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WildPackets Includes Expert VoIP Analysis With AiroPeek NX Release; New WLAN Analyzer Features Expanded VoIP Decoders, More.

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WALNUT CREEK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 6, 2002

WildPackets Inc., developers of world-class, affordable network management tools, announced that AiroPeek NX(TM), their expert wireless LAN analyzer, will ship this month with key VoIP analysis, enhanced decoding, a graphical signal strength meter, and many new expert features.

AiroPeek NX is the wireless network analysis tool of choice for site surveys, security audits, WLAN management and troubleshooting. Its real-time expert system provides automatic problem identification and analysis of each network device, with descriptions of behavior indicative of network, client, server, router, or infrastructure problems. Version 1.0 also performs extensive RTP analysis, the core VoIP protocol.

Beyond its full IP expert system, AiroPeek NX detects excessive packet loss, excessive jitter, out of sequence packets, and late packet arrival. It includes extensive VoIP decodes, including H.225 (Q.931), RTP, RTCP, RTSP, and more. "Expert VoIP diagnostics and decodes are incorporated with our NX products," said Scott Haugdahl, WildPackets' VP of Analysis Technology. "Our competitors charge thousands of dollars extra for many of the same features included in AiroPeek NX and EtherPeek NX. And WildPackets is committed to releasing more VoIP decodes and expert features, as well as enhanced troubleshooting capability and call statistics in the near future."

About AiroPeek NX

AiroPeek NX isolates security problems, fully decodes 802.11b WLAN protocols, and analyzes wireless network performance with accurate identification of signal strength, channel and data rates. 802.11a compliance has been announced for Q2 2002. AiroPeek is $3,495.00 with a 12-month free update/upgrade period and $3,995.00 with a 24-month free upgrade period. Complete product information is available through our product pages at

About WildPackets Inc.

WildPackets, a privately-held corporation, was founded in 1990 with a mission to create software-based tools to simplify the complex tasks associated with maintaining, troubleshooting, and optimizing evolving computer networks. WildPackets' patented, core "Peek" technology is the development base for EtherPeek(TM), TokenPeek(TM), AiroPeek(TM), and the NX(TM) family of expert packet analyzers. All are recognized as the analysis tools of choice for small, medium, and large enterprise customers, allowing IT Professionals to easily maximize network productivity. Information on WildPackets, WildPackets Academy, Professional Services, products, and partners is available at

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Date:Mar 6, 2002
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