergency Veterinarian Care Contract. May 15, 2014 137
Save the Children Announces Lassie as First Animal Ambassador, Protecting U.S. Children from Disaster. May 13, 2014 650
Providing of Bird conservation implementation of action plans. May 13, 2014 103
LIFE-FORBIRDS - Improving lowland forest habitats for Birds in Cyprus. May 13, 2014 455
The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. May 12, 2014 469
LIFE ENERGY - Energy in the land - power lines and conservation of priority bird species in Natura 2000 sites. May 12, 2014 481
WOLFLIFE - Implement best practices for in-situ conservation of the species Canis lupus in the Eastern Carpathians. May 12, 2014 462
Endangered species protection services. May 10, 2014 140
Morocco,Qatar : QATAR, MOROCCO signs agreement on conservation of biodiversity, wildlife. May 8, 2014 297
Offenders unlikely allies in battle to protect wildlife. May 7, 2014 374
Al Ain Zoo to support research projects. May 7, 2014 142
Preserving North America's Bird Nursery. May 5, 2014 965
Dubai Municipality joins hands with WSPA for training on animal protection. Apr 30, 2014 145
Gorillas in your midst in Rwanda; This month marks the 20th anniversary of the genocide which tore Rwanda apart. Sarah Marshall finds out how gorilla conservation and wildlife tourism are now helping to put the African country on the path to a brighter future. Apr 26, 2014 1197
Gorillas in your midst in Rwanda; This month marks the 20th anniversary of the genocide which tore Rwanda apart. Sarah Marshall finds out how gorilla conservation and wildlife tourism are now helping to put the African country on the path to a brighter future. Apr 26, 2014 2260
Gorillas in your midst in Rwanda; TRAVEL This month marks the 20th anniversary of the genocide which tore Rwanda apart. Sarah Marshall finds out how gorilla conservation and wildlife tourism are now helping to put the African country on the path to a brighter future. Apr 24, 2014 1191
Tracking Evolutionary Distinctness of Birds. Apr 12, 2014 507
The price of ivory. Brief article Apr 11, 2014 152
Community based in-situ conservation of threatened monkey species (Red Capped Mangabey) occurring within the Mbiakong River Basin, Uruan L.G.A, Akwa Ibom State. Apr 5, 2014 451
Community based climate change adaptation for enhancing livelihoods and wildlife conservation in longido district. Apr 4, 2014 386
UAEU and Al Ain Zoo launch wildlife conservation course. Apr 2, 2014 335
United Kingdom : O Neill reaffirms her commitment to protecting and safeguarding animal welfare. Apr 2, 2014 351
Photograph your animal: preserve those special hunting moments with good field photos. Adams, Chuck Apr 1, 2014 965
Preparation red list of threatened species guyana. Mar 29, 2014 207
Support Mapping, Monitoring and Evaluation. Mar 28, 2014 472
Will the car industry fuel animal exploitation. Mar 24, 2014 122
Protection of small animal power transformers. Mar 24, 2014 107
Counting the cost of East Africa's poaching economy. Mar 23, 2014 868
Sound Global Won Two BOT Projects in Jilin Province. Mar 17, 2014 919
Exotic Animal Ban in Ohio Threatens Survival of Endangered Species. Mar 12, 2014 875
Indonesian clerics issue decree to protect wildlife. Mar 5, 2014 428
Miranda Cosgrove Swims with Dolphins in New Oceana PSA. Mar 5, 2014 672
Conservation Of Endangered Wildlife project. Mar 4, 2014 323
Oman committed to protecting its wildlife. Mar 3, 2014 268
Do avian communities vary with season in highly urbanized Hong Kong? Zhou, Daqing; Chu, L.M. Report Mar 1, 2014 7789
Bryophytes in Estonian mires. Ingerpuu, Nele; Nurkse, Kristiina; Vellak, Kai Report Mar 1, 2014 4378
Red widow spiders (Araneae: Theridiidae) prey extensively on scarab beetles endemic in Florida scrub. Report Mar 1, 2014 4047
Our animals need protecting abroad; FEEDBACK. Mar 1, 2014 142
Species protection measures for "two-track parallel guide schoeneweide-adlershof (berlin). Mar 1, 2014 179
