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What is the most inspired use of social media marketing that you have encountered or created?

New Zealand

In 2008, Ideas Shop ran a high-impact, low-cost campaign on child poverty that included social media.

Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) is an Auckland-based charity of volunteers working to eliminate child poverty in New Zealand by 2020. We created a media campaign about the 150,000 New Zealand children (out of a population of 4 million) living in poverty, influenced government policy and positioned CPAG as expert media spokespeople.

Our Facebook "cause" established a cost-effective communication channel. We opened up the application's settings and encouraged anyone to contribute. We linked to media stories online, sent messages to our members regularly and got people talking online about child poverty.

Adding a social media aspect to our campaign attracted a wider audience, ensured that our followers saw the latest media coverage and communicated on a direct, personal level. It worked because we integrated social media into our wider communication plan, chose one tool and did it well.

Emma McCleary


Ideas Shop

Wellington, New Zealand


Many marketers in Spain don't understand what sharing the same language with people in other countries can mean for their campaigns. At tuatu social media & pr, we see it clearly: If our clients need to increase awareness of their product, services or the company itself, they should take into account bloggers from Mexico and Argentina, and social network users in Chile and Colombia, among others, and even the Hispanic population in the U.S. Our team has been doing this "borderless communication" for global clients such as BF Goodrich and eBay. Because if you want your stakeholders to notice you, keep up a good conversation with them in their own language.

Octavio Rojas

tuatu social media & pr



I had never heard of Coos Bay, Oregon, nor had my good friend and traveling companion Allan Jenkins. But while planning a road trip together from Seattle to San Francisco for the 2009 IABC World Conference, Allan asked some of his Facebook and Twitter contacts where we might stay.

One of the towns mentioned was Coos Bay, and Allan mentioned it in a subsequent tweet. Fortunately for us, someone in Coos Bay was listening.

The town, though hard hit by unemployment as the local logging industry has declined, is working hard to turn its fortunes around. It is blessed with a team of dedicated tourist information folk, led by Katherine Hoppe, who work hard at bringing visitors to the area.

Katherine was a skeptical sometime-user of Twitter. But despite her skepticism, she kept a search running for anyone who might mention Coos Bay. Seeing Allan's tweet pop up in her search results, she replied to him, casually mentioning that he might want to stop by Coos Bay.

What started as a simple "Hi, we're here if you want more info" became a case study in how to do social media right. A few simple tweets became a Flickr campaign involving not just a few locals but even information display signs. Both Allan and I received scores of e-mails and tweets from Coos Bay folk encouraging us to come and see them.

Of course, Allan and I didn't commit ourselves too early. So Katherine and her team upped the ante: They placed a video on YouTube ( =TvySFVOcGTA).

By now it would have been exceedingly churlish and ungrateful not to stay a night, so we acquiesced and confirmed our date of arrival.

The series of videos I created on our trip drew a tremendous amount of correspondence among our peers, and a number of colleagues at the World Conference told us how much they enjoyed them.

For the full story, visit and search for "Coos Bay."

Lee Hopkins


Better Communication Results

Stirling, Australia

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