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When the coffee stays fresh longer, everyone wins.

When the coffee stays fresh longer, everyone wins

We are all aware of the decline in coffee consumption. As an industry we have also accepted the fact that brewed coffee, when left in a carafe on a burner plate, breaks down in about 30 minutes. It is any wonder that the consumer, demanding quality not quantity, would shy away from a beverage after its taste deteriorates?

This question led us to search for a method to keep coffee fresh tasting longer. What we developed is called the Full Circle Coffee Ring, An inexpensive silicone ring that self adheres to the burner plate. What it does is eliminate violent heat transfer and effectively extend the quality life of coffee without an appreciable temperature loss.

Our search for an answer as to why coffee acquires the burnt taste started several years ago. We arrived at such a simple solution that it falls into the "why didn't I think of that" category. After months of testing, we found a common denominator--hot spots--where the carafe touched the burner plate. By using a ring configuration of a heat resistant elastomer, we were trapping super heated air between the burner and the carafe, eliminating the hot spots which we found to be the major culprit in producing the burnt taste. In addition, we found two significant side benefits: a dramatic reduction in bowl staining, and a reduction in heat induced bowl breakage. It also occurred to us that every time someone lifts the carafe they will see the ring. So, we allowed space for a custom logo.

This now allows the equipment manufacturer, the roaster, and even the OCS operator to utilize a prime advertising location and increase his profile with

the end-user.

Several large OCS companies are currently using the Ring as an integral part of their marketing strategy because the Ring is so inexpensive that it easily becomes a part of the value added program.

Jim Dale of the Coffee Brewing Service of Bakersfield, CA, has placed the Full Circle Coffee Rings on hundreds of his customers burner plates. According to Jim, "contrary to our fears that we would cut into our sales if we used the Ring, we actually sold more coffee. The idea of, if the coffee is burnt, they will throw it out and make another pot just doesn't happen. Once they sip that burnt taste, their desire for that coffee is gone. However, when the Ring was on the plate and they knew the coffee was going to be fresh, they had that extra cup. I'm convinced that when you give the customer what he wants, everybody wins."

Joe Barbieri of Brewer's Choice in Waterbury, CT says: "Introducing the Full Circle is the best way I've seen to pitch new accounts. Besides the fact that my customers like the Ring, I now have a valid reason to revisit those accounts I couldn't sell before."

Kitt Curtis of Kona Coffee Hawaii, calls it "that extra insurance to protect the life of my gourmet coffees." She is currently placing the Ring in all of her customers accounts.

Fred Miller of Midwest Refreshments feels the reduction in bowl staining and breakage is a definite plus in reducing a sometimes costly customer service problem.

The word of Full Circle has also spread to other countries. Curt Hermelin of Hermelin Inc. submitted the Ring to Nordic Coffee Test Center in Norway. The results to date have been most positive and we expect the completed report soon. In concert with that, Lief Nilsson, head of Coffema International GmbH of Hamburg, West Germany is also convinced of Full Circle's potential and is making it available to the European community. As Nilsson stated, "We have been servicing the hot beverage community throughout Europe for many years and I feel the Full Circle is a long awaited answer to an all too common complaint." On the other side of the globe, Brewmatic also recognizes the need for a solution to the burnt coffee taste and is currently testing customer acceptance in Japan.

During the development process we were both encouraged and impressed by the support given by so many people in the industry. Not at least of whom are Art Stoner, Consulting Engineer to Wilbur Curtis Co. and Marvin Perrye of Bloomfield Industries.

I realize that in the total scope of problems facing the industry today, the Full Circle is just one small answer. But from the industry reaction and the orders we've received, it can be one small positive step to stem the tide of reduced consumption.

PHOTO : Full Circle Coffee Rings are available in black, brown, and white.

PHOTO : Paul Roland, Jr., has always had the tea and coffee business in his blood. Roland is the

PHOTO : great grandson of Matthew Giles, who was commissioned by Sir Thomas Lipton to introduce

PHOTO : Lipton teas into New England in the late 1800's.

Paul Roland Jr. President Progress Unlimited Inc. Newington, Connecticut
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Author:Roland, Paul, Jr.
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Date:Oct 1, 1989
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