Services for monitoring the conservation status of species of fish community in romania. Feb 26, 2014 191
Services for monitoring the conservation status of species of fish community in Romania. Feb 21, 2014 123
Oceana Announces $3 Million Grant from Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. Feb 20, 2014 986
Celebrity Chef Christine Cushing Chooses Cage-Free Eggs. Feb 19, 2014 627
Kuwait official urges more efforts to combat illegal trafficking in sharks. Feb 17, 2014 531
GMS-FBP: Strengthening Protection and Management Effectiveness for Wildlife and Protected Areas. Feb 14, 2014 110
Rainforest Trust Announces Plan to Create 80,000-Acre Forest Reserve in the Philippines to Protect Wildlife, Biodiversity. Feb 13, 2014 582
Flappy Bird lovers threaten to kill developer after game taken off app stores. Feb 11, 2014 202
Portable Changing Station with laminar air flow to the sanitary protection of animals. Feb 10, 2014 265
GOP: Limit endangered species law. Brown, Matthew Feb 5, 2014 680
Integrated Approach to Conserve Biodiversity and Improve Livelihood in Adjacent Rural Areas of Lahore. Feb 3, 2014 424
Conservation of threatened fish species through introduction of alternate livelihood approaches and advocating the issues of fisher folk in coastal area of Badin. Feb 3, 2014 356
Wanderings in South America, the North-West of the United States, and the Antilles, in the years 1812, 1810, 1820, and 1824. With original instructions for the perfect preservation of birds, etc. for cabinets of natural history. Feb 1, 2014 397
Lottery cash helps protect wildlife. Jan 30, 2014 161
Provision of forestry services. Jan 21, 2014 460
Sven using own record label to protect animals. Jan 20, 2014 388
LIFE FOR THE BOURGAS LAKE - Ensuring Conservation of Priority Bird Species and Coastal Habitats at the Bourgas Natura 2000 Wetland Sites project. Jan 16, 2014 445
Invaders 'threatening wildlife and can cause flooding'. Jan 11, 2014 341
United Plant Savers warns History Channel about dangers of promoting harvest of threatened species. Jan 10, 2014 539
The last wolf? Should biologists step in to save Isle Royale's wolves or let nature take its course? McClellan, Laurie Jan 1, 2014 1347
Wild Alaska: Conservation agents walk fine line protecting Elmendorf's human, animal residents. Roughton, Randy Jan 1, 2014 1839
6 No trapping zone. Brief article Jan 1, 2014 114
Recovering the Santa Cruz long-toed Salamander: a little amphibian with a large fan-base. Root, Mary Jan 1, 2014 1181
Mitigating the threat of negative impacts gfeneran domestic animals (pets and livestock) on wild native species in critical conservation status, particularly lycalopex fulvipes (blue fox darwin) in th. Dec 24, 2013 103
Poverty and ecosystem Impacts of payment for wildlife conservation initiatives in Africa: Tanzania%s wildlife Management Areas (PIMA). Dec 18, 2013 427
India's Supreme Court restricts train movement to protect wildlife. Dec 13, 2013 378
Officials a danger for grizzly bears; Lifting species protection advised. Brown, Matthew Dec 13, 2013 291
Rare wildlife threatened by relief road development. Dec 12, 2013 802
Criminal case dismissed against lawyer who represented Occupy and Animal Protection & Rescue League. Dec 10, 2013 462
Whale-Sized Research at SeaWorld. Dec 10, 2013 1047
Egypt : Countries agree to cooperate to end the illegal trapping of protected bird species in Egypt and Libya. Dec 6, 2013 457
Dictionary of zoo biology and animal management; a guide to terminology used in zoo biology, animal welfare, wildlife conservation and livestock production. Book review Dec 1, 2013 127
Ecotourist attractions may be greenwashing. Dec 1, 2013 443
Multiscale nest site selection by burrowing owls in Western South Dakota. Thiele, Jason P.; Bakker, Kristel K.; Dieter, Charles D. Report Dec 1, 2013 7420
Peste des petits ruminants infection among cattle and wildlife in Northern Tanzania. Lembo, Tiziana; Oura, Christopher; Parida, Satya; Hoare, Richard; Frost, Lorraine; Fyumagwa, Robert; Report Dec 1, 2013 2533
