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What Christmas means to me. (Page of Poetry).

   Christmas means many things--lights,
   decorations, and gatherings.
   Christmas carols are songs we sing with
   joy and love on Christmas Eve.
   Family, friends, and Santa too, the birth
   of Jesus we celebrate with you.
   Lots of presents, good food to eat, the
   candles lit with the smell of yummy treats.
   Fires burn throughout the night, and the
   glistening snow reflects the moonlight.
   The sun will rise on Christmas Day, and all
   our presents will be unwrapped and
   there to play.
   Now that Christmas Day is gone, my
   memories will last my whole life long.
Kristina McKeever
Belleville, Michigan
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Author:McKeeper, Kristina
Publication:Children's Digest
Article Type:Poem
Date:Dec 1, 2001
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