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What kind of summer romance will you have? Long walks, stargazing, one ice cream sundae (two spoons). Are you fated for a sizzlin' romance or a couple chill hookups? Get your summer love forecast now!


1. School's finally out! How do you kick off your summer?

A. First, it's a trip to the pool with a few besties, followed by a day at the amusement park and a backyard BBQ.

B. Chucking the laptop and backpack, then curling up with your fave read. You need some major R&R.

C. Throwing your annual end-of-the-year blowout for all of your classmates. It'll be one for the books.

2. The new lifeguard at your pool is H-O-T. What's your plan for catching his eye?

A. Make like a damsel in distress in the deep end. You've always wanted to be saved by a lifeguard.

B. Ask him if he could help ya brush up on your butterfly stroke. He doesn't have to know you're the reigning county champ.

C. Do a stellar back flip off the high dive. That's sure to make him--and everyone else for that matter--notice you.

3. Your BF drops a bomb: He and his family are moving to another state for his dad's new gig next month. You ...

A. Work out a foolproof plan to keep your relationship going through daily phone chats, emails and weekend visits.

B. Get a bit bummed, but you're secretly psyched to be single this summer. So many cute guys to flirt with!

C. Take a moment to wallow, but vow to make the most of the last weeks you have left together.

4. If a genie popped up right now and gave you a trip to your dream destination, where would you be headed?

A. Hawaii. Surfing on the best beaches, deep sea diving and trekkin' up a volcano ... that's one sweet summer vacay.

B. Paris. A stroll along the Seine with the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop. What's dreamier than that?

C. Buenos Aires. Mix shopping, tango lessons and some BBQ beef and you're in heaven.

5. At camp, your frenemy sabotages your team's chance of winning Color Wars. How do you get even?

A. Wait a couple of days, then unleash your sweet revenge. Who put that bug in her bunk? Not you!

B. Give her a piece of your mind. You're not gonna let her off easy.

C. Ignore her and wait for karma to do the dirty work. No way will you stoop to her level.

6. How did you fall head over heels for your current crush?

A. You were friends first, then sparks flew during late-night chats.

B. It was love at first sight. The moment you laid eyes on him, you knew he was the one.

C. When he made you laugh so hard you shot your smoothie out of your nose. Total keeper.

7. What are your summer wardrobe must-haves?

A. Floral sundresses, skirts, espadrilles, cardis and clutches.

B. Maxi dresses, rompers, gladiators and sunglasses.

C. Bikinis, denim shorts, sky-high wedges and major sunnies.

8. You're stuck at home for the day watching your baby sis and it's getting bo-ring. What do you do to liven things up?

A. Put on your bathing suit, head outside and turn on the sprinkler in your front yard. Maybe a few of your neighborhood friends will want to splash around with ya.

B. Teach her how to play MASH. You always love thinking about your future and your dream guy.

C. Hit Twitter and send out a blast to all your followers. Someone's bound to respond.


1. A. 2, B. 1, C. 3

2. A. 1, B. 2, C. 3

3. A. 1, B. 3, C. 2

4. A. 3, B. 1, C. 2

5. A. 1, B. 2, C. 3

6. A. 2, B. 1, C. 3

7. A. 1, B. 2, C. 3

8. A. 2, B. 1, C. 3



Hot Hot Hot!

If your life was a movie, it would def be Grease and you'd star as Sandy, the hopeless romantic who wants nothing more than a sweet summer love with a good guy. You're all about strolling hand-in-hand through the park, sunsets on the beach and meaningful texts. Put yourself on the radar of that shy guy on swim team or the quiet cutie at band camp. Play your cards right and you'll have your perfect pairing before you can say Sandra Dee.


14-19 POINTS

Mild and Mellow

While it would be cool to have a cutie to call your own this summer, you're fine flirting with a bunch of fellas 'til you find the one. Have a good time getting to know everyone from the new neighborhood hottie to your aunt's adorable pool boy, and keep things casual while you leave your options--and your heart--open to whatever comes your way. If one guy's right for you, you'll know it ... and you just may land a BF to last well past the summer season.


20-24 POINTS

Keeping it Cool

Summertime equals fun time in your book, and you're set to have nothing but a blast 'til school starts. You're always up for an adventure and don't need to be tied to one boy. Besides, you're such a hoot to hang around that you don't even have to worry about meeting guys--they naturally flock to you. Just make sure you don't toy with any of your many admirers' emotions or you may wind up breaking a poor boy's heart.
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