Molecular markers and conservation of plant species in the Latin-America: the case of Phaedranassa viridiflora (Amaryllidaceae). Oleas, Nora H.; Meerow, Alan W.; Francisco-Ortega, Javier Report Dec 1, 2013 8890
Molecular systematics of threatened seed plant species endemic in the Caribbean Islands. Oleas, Nora; Jestrow, Brett; Calonje, Michael; Peguero, Brigido; Jimenez, Francisco; Rodriguez-Peiia Report Dec 1, 2013 6766
What is the conservation value of a plant in a botanic garden? Using indicators to improve management of ex situ collections. Cibrian-Jaramillo, Angelica; Hird, Abby; Oleas, Nora; Ma, Helen; Meerow, Alan W.; Francisco-Ortega, Author abstract Dec 1, 2013 7559
Kyrgyzstan joins Convention on Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals. Nov 26, 2013 128
Albemarle employees' efforts to build, maintain and preserve wildlife habitats achieve national certification. Nov 25, 2013 862
North Sea zones given wildlife protection. Nov 23, 2013 371
Implementation of the project content of the european species conservation project (life12-bio_at_000143) for the reintroduction of the bald ibis (geronticus eremita) in europe. Nov 21, 2013 110
The sag punjab region, has the need to purchase materials for conducting work activities animal protection sub in the bio bio. The (the) provider (s) shall indicate in its application in the portal, t. Nov 16, 2013 141
The study of inventory and assessment of the conservation status of species and habitats and management recommendations, data base development and management, GIS mapping data collection, development. Nov 15, 2013 209
It's time for us to respect and protect wildlife. Nov 14, 2013 480
Bulgaria Faces EU Trial for Failing to Protect Endangered Species. Nov 11, 2013 277
Wildlife Park being constructed in Swabi for endangered species' conservation. Nov 9, 2013 178
KSA wildlife body takes steps to protect rare species of birds. Nov 8, 2013 353
"Monitoring and evaluation of the conservation status of the habitat types of Community interest in the area of ??jurisdiction of the National Park Management Body Olympus, Monitoring and assessment o. Nov 6, 2013 439
CITES urges cooperation to protect wildlife in W. Asia. Nov 1, 2013 230
Combating desertification effects by participatory action and in-situ conservation of Commiphora wightii: an endangered medicinal shrub in Nagarparkar Hills of Tharparkar, Pakistan. Ahmed, Aziz; Arif, Tanveer; Murtaza, Ghulam; Amanullah, Mahar; Amrani, Bharumal Report Nov 1, 2013 4014
Performance of odkrzaczania and mowing of vegetation within the project: active protection of endangered species and habitats in the Natura 2000 ~refuge Wigierska "(LIFE11 NAT/PL/431). Oct 31, 2013 155
We must help to protect wildlife; Yousay IN YOUR OPINION... Oct 29, 2013 160
Campaigners push on with bid to help cows; CHARITIES AND BEN &JERRY'S PRESS FOR EU DIRECTIVE. Oct 29, 2013 515
Community day general production of animal protection responsible ownership. Oct 28, 2013 111
PS6m fund created to protect wildlife habitats. Oct 25, 2013 281
Feds Approve Protection Plan for Rare Bird. Oct 24, 2013 894
Australia : Conservation parks expanded to protect endangered species. Oct 24, 2013 329
Rare varieties of fruit, wildlife and customs threatened by orchard decline; MAPPING REVEALS ONLY 7% IN EXCELLENT STATE. Oct 22, 2013 733
Orchards' disrepair threatens wildlife. Oct 20, 2013 221
Nature Conservation Egypt. Oct 20, 2013 546
Proposed Protections for Cuckoo Cause Concern. Oct 17, 2013 966
Wildlife preservation services. Oct 17, 2013 312
Italy : COLLI BERICI NATURA 2000 - Conservation actions, habitat and species improvement, and preservation of SIC Colli Berici nature reserve. Oct 16, 2013 427
Italy : Montecristo 2010 - Montecristo 2010: eradication of invasive plant and animal aliens and conservation of species/habitats in the Tuscan Archipelago,Italy. Oct 16, 2013 459
ACS for taking effective measures to preserve forests, wildlife. Oct 14, 2013 284
From Antarctica to Florida, 93 Wildlife Projects Receive More Than $1.2 Million from the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund. Oct 10, 2013 689
KP wildlife launches campaign for protection of rare spices. Oct 9, 2013 112
State of the birds. Hart, David Brief article Oct 1, 2013 209
EPBC act: an acronym worth defending: far from the constricting ball of green tape described by its opponents, our national environmental protection laws are what hold together our vital life support systems, explains ACF's legal counsel Elizabeth McKinnon. McKinnon, Elizabeth Oct 1, 2013 1085
To Ranchers, Lesser Prairie Chickens Just Mean More Government. Sep 27, 2013 1259
Bulgaria : LIFE FOR THE BOURGAS LAKE - Ensuring Conservation of Priority Bird Species and Coastal Habitats at the Bourgas Natura 2000 Wetland Sites. Sep 26, 2013 449
Bulgaria : BulPlantNet - A Pilot Network of Small Protected Sites for Plant Species in Bulgaria Using the Plant Micro-reserve Model. Sep 26, 2013 399
Raft race to highlight conservation, recycling. Sep 25, 2013 453
aACAyWhatever Floats Your Boat' challenge starts on November 22, 2013. Sep 25, 2013 362
Italy : LIFE+ AVIFAUNA DEL LAGO S - Conservation actions for priority bird life in Lake Salso Oasis. Sep 24, 2013 399
Public Can Comment On Bald Eagle Proposal. Sep 24, 2013 4307
On a ledge: wolverines may soon be listed as a threatened species. Siber, Kate Sep 22, 2013 1228
Philippines : Solon calls for creation of wildlife adoption program to protect endangered species. Sep 21, 2013 399
Genomes of big cats mapped in bid to protect endangered species. Sep 18, 2013 178
Italy : P.Pro.SPO.T. - Policy and Protection of Sporadic tree species in Tuscany forest. Sep 18, 2013 338
Italy ; Natura 2000 in the Po Delta - Conservation of habitats and species in the Natura 2000 sites in the Po Delta. Sep 18, 2013 426
Italy : ARION - Systems for Coastal Dolphin Conservation in the Ligurian Sea. Sep 18, 2013 467
Zoobiquity Conference 2013 in NYC -- Harnessing the Power of Physician and Veterinarian Collaboration Saturday, November 2nd, 2013. Conference news Sep 16, 2013 578
Saving their skins. Brief article Sep 16, 2013 137
LIFE - Ostrovne lE[bar]ky - Conservation of birds in the SPA Ostrovne lE[bar]ky. Sep 13, 2013 476
Opinions Mixed on Energy Companies' Role in Protecting Species. Sep 11, 2013 1471
Latvia : LIFE Birds in Adazi - Improving of the conservation status of specially protected bird species in Natura 2000 site Adazi. Sep 11, 2013 473
Prince William vows to protect African wildlife. Sep 10, 2013 189
Adihex works towards conservation of animals in addition to catering to hunters' needs. Sep 8, 2013 569
Poland : Ostoja Wigierska - Endangered species and habitats protection of the Natura 2000 "Ostoja Wigierska" site. Sep 7, 2013 439
Regional - South Asia: (R) Third Phase of the APL on Strengthening Regional Cooperation for Wildlife Protection in Asia. Sep 7, 2013 199
Portugal : LIFE Macico Montanhoso - Recovery and conservation of species and habitats on the Madeiran Central Massif. Sep 7, 2013 463
Leading Environmental Restoration and Mitigation Banking Firm Expands Reach Into Conservation Banking. Sep 5, 2013 548
Finland : ESCAPE - Ex-Situ Conservation of Finnish Native Plant Species. Sep 3, 2013 459
Schutz der KnoblauchkrE[micro]te - Species conservation project Common Spadefoot (Pelobates fuscus) in parts of the ME-nsterland (North Rhine-Westphalia). Sep 2, 2013 467
Germany : Grassland for meadowbirds - Grassland for meadowbirds. Sep 2, 2013 473
Belgium : Bocages - Conservation of habitats and species of bocage landscapes of the Fagne and Famenne Project. Sep 2, 2013 464
Death of the duck box? Focusing on brood habitat, not man-made nests, will boost wood duck populations. Hart, David Column Sep 1, 2013 1026
Michigan plates. Hart David Brief article Sep 1, 2013 140
Saving bats: one cell phone at a time. Melena, Sara Sep 1, 2013 1302
Least grebe (Tachybaptus dominicus) breeding outside its range: importance of artificial habitats for a species of waterbird. Ortega-Alvarez, Ruben Report Sep 1, 2013 1461
Rare dolphins make waves in new home around Bardsey; STUDY FINDS SMALL GROUP OF DISTINCTIVE RISSO SPECIES. Report Aug 27, 2013 706
Australia : New laws to protect law enforcement animals. Aug 27, 2013 351
Taiwan uses biotech to safeguard whales and dolphins. Aug 27, 2013 260
Wildlife preservation services. Aug 16, 2013 190
Pennsylvania Might Delist Bald Eagle. Aug 14, 2013 1574
Emerging Game Developer Appimize Studio Debuts Wildlife Protection Game in Cooperation with WWF. Aug 7, 2013 632
Kyrgyz Government allocates 3 mln soms for animal and plant protection in H1 2013. Aug 5, 2013 108
Germans and Kurds cooperate to protect Barzan wildlife. Aug 5, 2013 739
Thanks, TR! Column Aug 1, 2013 453
Officials accused of pulling back on poaching clampdown. Aug 1, 2013 562
Wildlife, conservation, and conflict in Quebec, 1840-1914. Book review Aug 1, 2013 129
Rugby legend passes on skill of rural 'heroes' to Carwyn; Wales rugby legend highlights vital role of gamekeepers in wildlife conservation. Jul 30, 2013 475
India's aACAyLeave Me Alone' tiger campaign. Jul 27, 2013 467
United Kingdom : New measures and new money to protect Welsh wildlife. Jul 25, 2013 343
The agriculture and livestock, need to buy specific products for the areas of animal protection, agricultural security, border controls and natural resources, good quality and comply with the required. Jul 22, 2013 135
Citizen Participatory Project Protects Endangered Species Throughout Japan - SAVE JAPAN Project by Sompo Japan and Nipponkoa. Jul 21, 2013 376
Esri Helps The National Audubon Society Build National Bird Map for Habitat Conservation. Jul 10, 2013 843
Construction threatens protected bird site. Jul 5, 2013 274
Govt to undertake programs for wildlife, forestry uplift. Jul 5, 2013 399
Govt to undertake programs for wildlife, forestry uplift. Jul 5, 2013 399
Animal "Protection" Groups Doing Little to Protect African Lions, Says SCI Foundation. Jul 2, 2013 642
Mine monitoring animals: biodiversity part of Xstrata Timmins operations. Cowan, Liz Jul 1, 2013 972
Flood Water Enters Assam's Kaziranga National Park; Authorities on Alert to Protect Wildlife. Jun 30, 2013 283
Protection needed for birds in Kubbar Island. Jun 30, 2013 264
New group's bid to protect bird colony; Rare city kittiwakes' nesting grounds under threat from development. Jun 26, 2013 726
Literature review of impacts of midwater trawl vessels on protected species. Jun 26, 2013 116
WWF-P hits a plan to preserve wildlife in GB. Jun 25, 2013 124
Awakening the slumbering giant: how horizontal drilling technology brought the Endangered Species Act to bear on hydraulic fracturing. Robbins, Kalyani Jun 22, 2013 10043
Sea turtles in Florida's Atlantic waters. Bovery, Caitlin M.; Wyneken, Jeanette Report Jun 22, 2013 10499
Growth in human population could wipe out many species within 40 yrs. Jun 20, 2013 369
10.8 percent more threatened species expected by 2050. Jun 20, 2013 252
Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium Uses IBM Big Data Analytics to Better Engage the Millennial Visitor. Jun 19, 2013 1096
New laws needed to protect animals. Jun 13, 2013 286
Gray wolves need time. Jun 12, 2013 602
Monitoring, basic drafting, consulting and public relations expertise in the conservation area large predators. Jun 12, 2013 113
Design expert services of natural amphibian species for conservation tasks draft plans for Natura 2000, corresponding to the task-oriented parts order from I to VII. Jun 8, 2013 221
Wildlife awareness campaign in West Bengal seeks student participation. Jun 7, 2013 256
Proposed Legislation Would Strengthen Protections Against Invasive Animal Species. Jun 7, 2013 789
ASPCA to Collaborate with New York Attorney General on Animal Protection Initiative. Jun 6, 2013 773
Wildlife Conservation Pioneers Honored For Sacrifices. Jun 4, 2013 644
DCNR Announces Grants Available for Protecting Non-Game Species. Jun 3, 2013 323
Private zoo houses world's threatened species. Jun 2, 2013 367
Seed dormancy and germination of an endangered coastal plant Eryngium maritimum (Apiaceae). Necajeva, Jevgenija; Ievinsh, Gederts Report Jun 1, 2013 4404
Canada : New Rules for Species at Risk Protection Ontario Moves Forward with Protection for 65 More Endangered Species. Jun 1, 2013 330
New distributional records for Four rare species of freshwater mussels (family: Unionidae) in Southwestern Louisiana. Randklev, Charles R.; Skorupski, Joseph; Lundeen, Benjamin; Tsakiris, Eric T. Jun 1, 2013 2449
Lao People~s Democratic Republic: Protected Area and Wildlife Project (Regional APL). May 31, 2013 121
Genetic mapping of key species protects value. May 31, 2013 585
Pennsylvania Game Commission Offers Project WILD Programs For Educators. May 29, 2013 2344
PS1.5m to protect Welsh wildlife. May 28, 2013 173
THE LOVES OF HER LIFE; Tiger tragedy Sarah doted on partner David Wildlife conservation was her great passion; ZOO PROBE BROTHER'S PLEA AS COPS REVEAL TIGER HAD GOT INTO STAFF AREA. May 27, 2013 1260
the loves of her life; Tiger tragedy Sarah doted on partner David Wildlife conservation was her great passion ZOO PROBE BROTHER'S PLEA AS COPS REVEAL BEAST HAD GOT INTO STAFF AREA Don't kill the tiger..Sarah loved big cats and all other animals. May 27, 2013 1205
Conserving UAE's wildlife. May 19, 2013 478
Dubai Police and International Fund for Animal Welfare work to protect elephants. May 18, 2013 530
Pakistan and Paris museums to join hands for preservation of natural species. May 16, 2013 283
Pakistan and Paris museums to join hands for preservation of natural species. May 16, 2013 283
Flood scheme protects wildlife. May 15, 2013 150
Defence work has wildlife to protect; Flood control project gets under way. May 15, 2013 408
Lectures in connection with World Migratory Bird Day. May 14, 2013 337
FOCUS: Chinese fishermen top Philippine list of foreign poachers. May 13, 2013 897
Darwin Was Wrong; It's Survival of the Cutest. May 3, 2013 631
Walmart Helps to Conserve Open Spaces in Seven States. May 3, 2013 920
Association between Lactobacillus species and bacterial vaginosis-related bacteria, and bacterial vaginosis scores in small population of pregnant Latvian women. Berza, Natalija; Zodzika, Jana; Kroica, Juta; Reinis, Aigars; Skadins, Ingus; Piekuse, Linda; Zalizk Report May 1, 2013 3370
Protected bird's death probed. Apr 30, 2013 257
Society deserves to be protected from predators. Apr 28, 2013 257
Completion of the inventory protected species of applications and nominations for the destruction of individuals, species displacement and destruction / alteration of habitat for species. Apr 27, 2013 121
Wolves need more time. Apr 27, 2013 431
Feinstein's Egg Bill Blasted by Animal Protection Organizations. Apr 25, 2013 866
Wildlife preservation services. Apr 23, 2013 159
Help us protect wildlife, say cops. Apr 22, 2013 231
Ribbon gathering advocates animal protection. Apr 20, 2013 479
Yao Ming Says No to Ivory and Rhino Horn. Apr 16, 2013 1513
What Is A Pangolin? Chinese Vessel Filled With Meat From Protected Species Crashes Into Tubbataha Reef. Apr 15, 2013 441
Dear EarthTalk: How are populations of African elephants faring these days? What conservation efforts are underway and are they working? Scheer, Roddy; Moss, Doug Apr 14, 2013 582
Endangered species protection services. Apr 13, 2013 148
China bird flu threatens KFC parent's winning streak. Apr 11, 2013 600
Al Ain Zoo launches wildlife conservation campaign. Apr 10, 2013 329
Zoo launches Conservation Month. Apr 10, 2013 356
Save The Rhino: India Using Drone Technology To Protect Endangered Wildlife From Poachers. Apr 10, 2013 469
FPL Provides Threatened Birds with New Nests, a First for the Company. Apr 10, 2013 805

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